Hobby Goals 2022 – April Update!

Somehow we’re three months through 2022, and British Summer Time is already upon us. This tends to mean that I try to spend a little more time outside – reading, painting and walking. And so Hobby switches a little to other priorities, but Toy Soldiers is always on the agenda.

In January I wrote an article on some Hobby Goals for 2022 in an attempt to get some progress made and complete some projects.

So – how am I getting on?

1) General – Hobby Bingo

Peter has been keeping us honest with our Hobby Bingo and I completed 4 items up to end Feb, but I’ve had a bit of a painting catch-up in March with some Kruleboyz which I painted to help Peter with his army requirements! So whilst I am not at the 25 required (yet) I am still on course to complete it!

2) Painting – Finish a Trogg Army

Not so much progress made here – which is to say none. When I put this as a Hobby Goal I was anticipating that the Gloompsite Gitz would get a new book soon as one of the worst performing factions in Age of Sigmar three – having been hit with a number of rules changes which adversely impacted their playstyle. But alas Gitz are not on the release schedule and with no White Dwarf article in sight I’m feeling a little deflated.

I have at least finished Kragnos, so I can bring him in if needed, but I want Gitz to be able to compete on their own!

Kragnos is the only model I’ve painted for ‘Gitz’ in 2022!

3) Gaming – Get two 4-1 results in 2022

If the Troggs is a story of disappointed, this is one of celebration. I got a 4-1 at March to War (Purple Sparkly Unicorns) in January with Big Waaagh which was a great start to the year and this aim, but that was over-shadowed by a 5-0 at Dazmaul tournament a few weekends ago also with Big Waaagh! So a big tick against this one – and it’s only April!

4) Painting – A Full Vampire Counts army for Warmaster

There’s always going to be some aims with less success than others, and this is like the Troggs – not quite got started! I have painted a little Warmaster – but Squigs. So this one still needs work this year.

They’re 10mm, but not Vampire Counts!

5) Gaming – Play more Warmaster

Having played only 8 games in 2021, I have played in 8 in 2022 in the first 3 months, helped by the Tri-Wiz event and a regular monthly meet up at a local gaming store – Battlefield Hobbies, Daventry. If you’re in the Midlands and want more Warmaster give me a yell and I’ll get you on the WhatsApp Group.

I’m still using my Goblins and enjoying all the games with them – the horde definitely has potential in Warmaster and I’m learning all the time. Great fun!

6) Painting – Astra Militarum Force

Less success here, but I have found some models I painted in the past… will need to get Apothecary White on them to bring them back to the right standard, but it’s nice to know I have some infantry partially painted.

7) Painting – Snotling team

No progress to report… sorry Gitz!

8) Painting – Necromunda Van Saar

No progress to report… sorry lads!

9) Gaming – Non Competitive

With RAW announcing recently that they are hanging up their organising gloves, I’ve signed up to narrative event with Warhammer Witney, which I am really looking forward to. Do need to do prep, but definitely taking my Squigs with me for a bit of fun!

10) Clear the Pile of Potential

Not necessarily helped by some prizes from recent tournaments, but I’ve not bought any toys for Warhammer since December, and have painted 3 of the 6 squig herds for Warmaster I got. So, Pile of Potential has reduced!

11) Get my terrain on bases for use in games

I’ve found out others use a jigsaw for this, but I must admit I’m a bit wary as I’m not the most practical person. Am considering if there are other options available but still definitely on the ‘want to do’.

12) Writing – maintain the blog.

I think it’s fair to say that this one is going well. Peter will be updating you all on the progress of the Blog in April but needless to say that we are both amazed and very happy with the number of visitors we are getting for all our content from Hobby, painting & collecting, all the way to tournament results and our popular ‘Top Three’ series.

Overall a great start, with a superb result for my gaming goal. Still can’t believe I won a tournament 5-0 since playing for 20 years in tournaments of various types! Definitely a highlight.

It would be great to know how your Hobby Goals are doing for 2022.

— Declan

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