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Hobby Update – Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

11 Dwarf Blood Bowl Players

Day four of my Blood Bowl updates and the last one for a while. So I finished with a strong team – Dwarfs!

You can check out my Orcs, Skaven and Human teams from previous days if the tough little blighters are not your thing!

As with the other teams the Dwarfs were assembled and so just needed a spray undercoat and they were ready to go. I decided to go a little different for these guys and use a metallic base – Retributor armour. And, as everyone who follows cricket will know – green and gold go together; so the off-colour was chosen as well!

Blood Bowl Dwarf Team

The box set comes with 6 Dwarf Blocker Linemen, 2 Runners, 2 Blitzers and 2 Troll Slayers. Unfortunately the Troll Slayers have a single connection to the base, and one of mine broke. So in keeping with my intent to keep things quick I’ve put it to one side and will return to it later.

6 Dwarf Blocker Linemen
2 Blitzers
Troll Slayer and 2 Runners
The Full Team

As I mentioned above the base of the models is Chaos Black and then a very heavy drybrush of Retributor Armour for the bright gold look. I have then picked out a few of panels in Leadbelcher, to get a little contrast.

The hair is Wild Rider Red for the Troll Slayer (got to have bright orange hair for a Troll Slayer) and then grey, brown and black for the other models.

And the under armour/cloth is Warboss Green – a great colour with good coverage over black and the gold.

I really like how they’ve come together and the spotty green flock on the bases make them a little different from the other Blood Bowl teams I’ve already painted.

How do they play?

Dwarfs have Block – lots of it! So your guys are not falling over too often and ‘Both Down’ results don’t result in a turnover – great news. But there is a downside – Dwarfs are expensive with the Linesmen costing 70,000 each (compared with 50,000 for most non-Elf teams), and they are slow (movement 4 for the Linemen). You’ll need to defend in depth otherwise the quicker teams will have scored 3 times before you get enough space to make it through.

Whatever you do, when you get the ball, don’t give it up – you’ll need it and you need to keep your opponent away from it! This all makes Dwarfs a good team, but difficult for beginners so don’t worry if you lose a few games – they are a great team once the skills start rolling in.

Woe Points and Hobby Bingo

This also contributes to two of the methods I’m trying to use to reduce the pile of shame or potential! Woe Points is -11 for this group (so -23 so far in 2023) and another square of Hobby Bingo which I’ll ask Peter to update for me!

Buying a Box

You can pick up a box at Element Games (UK), or at Not Just Gamin’ (US) and support Woehammer(*); or pop into your FLGS.

— Declan and Eeyore

(*) affiliate link

Hobby Update – Human Bowl Team

12 Human Blood Bowl Players

Regular readers and followers of my update will know I’ve recently finished two Blood Bowl teams, and this update is a third. And it’s a return to another classic – this time with Humans.

These were also already assembled and I decided to do these in traditional colours – or at least predominately… so I opened up another my commonly used colours and went with – blue!

Blood Bowl Human Team

The box set comes with 6 Human Linemen, 2 Throwers, 2 Blitzers and 2 Catchers.

6 Human Linemen
2 Throwers… including Golden Boots!
2 Catchers
2 Blitzers
The Full Team

The Blood Bowl teams are (so far) all great fun to paint. These required a little more work, because I needed to do the underarmour/cloth first and decided to do this in red as a different contrast to the traditional bone/white options.

I then went over the armour panels in Caledor Blue which has great coverage over most colours – including the rough bits of red I’d left behind. In this team I also decided to add a few different colours and skin colours – so there are some different colour shoes (including Golden Boots), and some darker skin players to add much needed variety.

How do they play?

Humans are the other original team, with the Orcs painted recently and they are the definition of all-rounders. They have reasonable armour, can participate on the line of scrimmage and pass and catch (although be wary of high agility teams intercepting the ball).

The catchers are the most fragile of the players and so are likely to not be involved in all the drives, but if you can keep them alive there’s always the possibility of a quick score as well as the ability to break into any Orc ‘cages’ that your opponent may have set-up.

Woe Points and Hobby Bingo

I also get credit for this with Woe Points and Hobby Bingo… so that is -12 Woe Points already and a square ticked off.

Buying a Box

You can pick up a box at Element Games (UK), or at Not Just Gamin’ (US) and support Woehammer(*); or pop into your FLGS.

— Declan and Eeyore

(*) affiliate link

Hobby Update – Skaven Blood Bowl Team

14 Skaven Blood Bowl Players

Hot on the heels of the Orc Blood Bowl Team being completed, I decided I would try to get a few more teams finished… and next on the pile was always going to be the Skaven. I’ve loved the Skaven Blood Bowl team since the 2nd Edition (the original one, not the reboot!) as it is the polar opposite of the Orc team.

Low armour, good agility and 1 turn touchdown scoring Gutter Runners (with a few skills and movement increases. What’s not to like.

Blood Bowl Skaven Team

The box set comes with 6 Skaven Clanrat Linemen, 2 SkavenThrowers, 2 Stormvermin and 2 Gutter Runners. I added to this 2 Rat Ogres for a bit of beef in the team. Also who doesn’t like Big Guys?

6 Skaven Clanrat Linemen
2 Stormvermin
2 Skaven Throwers
2 Gutter Runners
2 Rat Ogres
The Full Team!

I painted these using elements of ‘Slap Chop’ for the skin and black cloaks and then ‘battle ready’ for the armour. I’ve not done purple/pink and yellow before and I think it works well for a small force – not sure how I’d feel about it on a full Skaven army in Age of Sigmar or The Old World though. May be a bit too comic for that.

The skin is Volupus Pink (contrast) and the armour is Averland Sunset with a wash of Iyanden Yellow. Yellow’s are much better than when I started gaming and this is a great combo. Makes me wish we had these colours when I painted Empire – always liked Stirland (Green and Yellow).

The Rat Ogres were a suggestion by one of my Hobby Buddies – Chris Denmark. They are the Rat Ogres from the old Warhammer starter set – Island of Blood – which featured Skaven against High Elves. I used them here without conversion – just a change of base shape. I have used a slightly larger base than used in most Blood Bowl models but as long as they don’t stand next to each other too often it should be fine to have a little overlap of the squares.

How do they play?

As mentioned above Skaven are fast… lightning fast. The Throwers combine very well with the Gutter Runners to produce some very quick touchdowns and I’ve been 3-0 up with Skaven before half-time in games under the previous edition.

With mutations they are also a team that opens itself up to converting if you want to, or buying small expansions from Forgeworld.

The Rat Ogres provide a little extra bulk, but they can be a liability as they can be easily surrounded and brought down as the Gutter Runners rush through the gaps – be careful of teams that like to foul like Goblins and Snotlings – they can take out the big guys surprisingly quickly.

Buying a Box

You can pick up a box at Element Games (UK), or at Not Just Gamin’ (US) and support Woehammer(*); or pop into your FLGS.

— Declan and Eeyore

(*) affiliate link
PS – These don’t count towards my ‘Woepoints‘ in 2023 because I actually finished them between Christmas aand New year 2022!

Hobby Update – Orc Blood Bowl Team

12 Orc Blood Bowl Players

I’ve been struggling a bit recently to complete my Age of Darkness boxset having done all the troops I now have the Dreadnought and Spartan on the painting table, but just can’t seem to make progress. This is probably because I’ve not painted tanks in a long time!

So, I took my own advice and decided for a change… but I wanted something with a definite end. Fortunately I’ve got a lot of the new Blood Bowl teams which have been unpainted on a shelf since the re-release.

The major advantage here was they were already assembled so I could get straight to it. And the first team was clear… Orcs!

Blood Bowl Orc Team

The box set comes with 6 Orc Linemen, 2 Orc Throwers, 2 Orc Blitzers and 2 Big Un Blockers.

6 Orc Linemen
2 Orc Throwers
2 Orc Blitzers
2 Big Un Blockers (painted with darker skin)

They didn’t take very long to paint but are none-the-less lovely models and take undercoat and paint nicely. The team also comes with some coins that you can paint, but I’ve not got to them!

The scheme is very much inspired by the original Gouged Eye team but also by my available paints for my AoS armies and Blood Angels… so red all the way! It doesn’t show perfectly in the pictures, but I’ve used Khorne Red and Mephiston Red to give a little variety.

How do they play?

Orcs are one of the original two teams and they can play in all types of drives in Blood Bowl but they are mostly about hitting and not getting injured, with AV (armour value) of 10+ for most of the models except Throwers.

And if things get desperate and you find yourself behind on the scoreboard then a throw to a Blitzer is always a possibility… but keep some team re-rolls available as nothing has catch.

Buying a Box

You can pick up a box at Element Games (UK), or at Not Just Gamin’ (US) and support Woehammer(*); or pop into your FLGS.

— Declan and Eeyore

(*) affiliate link
PS – These don’t count towards my ‘Woepoints‘ or Hobby Bingo in 2023 because I actually finished them between Christmas aand New year 2022!

A Tale of Wargamers – Part 3

If you’re not UK based then use the below as a guide for your monthly budget:

Euro – €35
US Dollar – $35
Australian Dollar – $75

The above has been calculated using a box of Cadian Infantry as the marker:

Costs at time of writing (27th October 2022)

Quick Jump Menu

Declan (UK) – Astra Militarum (40K)
Peter (UK) – Warhammer Fantasy (Dwarfs)
Brett (AUS) – Traitor Guard (40K)
Patrick (US) – Adeptus Titanicus
Dave (UK) – Age of Sigmar (Ogor Mawtribes)


BUDGET – United Kingdom – £25 for December

Following my purchases last month it was my intention to have the models assembled and undercoated in black by now… but alas life has got in the way and I have failed to achieve it. The good news is that this means that my January budget is going to look healthy enough to pick up the paints I need, and to allow me to get started with a vengeance in the New Year, when the Astra Militarum will return.

So the December budget is merely added to my carried forward and I have £32.16 remaining. I’ll need to pick up a white spray in January so I can do ‘OSL’ or ‘Slapchop’ undercoating (I’ll explain all next month), and then pick up some colours. Still not 100% sure on my scheme but likely to be red & white! (Oh god, why white??)

Carried Forward+£7.16£7.16
Dec Budget£25.00£32.16
A hobby supply month


BUDGET – United Kingdom – £25 for December

This month I needed to get something to actually base the minis with!

Looking on Amazon I found exactly what I needed! 100 square 20mm bases for just £11.50!

Going back to Print3DMiniaturesUK, I was so impressed with the Dwarf Warriors that I bought 10 Dwarf Thunderers from there as well. Luckily for me there was also 15% off, so I managed to pick them up for just £12.75!

As the Dwarf Wariors arrived so late last month, I had a lot of catching up to do! I quickly set to work and set aside a few evenings to get the base colours down on the Warriors.

They’re nothing much to look at yet, but with the addition of a few key wa

Carried Forward+2.20£2.20
Dec Budget+25.00£27 20
100x 20mm Square Bases-£11.50£15.70
10x Dwarf Marksmen-£12.75£2.95


BUDGET – Australia – $75 for December

I was early last month and now I’m running late to get my team together, crazy season leading into Christmas and new battleforces haven’t helped but I’ll make it. Unfortunately I needed to finish some Chaos Chosen and Possessed for a local 40k Tournament (3 round RTT – I ran Red Corsairs for 1/2 result). And then I decided I needed more Grey Knight Paladins for a list I want to run in the first tournament of the year for me (Exterminatus VI 7/8 January in Wagga Wagga).

Enough excuses, I finally started to assemble the team on Boxing Day and they’re done. I’ll fall on my sword and admit my failure now – I haven’t managed to finish painting them. My excuse is that I am moving house and will catch up in January but we’ll see if the team lets me get away with that.

The keen eyed will realise I’ve constructed the Heavy Weapons Squad not the Command Squad I was going. I just forgot but also this was a chance to move to making this army a 40k army. I’ve mentioned some other ways to use our troops but now we have a unique to 40k unit. A Heavy Weapons Squad can use Heavy Bolters, Lascannons, Autocannons, Missile Launchers and the most prosaic, Mortars.

Everything else is line of sight and these guys are very weak (2 wounds per team) so even the lightest of return fire will kill them. But with Mortars they have a 48¨range indirect fire weapon. They can camp in cover in your backfield and harry anything sitting in cover on the other side of the board. They are really good into any T3 troops (Chaos Cultists for example). Mortars are cheap and, for me, a quintessential infantry weapon that really plays into the normal human origins of Guard, even traitors.

Next month Í’ll finally do the command square, plasma weapons with my limited palette might be fun. I’ll go into more detail about the painting and why I’ve used such a basic style.

Carried Forward+$6.99$6.99
November Budget+$75.00$81.99
Heavy Weapons Squad-$52.00$30.01


BUDGET – United States – $35 for December

There are two things that I love: growing communities and giant robots. In the case of Adeptus Titanicus I get to have both.

Adeptus Titanicus has seen a surge in popularity in my area, partially due to months of pushing by a very dedicated and vocal community member (shout out to Kyle). I want to take part in this growth, because the best way to enjoy a game is to make sure you have lots of people to play with.

I am going to build this list slowly. I know ultimately that I want four Warhound Titans, and Warbringer Titan, and three Cerastus Knights, but several of the people in my area that already have armies have more than enough models to loan for games, so there is no real pressure to make sure I have a full army quickly.

Instead, I am going to focus on building my models, and making sure I can paint them to the best of my ability. There are a few pieces that I will pick up pretty quickly to get started:

1) Models! Specifically I will pick up a box of Cerastus Knights. These guys are great for their points cost, and I usually like to fit two into my list-building just to have some small maneuverable units to be where I need them.

2) Paint! Since I am painting Legio Crucius, I will need four primary colors to get started: Silver, Brass, White, Black. If I’m feeling sassy I can add in red for things like eye lenses and detail.

For metal paint, I highly recommend using Vallejo Metal Color. I bought mine in a nifty set that came pre-selected for paiting model airplane engines, and it was a good price for four bottles of quality paint. I have found these have great coverage, even on a single coat, and tend to disperse the metal flakes very evenly.

For non-metallic paint, I feel like I can’t make a recommendation without starting a fight. Everyone has an opinion on what paints are the best, and everyone has their reasons for liking what they like. Personally, I float between Citidel and Vallejo paints, and which one I prefer for each color is largely dependent on the color, itself. For blacks and whites I prefer Vallejo, since they tend to have abetter consistency and les glossiness than Citidel’s paints, and for the base red I will also go with Vallejo, although for dark, rich reds Khorne Red or Flesh Tearers Red Contrast are both excellent. For base coats, then, I will buy 3 colors:
– Vallejo Model Color Dark Grey for my blacks
– Vallejo Game Color Ghost Grey for my whites, and
– Vallejo Game Color Scarlett Red

The store where I bought these generally sells them for $3.30 per bottle, leaving me some room for a few brushes. I personally love Sable hair brushes, but they can be quite expensive, depending on the brand. With my remaining funds for December, I am going to head to Rosemary and Co to pick up a few brushes. Rosemary brushes can be pretty closely compared to Artis Opus brushes, but are significantly more affordable (but they cannot currently ship Kolinsky Sable to the US due to trade restrictions). What I ultimately want is a decent sable brush for base coats with acrylic paints, and then a couple of cheap brushes for metallics.

A Series 99 Number 1 brush from Rosemary and Co will allow me to have a lot of control over my base paints, while a series 302 Number 4 flat will allow good coverage for large panels. For metallics, I will buy another Series 302 Number 4, along with a Series 301 Number 2 for detailed metallic work. These will allow me to keep my metallic and non-metallic brushes separate, and while it may be cheaper per brush to go to my local art supply store and buy a big bag of cheap synthetics, I find that working with limited , high-quality tools will make painting a much more pleasant experience.

At this point I just need to sit back and wait for delivery! Maybe next month will just be a painting update, while I save a little extra to spend on my first titan.

Carried Forward+$53.82$53.82
December Budget+$35.00$88.82
Cerastus Knights (15% off)-$29.75$59.07
Vallejo Metal Color Paints-$31.45$27.62
Vallejo Base Paints-$9.90$17.72


BUDGET – United Kingdom – £25 for December

It’s the best time of the year to be an Ogor, so I hope you all got some feasting done. Due to all this feasting and visiting Mawtribes, sadly I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. I purchased another nine Gluttons second hand though, at £9 for three this month. A total of £27, biting into my surplus a little but giving me two full units. I finished three of these fine fellows and they join their friends in my first finished unit (though a banner wouldn’t go amiss).

I plan to finish the remaining six in January and think about picking up a character. Though I’m unsure which one to plump for, let me know if you have any thoughts as I’m torn between a Tyrant and a Butcher.

Happy New Year from the Hamfist Warglutt to yours, may all your enemies taste delicious.

Dave’s December Ogors
The painted force so far
Sep & Oct Budget+£50.00£50.00
Paints & Tools-£31.61£18.39
Ogor Gluttons-£9.00£9.39

Hobby Update – Loonsmasha Fanatics

5 Loonsmasha Fanatics

Most of my recent games of Gloomspite Gitz have been with Squigs, but I like all the book and the Loonsmashas(*) have always been a unique unit in Age of Sigmar. When released they had ‘Strikes First’ when very few units had it, and for a short time they were one of the best units in the book… but, as more units received the ‘Strike First’ ability or mortal wounds on the charge, a small unit of 5 Grots with 1 wound each at 140 points quickly became a liability.

But… The models are so cool, so when Will said he had some spare I grabbed them up, throwing cash at him as I giggle off back to my cave!

Loonmsmashas painted by Declan

They have so much character and great balls of steel (or rock) wizzing around at break neck speed. You certainly need to be careful storing and moving them, and they’d be perfect candidates for magnetising.

And all with a brilliant 1″ reach…! Well, can’t get everything – right??

— Declan

(*) affiliate link

Hobby Update – Mugruk Da Watcha

Limited Edition Swampcalla Shaman

Back in June I went to Board Game Expo in Birmingham and picked up the limited edition Swampcalla Shaman from Games Workshop. Sometimes it can take a while for a model to reach the top of the painting pile, but eventually he’s made it! Mugruk Da Watcha is finished.

Swampcalla Shaman painted by Declan

And he even has a back!

He’s a nice little model and very in keeping with the Kruleboyz ascetic. I have painted him in my Destruction colour scheme and basing, which is simple but (I think) effective. Although the later models do have more tufts on them as I think they look better this way! However I do have one problem with the kit:

Games Workshop / Wahapedia

Where is the little chap’s backup Pot Grot? I understand that GW don’t want the limited edition model to have special rules and this is a good thing but it’s a shame he can’t be used with a model from the existing kit.

Otherwise I enjoyed painting him and glad he’s available to play with now.

— Declan

Hobby Update – Horus Heresy Blood Angels

Space Marine Spartan Tank

With 40 Space Marines completed I now need to move onto the remaining four models. As one of them is quite big (very, very big), I realised I needed to get started on the Spartan.

As I’ve been playing mostly Fantasy and Age of Sigmar in the last decade I haven’t painted many tanks, so I needed to go back to basics and remind myself how to do it!

Assembly was a long process, but very straight forward apart from a small error with one of the top hatches. Once I’d worked that out it was completed and ready for undercoat.

Undercoat / Step 1

All my models have a black undercoat as I like the slightly darker affect it has on Mephiston Red. It also means there are no grey / white spots left even if I miss a bit! So I can always pretend it’s deliberate shadow.

I decided I would mask off the tracks and some of the weapons to ensure that these remained black as building back over red is a little pointless when it’s already there. If you’ve not done this before just make sure you take a little of the ‘stickiness’ off so that it doesn’t remove the paint when you take them off!

Step 2 – Red Undercoat

With the Mephiston Red undercoat on, and the masking tape removed it’s starting to look a lot like a Blood Angel tank. Next up is some pin washing (which I’ve never done before) with Nuln Oil and a little tidying up of the tracks where the red undercoat has snuck through!

I also need to finish the Lascannon Sponsors of course but they fit on very nicely to allow some movement of the model.

What’s Next

I need to finish the tank, and complete the remainder of the Age of Darkness Box Set. It’s great to be getting close to finishing a starter set!

— Declan & Eeyore

Hobby Update – Horus Heresy Heavy Support Marines

Legion Heavy Support Squads.

The last of the normal marines… having painted 10 Terminators and 30 Space Marines I am now on the final stretch (before characters, Dreadnought and tank).

And what a final stretch… for these I cheated a little bit and bought a second box set.

Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters

I selected these, because the Missile Launcher is iconic from the RTB01 box set and my first foray into Warhammer 40k, so long ago.

The iconic RTB01 box for the original plastic Space Marines

Missile Launchers

Missile Launchers with Sergeant

Heavy Bolters

Space Marines with Heavy Bolters (including Sergeant)

It was great to have a bit of a change following the 30 Tactical Marines and the weapons themselves are easy to paint – especially given the simple scheme for the Blood Angels. Fortunately Black and Red go together!

What’s Next

I am halfway through the Praetors and Dreadnought and they will hopefully be finished before an October trip to Warhammer World. Meanwhile I have also started my Land Raider Spartan – more on that later!

— Declan & Eeyore

Hobby Update – Horus Heresy Tactical Marines

Legion Tactical Squads.

To say that the Age of Darkness box set is bursting with value, is doing it a disservice. With 40 Mark VIs, 10 Terminators, 2 Praetors, Dreadnought and Spartan Tank; it has got everything you need to have a fun game.

I’ve previously finished my Terminators, and have now completed the Sergeants for the Tactical Marines.

As there are 40 Tactical Marines the obvious answer is to build them as 4 units of 10 to give a good backbone of any army, but I picked up a box of missile launchers and heavy bolters… so I have 3 units of 10 Tactical Marines.

Unit 1

Tactical Squad, including Sergeant with Power Fist

Unit 2

Tactical Squad with Chain-Bayonets and Sergeant with Power Sword

Unit 3

Tactical Squad with Sergeant with Lightning Claw

I really enjoyed painting these models. They have enough detail to be Space Marines, whilst not having too much to paint… no trim! Of course they do have the studded shoulder pads which took a while to get right, but I batch-painted them so got used to it by the 40th Space Marine!

What’s Next

I have finished the Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolters, so the next article will show some pictures of those!

— Declan & Eeyore