Hobby Update – Warmaster Squigs

With a Warmaster tournament last weekend (12th March), I decided to change some of my Goblins to Squigs which are better on the charge than the goblins (as they are 3/3/0 instead of 2-1/3/0 for Goblins). I really enjoyed using my 6 units at the London GT last year and some small games since, and was eager to include some more models.

With the recent explosion of 10mm sculpting there are some great sculpts available. Following my purchase of a Pump Wagon on Etsy (designed by Green Skin Miniatures) I went straight to the source and picked up these:

The Squigs from Green Skin Miniatures (from Gumroad)

I don’t have a resin printer myself, but fortunately a fellow Warmaster was looking to test his out, so I bought the files and sent them over to him for the price of the resin. He made 6 units for me; and I’ve painted 3!

3 Goblin Squig Herds for Warmaster
A close up of some of the models – the Squig Herders are a great touch

So, overall they are really nice models, and – I have it on good authority – easy to print if you have your own resin printer – if you don’t then they will be available from those who have a merchant license from Green Skin Miniatures.

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