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Hobby Update – Redgrass Wet Palette

A while ago I backed the new Redgrass Wet Palette on Kickstarter and late last week it arrived! Hurrah.

Today I finally got a go on it. It comes with an explanation book, which also covers some of Redgrass’ other products, and some small painting tutorials. It all looks great and although the paints described are not ones I own I’m sure I can substitute them for citadel paints.

A nice, small explanatory booklet from Redgrass Games

Following the instructions, I got the palette set up with the water at the correct level, and got to painting. I chose an undercoated Skaven Clanrat and got going with Mephiston Red.

Attempt 1… no water in the paint!

So, attempt number one was without water in the paint. I routinely thin my paints but didn’t know if this was needed on a wet palette… result: I think I need to continuing adding water… so I did.

Mephiston Red with water added

With the water added, this allowed the paint to get onto the model much more smoothly, but the paint was still drying on the palette. Obviously I was doing something a little wrong, so I added more water to the palette to see if that would help!

Gore Grunta Fur – with water

Thinned Gore Grunta Fur on the legs and arms with water added. This has gone on nicely onto the model with some natural shading (it is Contrast paint after all). But… it’s still drying – one more attempt before I ask for help!

Wild Rider Red as a glaze

Okay, so I wouldn’t normally glaze over white — it’s a bit of a rubbish look in this case – but I wanted to see if glazes would dry as well… Unfortunately it did!

So although not a successful first attempt I have learnt some things about a wet palette. I have reached out to a friend who has received his Redgrass Wet Palette already and asked for some help! I’ll let you know how I get on and post a second article soon.

I would say I’m confident this is user error at the moment and not the palette at this stage – but I thought it would be useful for the readers of Woehammer to see unsuccessful trials as well as successful ones!

— Declan

Hobby Update – 10 Gutrippaz

Those who have been following Peter’s Kruleboyz army will already know about the Gutrippaz and what they can do.

When Peter asked for my help to paint a few Bolt Boyz I followed straight on with a unit of Gutrippaz from Dominion.

10 Dominion Kruleboyz Gutrippaz

Unfortunately, they are not the best unit at the moment, due to their high points cost, but the warscroll definitely has potential. Hopefully they’ll get a point reduction in the new General Handbook due this summer.


I have used my regular red & blue scheme which is common across all my Destruction forces. The blue on the shoulder pad is Nihilakh Oxide which I use frequently – it’s especially good for Destruction armies where I see their weapons as being old and reused from previous owners.

Another Closeup

And the red scareshields to cause -1 to hit for opponents!… hopefully.

So, I’m waiting for the GHB update to see if these get a points decrease… especially as I have loads of them from mutiple Dominion sets!

— Declan

Hobby Update – Kragnos

I’ve finished him, finally! Kragnos is a great model despite being more Beasts of Chaos than Destruction, and I’ve had him half-finished on a painting table since before Christmas.

I brought him to an event at The Honest Wargamer’s venue in Nottingham last year before his warscroll change and lost all three games… grabbing a wooden spoon (or sticker!), and it put me off finishing him to the standard of the rest of my army.

With the Battle of the Burning Skies last weekend a clubmate – Tom – asked if he could borrow him, and so I took the opportunity to finish the chap off… and clear another partially completed model from the to-do list. Cheers for the push there Tom.

He’s a big lad – helped by his Hero Stone… must be a chore to lug around.

Regular readers will know that all my monsters (or more accurately no Greenskin models) are painted in red in my Destruction forces and so I could paint Kragnos to fit in with the style of all my toys – allowing him to be used in Sons of Behemat, Orruk Warclans, Gloomspite Gitz and Ogor Mawtribes if I so wish.

This makes him perhaps my most versatile model… although I’ve not yet used his new warscroll.

A Shield… of Protection!
For Games Workshop App (Age of Sigmar)

You can see from the above that he hits hard… very hard. Rend 3, Damage 4 and easy access to +1 to hit means his Dread Mace is clearing the way for whatever else is in the army, and the other weapons help get more damage. In fact he is more damaging than a Maw Krusha without Violent Fury so definitely worth thinking about in some of my armies.

Bright, ‘Anime’ Hair and lots of Verdigris

I’ve painted his hair with Tallasar Blue (Contrast Paint), which is such a lovely vibrant colour although some of the tips can wear off a little. An initial undercoat of Black should mean that not too many errors show through.

The Brass/Bronze is lashed with as much Nihilakh Oxide I could find – I love the affect it gives, and the bright contast with the brown of the Bronze – really brings the ‘under ground’ vibe to the fore.

That’s it for March, but I’ve got some Gutrippas on the painting table for April which I hope to get some paint on in the next few weeks, and then we’ll see what’s next.

It’d be great to see if you’ve done a Kragnos – so many great paint jobs out there for him.

— Declan

Hobby Update – Killaboss with Stab-Grot

With 13 Kruleboyz finished recently I needed to add another character to it… one that I may actual use! I’ve already done

9 Bolt Boyz
3 Bolt Boyz
Murknob with Belcha-Banna

Once again, I’ve gone heavy with the blue and red theme, but this is the first time I’ve been able to paint one of the iconic scare-shields.

Sure, it doesn’t actually scare anyone, but it does give him a 3+ save which is not shabby with all the save stacking available.

This means I don’t get a Rusting Flail attack, but the 4 attacks with the Boss-hacka has potential to do some damage, especially if he’s also charging in with some Gutrippas. Okay, he’s not setting any battlefields alight, but he may get some use!

Yes, I sometimes paint the back as well!!

With the bases finished, and the skin done with the new Orruk Flesh base colour and the bronze with copious verdigris, these guys are ready to walk through a swamp and attack any enemies near them. Hopefully they’ll be able to get on the table-top in the future!

— Declan

Hobby Update – Murknob with Belcha-banna

I’m starting to get a pace going with my Kruleboyz with a character now joining my small force. This time I’ve finished a Murknob with Belcha-banna. Once again a great fun model to paint, although not sure quite how much use I’ll get out of him as his rules aren’t great and I can’t see him dislodging any of the choices from my Big Waaagh.

Warscroll from Wahapedia

Sure, it has the potential to do some mortal wounds in combat (but average of 1 is unlikely to change anything) and the 1″ reach means he needs to be near the front – and whilst the Power of Kragnos has a potential to stop a spell a 5+ seems a little harsh!

That’s a big Belcha…!

I’ve now got 13 Kruleboyz finished, and getting through the Dominion box sets. Once again thanks to Peter for the initial push needed to get these started.

— Declan

Hobby Update – More Kruleboyz Bolt Boyz

Having painted up 9 Boltboyz for Peter to borrow recently, I realised I had 3 more (yes I bought too many Kruleboyz parts of Dominion). So, having got a colour scheme I liked, and still remembering how to paint them I went straight into another three!

These little blighters join the 9 I have already painted meaning that I have a useful backbone for a Kruleboyz list now if I want to go down the shooting route – although not my preferred playstyle they are fun models.

So that’s another 3 to add to my Hobby Goals for 2022 and help with Hobby Bingo at the end of the month. Great to reduce the pile of grey-plastic as well.

— Declan

Hobby Update – Kruleboyz Bolt Boyz

Peter and I are going to a local one day event next weekend run by the Guys from Savage Hammer. The Battle of the Burning Skies will be Peter’s first tournament in ‘a while’ and so he is painting up his Kruleboyz for the event. They promise to be a fun army to start with.

He did set himself a tough target though, and when he said he was starting to rush I offered to help… by actually painting some toys from the Dominion boxset (or two… or three!).

9 Bolt Boyz… ready to be not quite as good as other shooting options!

Regular readers of this blog, and my tournament opponents will know my Destruction paint scheme by now… and all my Destruction armies get the same treatment – Blue clothes, red accident, bronze & verdigris! They also daub red paint on their hands to represent the Bloodfists tribe – this has led to them being called Crimson Fists!

So I’ve finished painting 9, and they’ll appear at Savage Gaming before I get to use them myself, either in Kruleboyz or an adjustment to my Big Waagh list.

A closer view of three of them

They have been lovely sculpts, with the push fit almost working throughout (just needing a dab of glue where the hand meets the Crossbolt! It’s also got me painting a few more Kruleboyz, so I have another 3 on the painting table, a Boss and a Standard Bearer.

I’ll let you know how I get on with the others… but for now I’ve helped Peter and got another box on the Hobby Bingo ticked off – perfect!

— Declan

Hobby Update – Warmaster Squigs

With a Warmaster tournament last weekend (12th March), I decided to change some of my Goblins to Squigs which are better on the charge than the goblins (as they are 3/3/0 instead of 2-1/3/0 for Goblins). I really enjoyed using my 6 units at the London GT last year and some small games since, and was eager to include some more models.

With the recent explosion of 10mm sculpting there are some great sculpts available. Following my purchase of a Pump Wagon on Etsy (designed by Green Skin Miniatures) I went straight to the source and picked up these:

The Squigs from Green Skin Miniatures (from Gumroad)

I don’t have a resin printer myself, but fortunately a fellow Warmaster was looking to test his out, so I bought the files and sent them over to him for the price of the resin. He made 6 units for me; and I’ve painted 3!

3 Goblin Squig Herds for Warmaster
A close up of some of the models – the Squig Herders are a great touch

So, overall they are really nice models, and – I have it on good authority – easy to print if you have your own resin printer – if you don’t then they will be available from those who have a merchant license from Green Skin Miniatures.

Hobby Update – Genestealer Broodlord

My Genestealer Kill Team article is proving to be a bit of a slow burner hit, and I recently added some Termagaunts to the Kill Team to give me some slightly friendlier options if playing against new players, or irregular wargamers.

I have long loved the Tyranids and have a large collection in various stages of painting. In the distant past I did manage to make a 2,000 point army but this is now from such an old edition it needs a complete re-write before it would be useable.

Whilst painting my Warlord Games Napoleonic British I got a bit stuck on the 14mm models, and – taking my own advice – decided to paint something different. I remembered I had a Broodlord somewhere and, after a little rummaging, found it and undercoated it before I could get distracted by something else.

The ‘little’ chap ready to go.

The main paint scheme here is using Talassar Blue (still magic) with Teclis Blue drybrush. The base is from a 40mm sector imperialis base cut up to go around the pipe. And – as is normally the case with me – the base has more colours on it that the model. Oh well; I still think he looks good.

As I was completing him, I noticed a Space Marine helmet and had to decide what colour to paint it. Normally I would go red, because I collect Blood Angels as well, but it’s March so there was another option. Taking on the #MarchonMaggrage hashtag, I painted it blue for the Ultramarines (although it could be a Blood Angel Devastator of course)!

I don’t know what he’s pointing at, but I hope it’s not me.

With the Broodlord finished, I can now go back to Napoleonic troops… more small toys!

Hobby Bingo

This also means that I’ve done another Hobby Bingo Box!

That’s E4 completed for March

— Declan

Hobby Update – Kill Team Termagaunts

My Genestealer Kill Team article is proving to be a bit of a slow burner hit, and I love the colour scheme so I decided that it was time to get going on some reinforcements for the Kill Team.

For those who didn’t catch the original article I assembled and painted 10 Genestealers for Kill Team in order to play against some casual wargamer friends (ie not competive). The Genestealers got one game in, but they proved to be a little too powerful for the group of players so I sat out and watched a few more games.

So… to tone it down a bit I picked up some Termagaunts from my box ‘o’ Tyranids and got painting.

The scheme is Black undercoat, with Grey Seer zenithal highlights
Then Tallasar Blue contrast, drybrush with Teclis Blue
And finally, the orange for the bone / carapace – Mephiston Red, Wild Rider Red, Fire Dragon Bright

The orange recipe

It’s a nice simple scheme with the Mephiston Red being used as a single base for the orange to go on. If I was neater with the blue it probably wouldn’t even be needed.

How did they come out… well I have pictures!

8 Termagaunts – the terror of no-one!

And there they are in all their glory. They are a great little unit which I can now use for Kill Team or expand for Warhammer 40k if I go back to them. The bases are the Imperial ones, as these guys are getting fed at the Imperial buffet… probably Baal given my other armies.

In Kill Team this unit can operate in a number of different roles, but with Fleshborers they are not going to do too much damage to the enemy. They are more there to soak up fire so the Genestealers get into combat, and to hold objectives near my starting location. Either way they are a fun little addition and I’m happy with how they’ve turn out.

Hobby Bingo

This also means that I’ve done another Hobby Bingo Box!

That’s C4 complete… at Expert level

So a great start to the month with 3 boxes completed and a few more models off the painting table.

What’s next…? I’m trying to get some of the British Napoleonic done using the painting guides suggested by Peter. I’ll let you know how I get on!

— Declan