Combat Patrol: Orks – Beginners 1,000 Point Army

Following the success of the first two articles in this series on the Sisters of Battle and the Blood Angels, I decided to write another, this time on everyone’s favourite xenos, the Orks. So like the last two lists our only rule is that we have to start with the Combat Patrol box and then build this up to 1,000 points that will hopefully prove to be a fun introduction to what I think is the most characterful of xenos armies.

The combat patrol box is packed with goodies and like the other factions they’re a fantastic way to start a new army as they often give you a wide range of units.

Combat Patrol: Orks

In the Orks Combat Patrol box you’re given;

  • Ork Warboss in Mega Amour
  • 20x Ork Boyz
  • 3x Deffkoptas
  • 1x Deff Dread

All of that for £85, which is bought separately would cost roughly £150.

On top of this we’ll add the following units;

This will cost you an additional £168, alongside the cost of the Codex (£30) the entire army will set you back £283!

However! If you sign up for SCN Hobbies mailing list you’ll receive 25% off Games Workshops recommended retail price and 15% off web only miniatures. Meaning including postage the army and codex would cost £220! That’s a saving of just over £60!

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This combat patrol can be used as a basis for virtually any of the Ork klans, so today we’re just going to make a generic list that should be suitable for anyone (though Evil Sunz and Deathskullz are likely to gain more out of it).

The list above brings us with upgrades to 1,000 points and the list will be as follows;


Warboss in Mega Armour (Warlord) – 115 pts
‘Uge Choppa & Big Shoota
– Command Trait: Big Gob
– Trukkboyz

Weirdboy – 70 pts
– Power of the Waaagh!: Da Krunch & Da Jump


Boyz – 95 pts
– 9x Boyz: Slugga & Choppa
– Boss Nob: Big Choppa & Slugga
– Trukkboyz Mob

Boyz – 95 pts
– 9x Boyz: Slugga & Choppa
– Boss Nob: Big Choppa & Slugga


Meganobz – 105 pts
– 2x Meganobz: Kustom Shoota, Power Klaw
– Boss Meganob: Kustom Shoota, Power Klaw


Deffkoptas – 150 pts
– 3x Deffkoptas

Warbikers – 130 pts
– 4x Warbiker: Dakkaguns and Choppa
– Boss Nob: Big Choppa


Deff Dread – 85 pts
4x Dread Klaw
Deff Dread – 85 pts
4x Dread Klaw


Trukk – 70 pts



This chap is truly a beast! 5 attacks in melee, hitting on 2+ at strength 9, this dude can hit marines on 2+ and then wound them on 2+ giving them only a 6+ chance to save. Flat two damage means he’ll likely kill at least three marines in combat.

On top of that if you make sure your boyz are within 6″ of him, when in combat they’ll benefit from a +1 on their hit rolls in combat.

Give him the Trukkboyz Specialist mob rule, it’ll mean he can disembark even if the Trukk makes a normal move and it’ll add +1 to his ranged attacks hit roll while shooting from the trukk.

With Tellyporta, you also have the option of setting him up in reserve and bringing him on later…. But perhaps consider saving this for a unit we’ll look at later.


While not bad in combat himself, this guys true power comes from his Waaagh Powers. Equip him with Da Jump and you’ll be able to move any of your core units such as your Boyz anywhere on the battlefield 9″ away from the enemy, and considering we’ve gone for a fast list which should be charging up to the enemy as quickly as possible, this power ties in perfectly with that.

Your second power could be Da Krunch which if any enemy units stray to close to the Weirdboy he’ll be able to roll a D6 for each model causing mortals on 6’s.


Your common Ork is a CC specialist and in our army where speed and being in the enemies grill is top priority these boyz will do you proud. With two attacks base increasing to three due to their Choppas a single unit of 10 can push out 31 attacks in close combat which hit on 3’s (or 2’s if near your Warboss). If you choose to run your army as Goffs then these boyz will score additional hits on unmodified hit rolls of 5+ instead of 6+ if you use the Unbridled Carnage stratagem for 2CP.

Either place them in your Trukk and give them the Trukkboyz specialist mob rule, and then bomb them up the field or have them sit with your Weirdboy who can Da Jump them near to their target.


This unit with their Power Klaws mean they can chew through a lot of the enemies heavy armour. With Strength 10 in combat and AP-3 with flat 2 damage throw them against tanks and watch them krump.

You can increase this damage to three with the stratagem Hit ‘Em Harder, which if you take averages into account means you should be causing 9 wounds to things like Space Marine Rhinos and the like.

Again, because their Core, if they’re within 6″ of the Warboss they’ll gain a +1 on their to hit roll in combat meaning that you negate the -1 to hit for having power klaws.

You can equip these with a Tellyporta as well should you wish, allowing you to deploy them anywhere 9″ away from the enemy,


These boyz are fast with a movement of 14″ they close towards enemy tanks fire their rockets and cause some serious damage early in the game. Their rockets are 24″ range with 2D3 shots, strength 8 and AP-2, doing D3 damage per hit. Great for taking out heavier infantry from further away and staying out of range of the enemies small arms fire. Also can be used to quickly claim any objectives should the need arise. lend themselves perfectly to our fast moving army, giving it some punch from further away.

If they do get caught in combat, each Kopta will be able make 6 attacks thanks to its Spinnin’ blades. However, they’re only hitting on 3’s and hit at strength 5, -1AP and doing 1 damage each. Try and avoid combat with them unless you feel confident you can win.

With Swoopin’ Down these boys can also be set up off the table before the game begins coming down in a movement phase at least 9″ away from the enemy. Good for dropping in and using the rockets to blast away at a valuable target.

If you choose Speed Freaks then there’s various options of stratagems for these as well with possibly the best being Attack Out O’ Da Sun, allowing them to be removed at the end of the turn for 2CP and placed anywhere on the battlefield 9″ away from the enemy in your next movement phase. This also effectively removes the chance for the enemy to shoot and target them for a turn.


Warbikers are a great all round unit for shooting and combat. With each bike having two Dakkaguns they have the potential to kick out 25 shots for the five bikes if they’re within 9″ of the enemy. Even if they’re not they’ll still be able to shoot 15 times! Great for taking out lightly armed units such as Guard.

In combat the Warbikers will make two attacks each (three attacks each if they have Choppas)though don’t expect them to cause too much damage unless you have taken them as Speed Freaks.

This unit is ideal for harassing the enemy and taking wounds off here and there.


This guy can really be turned into a CC beast, and you’ve got two of them to play with! Give them both four Dread Klaws and they’ll generate seven attacks each in melee. These are at Strength 10, -3 AP and doing 3 damage each. They’ll chew through most things the enemy can put up against them.

They’re tough as well with toughness 7, 8 wounds each and a 3+ save, the enemy will need to pour some time and effort into getting rid of these, meaning they’re not shooting at your boyz or meganobz……

when you do charge with these make sure to use Ramming Speed for 2CP as it’ll give 3D6 for your charge roll and on a 2+ cause D3 mortal wounds to an enemy within engagement range.

To get them up the field really quick, keep the deff dreads in reserve and then use the Tellyporta stratagem that we discussed earlier and all they’ll be able to deploy 9″ away from an enemy in the movement phase. That’ll terrify most players.


The trusty Ork Trukk, place one of your units of boyz in here and they’ll be able to shoot from it as its open topped. It’ll be able to take 12 infantry models or one unit of ten boyz and your Warboss…. just to get them up the field quicker.

Remember that the Trukk is Ramshackle as well meaning anything up to strength 7 that targets it will have to subtract one from its damage characteristic.


If you like close combat, then this army list is for you. It’s ideally suited to get up the table quickly and charging as soon as possible. Be as aggressive as possible with this list and you should have a lot of fun.


The sky’s the limit. Which Kultur do you want to go with, Evil Sunz? Get more vehicles. Goffs? Get more boyz. Deathskulls? Get some lootas.

I hope you enjoyed this, please let me know in the comments below how you would build a 1,000 point list from the Combat Patrol Box and why not also let me know what you think to my list. There may well be aspects of the codex or units that I have not included that you think should be, so why not let us know in the comments below.



15 thoughts on “Combat Patrol: Orks – Beginners 1,000 Point Army”

  1. Great article. Having a start point with the Combat Patrols and then expanding it. Just what new players need or veteran players looking to start a different army. Would love to see each of the Combat Patrols get the same attentive articles.

    1. That’s the plan! Glad you enjoyed it. I’m just on the process of coming up with Adeptus Mechanicus one. I’ve also made a pledge to have the rest completed by the end of June.

  2. Love this list. I am a completely newb that bought this combat patrol box to start playing and am now looking to expand to my first 1000 point army and this was very helpful. Although I already got a gazghull thrakka, what would you recommend removing to keep the list at 1000?

    1. That’s tough one, as the units on this list are really good together. That being said if I had to I’d drop one of the Deff Dreads, the warbikers and the warboss. Though I think Gazzy may be more suited in 1k+ lists

  3. Great article. I’m just starting out trying orks, giving my metal robots a rest, and this is helping me a lot.

  4. Hey great article! Do you have any idea how to go from the Combat Patrol into a Freebooterz build?

  5. Hey just started playing and picked up the combat patrol box. Should I use any of the other war gear options or just focus on using the main ones?

    1. Wargear is entirely up to you. Always take upgrades wherever possible, as they’re free right?! So why wouldn’t you!? In terms of the standard stuff, I went with the standard issue wargear, but there’s nothing to stop you trying out some of the more exotic weapons.

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