Hobby Update – Kruleboyz Bolt Boyz

Peter and I are going to a local one day event next weekend run by the Guys from Savage Hammer. The Battle of the Burning Skies will be Peter’s first tournament in ‘a while’ and so he is painting up his Kruleboyz for the event. They promise to be a fun army to start with.

He did set himself a tough target though, and when he said he was starting to rush I offered to help… by actually painting some toys from the Dominion boxset (or two… or three!).

9 Bolt Boyz… ready to be not quite as good as other shooting options!

Regular readers of this blog, and my tournament opponents will know my Destruction paint scheme by now… and all my Destruction armies get the same treatment – Blue clothes, red accident, bronze & verdigris! They also daub red paint on their hands to represent the Bloodfists tribe – this has led to them being called Crimson Fists!

So I’ve finished painting 9, and they’ll appear at Savage Gaming before I get to use them myself, either in Kruleboyz or an adjustment to my Big Waagh list.

A closer view of three of them

They have been lovely sculpts, with the push fit almost working throughout (just needing a dab of glue where the hand meets the Crossbolt! It’s also got me painting a few more Kruleboyz, so I have another 3 on the painting table, a Boss and a Standard Bearer.

I’ll let you know how I get on with the others… but for now I’ve helped Peter and got another box on the Hobby Bingo ticked off – perfect!

— Declan