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Hobby Update – Warmaster Dwarf Warriors

Here’s my first completed unit this month, and my second from Warmaster this year.

These boys couldn’t be easier to paint!

Step 1) Base coat all the strips in Iron Warriors.

Step 2) Pick out the helmet strip and face plates in Retributor Armour

Step 3) use Stormcast silver to highlight the tops of the helmets

Step 4) use either Karak Stone, Mournfang Brown or Abaddon Black to paint the beards.

Step 5) Use Castellan Green to paint the shields, cloaks and banner

Step 6) Abaddon Black to paint their gloves and axe hafts.

You’re done!

Dwarf Warriors
The army so far

Hobby Update – Warmaster Trollslayers

Sonny first unit is completed that I bought from Excellent Miniatures last year.

I basically painted these up over the course of the day and they were pretty easy to paint. Looking forward to painting more Warmaster stuff now.


These boys hit like a tonne of bricks in game with 5 attack and a another if fighting a monster! They can also take 4 hits but have no save.

Warmaster Gordrakk

I’ve been having a debate (mainly with myself – as everyone else is just plain disagreeing) recently about Gordrakk being included in a Kruleboyz or Savage Orruk list.

Hear me out!

I have two pieces of evidence at present that say he can.

1) AoS App

When I was playing with budding Kruleboyz lists on Saturday I toyed with the notion of including Chadnos. So, I selected the filter and made sure Warmasters were selected. Sure enough Kraggy appears, but, who else should I see but Gordrakk riding his cabbage! That’s strange I think, so for S&G’s I decide to put him down and fill out the rest of the list.

Army Faction: Orruk Warclans
Army Type: Kruleboyz
Subfaction: Big Yellers
Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
Triumph: Inspired

Gordrakk (540)
Swampcalla Shaman and Pot-grot (105)*
Spells: Da Black Pit
Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast (315)*
– Command Traits: Supa Sneaky
– Artefacts of Power: Eye-biter Ash

Man-skewer Boltboyz (360)*
Man-skewer Boltboyz (240)*
Gutrippaz (180)*
Wicked Stikka

Beast-skewer Killbow (130)*

Hobgrot Slittaz (80)*

– *Battle Regiment

TOTAL POINTS: 1950/2000

And to top it off once the list was complete I just checked the indicator at the bottom:

From the Age of Sigmar App

I know, before you say it. This list isn’t competitive. But I wanted to see if Gordrakk would be ok by the app. Weirdly however, when you attempt to build the same list on Warscroll Builder it’s not possible.

2) His Warwcroll

My second piece of evidence points to his Warscroll and specifically his Warmaster rule.

What’s interesting to me here is that the Warscroll says:

If this unit is included in an Orruk Warclans army….

Games Workshop Age of Sigmar App

Orruk Warclans, NOT Ironjawz. But just to be certain I checked the Warscroll out in the physical book. Yes, it says the same thing.

But I’m still on the fence as to whether this is a thing so I’ve emailed Games Workshop and just asked them directly. Hopefully they’ll get back to me later today.

But what do you think? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Hobby Goals 2022 – April Update!

Somehow we’re three months through 2022, and British Summer Time is already upon us. This tends to mean that I try to spend a little more time outside – reading, painting and walking. And so Hobby switches a little to other priorities, but Toy Soldiers is always on the agenda.

In January I wrote an article on some Hobby Goals for 2022 in an attempt to get some progress made and complete some projects.

So – how am I getting on?

1) General – Hobby Bingo

Peter has been keeping us honest with our Hobby Bingo and I completed 4 items up to end Feb, but I’ve had a bit of a painting catch-up in March with some Kruleboyz which I painted to help Peter with his army requirements! So whilst I am not at the 25 required (yet) I am still on course to complete it!

2) Painting – Finish a Trogg Army

Not so much progress made here – which is to say none. When I put this as a Hobby Goal I was anticipating that the Gloompsite Gitz would get a new book soon as one of the worst performing factions in Age of Sigmar three – having been hit with a number of rules changes which adversely impacted their playstyle. But alas Gitz are not on the release schedule and with no White Dwarf article in sight I’m feeling a little deflated.

I have at least finished Kragnos, so I can bring him in if needed, but I want Gitz to be able to compete on their own!

Kragnos is the only model I’ve painted for ‘Gitz’ in 2022!

3) Gaming – Get two 4-1 results in 2022

If the Troggs is a story of disappointed, this is one of celebration. I got a 4-1 at March to War (Purple Sparkly Unicorns) in January with Big Waaagh which was a great start to the year and this aim, but that was over-shadowed by a 5-0 at Dazmaul tournament a few weekends ago also with Big Waaagh! So a big tick against this one – and it’s only April!

4) Painting – A Full Vampire Counts army for Warmaster

There’s always going to be some aims with less success than others, and this is like the Troggs – not quite got started! I have painted a little Warmaster – but Squigs. So this one still needs work this year.

They’re 10mm, but not Vampire Counts!

5) Gaming – Play more Warmaster

Having played only 8 games in 2021, I have played in 8 in 2022 in the first 3 months, helped by the Tri-Wiz event and a regular monthly meet up at a local gaming store – Battlefield Hobbies, Daventry. If you’re in the Midlands and want more Warmaster give me a yell and I’ll get you on the WhatsApp Group.

I’m still using my Goblins and enjoying all the games with them – the horde definitely has potential in Warmaster and I’m learning all the time. Great fun!

6) Painting – Astra Militarum Force

Less success here, but I have found some models I painted in the past… will need to get Apothecary White on them to bring them back to the right standard, but it’s nice to know I have some infantry partially painted.

7) Painting – Snotling team

No progress to report… sorry Gitz!

8) Painting – Necromunda Van Saar

No progress to report… sorry lads!

9) Gaming – Non Competitive

With RAW announcing recently that they are hanging up their organising gloves, I’ve signed up to narrative event with Warhammer Witney, which I am really looking forward to. Do need to do prep, but definitely taking my Squigs with me for a bit of fun!

10) Clear the Pile of Potential

Not necessarily helped by some prizes from recent tournaments, but I’ve not bought any toys for Warhammer since December, and have painted 3 of the 6 squig herds for Warmaster I got. So, Pile of Potential has reduced!

11) Get my terrain on bases for use in games

I’ve found out others use a jigsaw for this, but I must admit I’m a bit wary as I’m not the most practical person. Am considering if there are other options available but still definitely on the ‘want to do’.

12) Writing – maintain the blog.

I think it’s fair to say that this one is going well. Peter will be updating you all on the progress of the Blog in April but needless to say that we are both amazed and very happy with the number of visitors we are getting for all our content from Hobby, painting & collecting, all the way to tournament results and our popular ‘Top Three’ series.

Overall a great start, with a superb result for my gaming goal. Still can’t believe I won a tournament 5-0 since playing for 20 years in tournaments of various types! Definitely a highlight.

It would be great to know how your Hobby Goals are doing for 2022.

— Declan

Hobby Update – Warmaster Squigs

With a Warmaster tournament last weekend (12th March), I decided to change some of my Goblins to Squigs which are better on the charge than the goblins (as they are 3/3/0 instead of 2-1/3/0 for Goblins). I really enjoyed using my 6 units at the London GT last year and some small games since, and was eager to include some more models.

With the recent explosion of 10mm sculpting there are some great sculpts available. Following my purchase of a Pump Wagon on Etsy (designed by Green Skin Miniatures) I went straight to the source and picked up these:

The Squigs from Green Skin Miniatures (from Gumroad)

I don’t have a resin printer myself, but fortunately a fellow Warmaster was looking to test his out, so I bought the files and sent them over to him for the price of the resin. He made 6 units for me; and I’ve painted 3!

3 Goblin Squig Herds for Warmaster
A close up of some of the models – the Squig Herders are a great touch

So, overall they are really nice models, and – I have it on good authority – easy to print if you have your own resin printer – if you don’t then they will be available from those who have a merchant license from Green Skin Miniatures.

Tournament Preparation – Tri-Wiz (One Day – Warmaster)

There are a few more Warmaster tournaments being run in the UK at the moment, with resin armies being a great way for players to get back into Warmaster (or to play it for the first time).

Saffron Walden (just south of Cambridge) is a long-running tournament ran by Janners and Jim the Gent and had been growing before COVID interupted the world. Well it was back on Saturday and I planned to take along my Goblins. But what to take…?

From the Tri-Wiz Facebook page

For me Goblins need to be a horde army, and Warmaster delivers this option in spades. I’d also recently got some new squigs and painted them up for the tournament (more on those in a future Hobby Update) and so came up with this.

Created by the Warmaster Army Builder webpage


The army is led by nine (9!) characters because Goblins fail command rolls a lot… and I mean a lot! So I’ve got a general (only command 8), 4 Heroes (2 riding Wyverns) and 4 Shamans (1 with a Scroll of Dispelling). The Wyverns are really the force multipliers here; being able to add 3 attacks to a combat and potentially reduce your opponent’s attacks due to terror is great – and with 100cm move they can wiz from one side of the battle line to the other reasonably easy.

The shamans bring a number of spells not available in most armies (most are limited to 2 wizards) and the fantasic Gerroff (move opponent’s units backwards) and Waaagh (extra attacks for Goblins and characters) can bring some unexpected punch or annoyance for the army.

Units – Goblins and Squig Herds

Warmaster games at Tri-Wiz would be timed or break point only, so I needed to ensure I could afford to lose units – to this end I brought 10 Goblins and 9 Squigs. For 30 points each these are a great way to get the break point to a good high level, and they can do some damage in combat – the Squigs especially are great value although the lack of armour can mean that an opponent rolling well will beat you in combats. Trust to the dice!

Units – Trolls

Although very expensive in a horde army and with -1 command in an army with shockingly low command the Trolls a much needed punch unit. With 5 attacks, 5+ save and a small regeneration ability they will cause a lot of mayhem and still only count as one break point. I’ve learnt with Trolls to only expect them to charge on initative though, so you are often limited in what you can charge – but when you succeeed with an order they will often steam roller anything in the game.

Units – Wolf Riders

I find 6 units of Wolf Riders to be the perfect number – they can harrass and their abilty to evade in any direction and set up more shooting is great – however the recent changes to fast cavalry rules mean that they can now be pursued by other cavalry, and so I would need to be more careful with them than previously.

Units – Pump Wagon

These little terrors don’t count towards break but at 50 points they are expensive… so I take one to cause people to think – Some goblins players take lots of them and do multiple charges into the same unit; however with D6 attacks (+2 for charge in open) they are the epitomy of dice; and I don’t always roll well – 1 is fun though and very Goblin themed.

Units – Spear Chukkas

The Goblin army is also allowed 4 units of Spear Chukkas but I think this is too many for the points, and so I just take 2. This is enough to cause significant damage to units in column (12 attacks) with no armour save allowed and can even scare off cavalry (8 attacks), with a good range (40cm). They suffer that if an opponent can kill my 2; they can easily kill another 2, which is a lot of easy break.

I’ll let you know how I got on later in the week! Happy Warmastering.

— Declan

Getting Started in Warmaster


Warmaster is a set of fantasy miniatures wargame rules developed by the same company as produced Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and Lord of the Rings miniatures rules.

It has been given a rating of 7.2 on BoardGameGeek from 450+ ratings.

I was going to write an article about Warmaster and how to get started, but Iain has done such a great job on YouTube I’ve decided to steal link to all his shows!

For those who don’t know, Warmaster is a 10mm fantasy game (with an ancients version) which is commonly played on a 6′ x 4′ board to points values of 2,000 points. It was written by Rick Priestley and is going through something of a renaissance thanks to a number of 10mm designers releasing models for resin printing – either home printing or through a retailers like Excellent Miniatures.

The original… now changed slightly in Warmaster Revolution

Iain Standing has produced 10 videos explaining Warmaster Revolution (a version of Warmaster maintained by a committee).

1. Getting Started

2. Moving Forwards

3. Hitting Your Targets

4. Getting Stuck In

5. Up Close & Personal

6. Winners and Losers

7. Confusion

8. Characters & Flyers

9. Magic

10. End Game

Iain also has loads of great videos on most of the armies you can play.

If you’re interested in getting into Warmaster (or returning to it!) I can’t suggest you start anywhere else but these excellent collection of videos.

Cheers Iain!!

— Declan & Eeyore

Hobby Goals 2022

It’s 2022 and that can only mean one thing for a Wargaming blogger… it’s Hobby Goal time!

With the situation in the world at the moment I’ve tried to keep my aims reasonable… but I may not succeed.

1) General – Hobby Bingo

Peter has already announced that we will be trying to complete bits of the Hobby Bingo card from the last White Dwarf. I’m not planning on getting all the boxes – 25 different things to paint is a lot – but I’m hoping to get a reasonable score and of course there’s always the Woehammer competition and the honour of leading the pack! No doubt I’ll be third now.

2) Painting – Finish a Trogg Army

I have a small Trogg army collected for my Paths to Glory campaign. It consists of 1 Dankhold Troggboss, 6 Fellwaters, 9 Rockguts so I’ve got a good start. There have also been 9 Rockguts on my painting table for some time waiting for inspiration and my #hohohobbyvices presents included another Dankhold… so it may not be the most competitive but I plan to get something done

9 of my Rockguts… in various stages of red!

3) Gaming – Get two 4-1 results in 2022

I was fortunate to get a 4-1 in 2021 (at the superb Leicester GT) in a 20-0 system. I would like to push to try to get 2 in 2022. If I take my Gargants or Ironjawz I think this is possible although I do struggle against the top armies & players due to lack of exposure playing them.

4) Painting – A Full Vampire Counts army for Warmaster

Having finished 4th at the Warmaster Worlds in London in 2021 I was fortunate enough to win a starter army from Printing in Detail. I added on a ‘few’ extras and got a full army in 10mm resin from them… but have not looked at it in detail yet. In 2021 I completed a Goblin army, so this should be a similar amount of work – with the Skeletons being mostly contrast I think!

Zombies from Printing in Detail

5) Gaming – Play more Warmaster

I only played 8 games of Warmaster in 2021, and I love it… so I need to play more! Lots more! Hopefully the pandemic relents enough to let that happen. There is a vibrant scene in the UK of Warmaster with 4-5 tournaments a year (mostly one-dayers), and everyone is very welcoming to new (and old!) players alike.

6) Painting – Astra Militarum Force

I’ve been painting and collecting Astra Militarum since they were the Imperial Guard, but never managed to get a full 2,000 point force completed. I have models in various states of painting and dis-repair. They are meant to be the PDF of Baal Secundus, so I’ll need to come up with unit numbering and marking as well! Quite a bit of thought required here.

This will be my option for #NewYearNewArmy as well!

A part painted Chimera… should really finish these.

7) Painting – Snotling team

Finish my Blood Bowl Snotling team. I got two boxes of these to have enough generic linesmen and painted up two Trolls to go with them, but assembling  the pump wagons broke me. I don’t have a lot of do, but it would be great to have a finished team, so I can start finishing bottom of Stunty leagues all across Northamptonshire. Would be great to pick up a game or two as well.

Most of the Team already done

8) Painting – Necromunda Van Saar

I painted my Necromunda Van Saar in a rush with contrast paints a few years ago in order to get them ready to meet mates in Warhammer World. They were great fun and we all had a laugh playing on the great boards with my Van Saar in their old school green… but I’m not happy with the paint scheme I’ve gone with (Contrast Ork Flesh)

Just not happy with them…

9) Gaming – Non Competitive

Get some non competitive games in. Whilst I’ve had fun with the cutting edge (…!) of the UK scene it is great fun to play different games… like a 3 person Warmaster game, Realms of War, Kill Team or Necromunda. It’s also a great excuse to catch up with friends without having to worry about getting everything right as well.

10) Clear the Pile of Potential

I made the decision in 2021 to only paint and collect Destruction for AoS because the releases are just too quick (in a good way), but I have lots of boxes of ideas that I need to pass to new homes. This doesn’t mean that I won’t paint outside Destruction… just that I’m unlikely to paint an army for them.

11) Get my terrain on bases for use in games

During the last 2 years, I’ve significantly increased my terrain collection as it’s great fun to paint when I’m not in the mood for adding too much detail. Although I do tend to use edge highlighting too often!

I now have lots of smaller pieces of terrain that would be better but on bases to make themed tables for gaming. Whilst most tournaments in the UK provide terrain now, it’s great to have some available for club nights.

Just a small selection of the terrain I’ve painted over the last few years.

12) Writing – maintain the blog.

As Peter said we have been overwhelmed with the initial response to the blog from the huge  number of people wanting to view the Blackout lists to the occasional visitor looking for their next book it’s been one hell of a ride… and fun!

I’ll also have more non Warhammer content including Board Games so keep tuned.

So there you have it… 12 goals for 2022.

I’ve gone for so many to give me wiggle room and no doubt fail a few but I’ll keep you all up to date – I’m also likely to change my mind throughout the year!

What are your Hobby Goals in 2022?

— Declan

Product Review – Etsy Warmaster Models

From MGS, Etsy and from WM & Things, Etsy

I really like Warmaster. Seeing the 10mm units and models on the board gives a real sense of the scale of the ‘rank & flank’ battles. It allows for sweeping cavalry advances, heroic defences of massive woods and sacrifices of critical units… for the greater good!

I have an Empire army (since the release of Warmaster) and a Goblin army (built and painted last year) and am always on the lookout for some new toys. I’m not really interested in learning resin printing at the moment, so buying resin toys is a great way to see what it out there and what is available.

I recently picked up 2 new units from Etsy – a Goblin Pump Wagon (from MGS Painting) and Empire Sisters of Sigmar (from WM&Things). Both models came well wrapped and safely through the post, with the Goblin Pump Wagon needing some supports cut off, but no supports on the Sisters of Sigmar.

I tend to go for simple painting schemes on Warmaster as I can’t paint eyes and detail on models this small, but instead aim for battle ready!

Goblin Pump Wagon – MGS Painting

A fun little model, definitely clear what it is!

Great model, and they do another version of the model as well, so I’ll likely be picking this up in the future – there are also some other great models in the shop – oooo temptation!

Empire Sisters of Sigmar – WM & Things, Etsy

Sisters of Sigmar – 6 strips and some casuality bases

As with the Pump Wagon, I wanted a scheme that was easy to do, but tied the unit together – much like the Sisters of Sigmar would be! They are also great models, with lots of different poses, and weapons and simple robes which is where I spent most of my painting time … picking out the grey & silver of the weapons for accents.

WM & Things do lots of other toys as well, so another shop favourited to look at later. I don’t know yet what I’ll use them for but as alternative Halberdiers in Empire (perhaps with a magic weapon) or in a Witch Hunters army would work. We’ll see.

— Declan

Interview with a Wargamer – Woehammer Declan

Following on with our series of interviews, this week I talk to Declan (@rightangle79) about his gaming history.

Previous interviews;

Woehammer Ben

Woehammer Dave

Ok, first question. When did you first get into wargaming?

I first played in 1989 on the floor of a friend’s living room! We played Space Marine 1st Edition (the Epic game that came after the Titan only version). I played Blood Angels (unpainted) and he played Ultramarines also unpainted!

Already getting ready for Heresy!!

So was Space Marine the first game you collected an army for?

Yes, blood angels but I didn’t really know what I was doing. I bought 2nd Ed warhammer and played some 2nd Ed Blood Bowl but it was the 3rd Ed warhammer starter set with Goblins and Elves that got me collecting… and I immediately knew I wanted to play goblins… which was great because another friend liked the Elves.

Do you still have those first Goblins you bought?

Definitely have some of them. They are the monopose ones with spear and bow. I have a unit of the bow Gobbos in my AoS Gloomspite army.

So what drew into the hobby? What do you find it gives you?

I love all the many facets. I first did it to play with friends then at Uni I only did the painting side as there was no club there (but I got into board games there). Now I paint in the evenings so I’m not just staring at a screen all day and then go to some tournaments. With COVID this was obviously not allowed but my wife is very good about me going to tournaments at weekends so I’ve got quite a few organised before Christmas.

What’s your most memorable gaming moment?

I was playing GG with allied Gitmob grots at Sheffield Slaughter against Nurgle with their first book. It was against a GW employee who I won’t name as they get enough grief! His Great Unclean One had a -1 to hit within 12″ bubble. My shaman cast a spell on 60 Gitmob archers, who walked into the 12″ range, fired at the GUO and took it off! He was a little shocked but took it very well!

You’ve been to many tournaments now, are there any armies you particularly fear when you see their name on the list?

I’m okay with most although if I’ve got my Gitz there’s a fear for all of them! More seriously it’s more the player than the army in most cases. Sure Tzeentch/Archeon before the FAQ or Nagash and friends is very difficult but they aren’t pick up and play lists.

The worst thing for me is playing against a shooting army that can’t be caught or can do so much damage I can’t get close enough. I think GW routinely underpoint shooting units. Still I have a unit of 60 Shootas which are almost as expensive as 30 sentinels so they must be as good! 🤞

Hahaha! So if Gloomspite were to get a new Battletome what changes would you like to see?

Removal of ‘Keyword Bingo’ – Fanatics are not Grots for example and the Fungoid Shaman can’t have the Wizard Artefacts. A few bonuses to cast. Giving back some cheap units (we lost units of 5 Hoppers and 6 Squigs in the GHB2021 but Aetherwings are still allowed in 3s!) I’d like to see each of the four ways to play the army work (Grots, Troggs, Squigs, Spiders). New models for Spider Riders and Spider Boss. Simplify the Gobbapalooza. And give us a theme rather than just ‘comedy’. And finally… they need to point random movement correctly. Boingrots seem to be pointed like they always roll a 12″, so either reduce randomness (6+D6) or reduce points. Sure it runs the risk of everything working and us being unstoppable for one game in 36… but stops us losing the other 35!!…. I’ll get off my soapbox now 😀

It would make sense to point random movement a little more than the average dice roll in my opinion.

They definitely point it as if you get the maximum! Definitely not the average. Bounders are 7″ movement cavalry but pointed very high!

So apart from Age of Sigmar, which other games do you play?

I play a lot of board games and keep track of them on Boardgamegeek. This year there’s been a lot of Hanabi, 7 Wonders and Terraforming Mars. I find it really interesting to see all the different rules available the interactions and how theme is dealt with.

For wargames I like historical but haven’t played recently. I have a 2000 point ‘War and Conquest’ Saxon army and loads of painted Greeks and Macedonians. This game was designed by Rob Broom who was head of GW Historical before they stopped the line.

Declan’s Warmaster Goblins

I also play lots of Warmaster and have an Empire army and recently painted Goblin army and a Macedonian Army for Ancients. Its such a great rules set that generalises the units and make maneoveur and where you charge the key element.

Some of Declan’s 15mm miniatures for ParWars

Have you ever been tempted to write your own rules for a game?

I keep thinking I’d like to design a board game but with so many releases now it needs to be good to be a commercial success. Normally I’m happy to play with rules friends are using… during lockdown I Painted a 15mm army for ParWars for example just to give me more potential games and opponents.

What was the last game your played, and against who?

2000 points against Will’s KO at the club (Chumps). I was trying out my Gitz and he was trying a slightly off meta KO list with some units deployed on the board not in boats.
I made a deployment mistake with my Spider and he killed it turn one, but such that I couldn’t counter in my turn 1. I also wasn’t aggressive enough with my unit of 60 Shootas as I was worried about Unleash Hell. When I did charge though it was fine! It was a close loss and very useful game.

What are you working on at the minute, and do you have any pictures?

I am doing some scenery for Kill Team having just finished a quick Genestealer Kill Team (which is an article!!).

Name five GW games that aren’t AoS or 40k.

Warmaster, Epic, Battlefield Gothic, Blood Bowl, Necromunda.

Name one game you would love to see be remade by GW.

My gut feeling is warmaster because I’d like to see the toys they would sculpt, but I would be worried about them changing the game… so I’ll say Battlefield Gothic or a re-release of Cursed City.

Magnus did nothing wrong! Yes or No?

Magnus — He did nothing wrong!

If you were to fall to chaos which power would you devote yourself to?

Nurgle… I have in the past played a small Warhammer Fantasy Chaos army in a very fetching putrid green!

Ultramarines are…..?

Goody Goody Two-Shoes.