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Woehammer Painting Competition

EDIT: Voting has been open for only a few minutes and I’ve already had to remove multiple votes from the same IP addresses. If these continue those IP addresses will be blacklisted and their votes discounted completely. Currently I have deleted all votes after the first for these. Be sensible people, this is the only warning.

I know I originally said that I would run this on twitter AND the website, but I’ve decided for greater control the voting ill be done through the website only (this way I can delete multiple votes from the same IP).

We’ve had ten fantastic entries to our first ever painting competition sponsored by the lovely people over at SCN Hobby World. Go and subscribe on their website to get 25% off GW products!

But it’s time to close for entries and get the voting under way! Voting will start today and run until 31st December to give everyone plenty of time to vote. The winner will be announced on the 1st January, at which point I will contact them and ask which start collecting or combat patrol box they would like as their prize.

So in the order of submission here are your competition entries! Get voting!

Nick Munro

Steve Milford

Christine Coram

Titusz Skoflek

Nicky Rod

Joseph Isham

Justin Jackson

Jack McQuiggin

Wayne Cooper

Li Bryan

Warhammer 40k Battleforce Boxes – How much and whats in them?

So the Battleforce boxes are back after their success in 2020. These are a fantastic way to get into a new army or even add to an existing one, but whats inside them and how many points of miniatures do you get?

The rumoured price of these is going to be:

Space Marines: Shieldbreaker Strike Force£130
Necrons: Worldscour Legion£130
Orks: Killdakka Warband£125
Adeptus Sororitas: Purgatos Mission£130
Adeptus Mechanicus: Omnissiah’s Talon£125
Death Guard: Plaguefester Warband£125

But I can tell you a way of saving even more money by purchasing these at 25% off the recommended retail price! Just visit SCN Hobby World and sign up to their mailing list for 25% off all GW products and 20% Warlord Games products.

So what do you get inside and how much would it cost you normally? All of the points and PL have been given for the basic unit options and include no upgrades.

Space Marines – Shieldbreaker Strike Force

The Shieldbreaker Battleforce Box
Primaris Captain590£22.50
Bladeguard Veterans5105£31.50
Assault Intercessors10190£36.50
Heavy Intercessors7140£39.50
Storm Speeder8-9135-160£42.00
Predicted RRP£130.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£97.50

Adepta Sororitas – Purgatos Mission

Sister Dogmata465£21.00
Celestian Sacresants370£34.50
Battle Sisters6110£35.00
Predicted RRP£130.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£97.50

Adeptus Mechanicus – Omnissiah’s Talon

Ironstrider Ballistarii475£32.50
Skitarii Rangers490£27.50
Tech-Priest Manipulus480£22.50
Predicted RRP£130.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£97.50

Death Guard – PlagueFester Warband

Plague Marine Champion21£17.50
Plague Marine Icon Bearer31£17.50
Plague Marines12147£30.00
Deathshroud Bodyguard7150£35.00
Myphitic Blight-Haulers21420£45.00
Plagueburst Crawler9175£40.00
Predicted RRP£125.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£93.75

Necron – Worldscour Legion

Psychomancer Cryptek470£21.00
Necron Warriors with Scarabs8175£29.00
Lokhust Heavy Destroyer460£21.00
Ophydian Destroyers5105£34.50
Flayed Ones3165£31.50
2x Canoptek Doomstalkers14280£53.00
Predicted RRP£130.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£97.50

Orks – KillDakka Warband

20 Boyz* 8160£63.00
Deffkilla Wartrike7125£30.00
Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun7120£22.50
Predicted RRP£125.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£93.75
*Based on price of Kruleboyz Gutrippas Sprue

So what do you think good value or not? Will you be picking up a set?

Woehammer Staff Painting Competition

So as well as the public painting competition (where you can win a Start Collecting or Combat Patrol box of your choice, courtesy of SCN Hobby World), we’re also running a mini painting competition for those here at Woehammer.

But I need your help! Below are all the entries to our competition (without names to remove any possible bias), I’m going to post a poll on Twitter on which model you think deserves to walk away with prize. But you can also vote on your favourites below which will be added to the scores. Vote for that which brings you joy!

Here are the entries:

Cartoon Pin-Up

This model has had the cartoon or cell-shaded method used on it where the artists has lined in black and then painted the areas between. Pulled off to perfection.

Jakkob Bugman XI

This particular artist has been painting for nearly two years now, but has the skills of someone who has been painting for ten times that long. Take a moment to enjoy the bear in the window on the rear of the back pack.

Imperial Fist Captain

An experienced artist who has put every detail into the model with water effects, zenithal highlighting and weathering. There are so many details to see with this model from the chipping on the black trims around the shoulder pads, to the details on the cloak to the water effects on the boots!

Howling Griffons Captain

Another artist who has been painting for only a couple of years and has gone town with an excellent water effects base and glowing power sword. I love the idea of this Captain leading his troops on some kind of water planet scourging the xenos ahead of them.

Calas Typhus

Another experienced artist who took particular care on the base and weathering and lots of wet blending.

Ork Beastsnagga Warboss

A model with rage and violence in abundance, look at all that blood flowing from the sword! With warpaint, a headless primaris and as I mntioned… lots of blood whats not to love about this mini?

Rogue Trader Collection – V

Following on from last week’s post, I’ve not been able to get too much done painting wise. However a couple of pieces have arrived to enable me to do a quick dry fit mock up.

Is this a good layout?

As you can see I’ve had a bear rug delivered from a seller on Etsy (apologies I can’t recall the seller). And I’ve had a name plaque delivered from Versatile Terrain.

I’m more than happy with the name plaque which will get painted up and placed on the side of the plinth once that arrives from Green Stuff World. The bear however….. I’m not as keen on. It feels a little too large for the scene. Especially if I’m going to try and include a wall in the background. Also the print quality isn’t great.

I’m tempted at this stage to remove the rug from the equation.

While I’m here I wanted to give a massive shout out to fellow club member Steve Milford who sold me some metal rogue trader models you see below. But who also threw in some of the lovely plastic original space marines from the RTB1 set. Very generous!

Rogue Trader Imperial Bike – I think this is part of RT106 “Vincent Blackshadow”
Rogue Trader era terminator (I recognise this, but can’t pin point the exact code, it may be slightly later than RT).
I believe this was a Squat from the RT03 set named “Owen Garano” (1987)
RTB1 Marines

So what to do with these? The marines will be stripped and then painted up as Crimson Fists (may need to source a couple of arms and a boltgun). The terminator I’m going to to try and track down what set it belongs to before committing it to a paint scheme, however it may also end up as a Crimson Fist.

The Squat will get painted up and placed on a 25mm scenic base of some sort to wait for the rest of his brothers from that set who’ll then also be displayed on a plinth at some point.

I’m hoping that I’ll have the Imperial Commander sorted by next week (as long as the remaining parts arrive) at which point I can start thinking about which of the models to do next (yeah, it’ll be the land speeder).

Woeful Brush – Painting Competition

There’s only a week to go with our inaugural painting competition the Woeful Brush, sponsored by our friends at SCN Hobby World.

The winner of the competition will walk away with their choice of Combat Patrol or Start Collecting Box. You still have a week to enter as the closing date for entries is 30th November 2021.

To enter, email at least two pictures of your models to thewoehammer@gmail.com. One picture must contain a note with the email address the submission is coming from, this will prove its your own work and not that of someone else.

  • Your chosen model must be on a base no bigger than 50mm in diameter
  • Only one submission per person
  • The miniature can be from any manufacturer not just Games Workshop

Once the submissions close on the 30th November voting will begin on the website and Twitter. Once the voting is over we will contact the winner to congratulate them and ask them for their choice of start collecting or combat patrol box.

What are you waiting for, get your entries in!

Here are the entries we have received so far:


I’ve been obsessed with looking through the hashtag for Armies on Parade in 2021 and I thought I would share some of my favourites.

Rogue Trader Collection IV

This is just a quick update to show the progress on Calgar.

Calgar on his ‘throne’

So Calgar is done, I don’t think there’s anything left on him for me to do. Though I’m sure an eagle eyed reader or even myself will spot something further down the line…..

His marine Guard is nearly finished, he just needs his backpack sorting and some freehand symbols on his pauldron.

The armour stand is also nearly finished. I just need to do some final highlights on the gold. The bolter stand is also nearing completion with the wood completed. I need to highlight the bolter and do some of the metal work.

The base is also completed. I’m just waiting on the miniature fur rug to be delivered and the bricks to replicate the background wall. Once that’s in place I can start glueing the piece together and work on the flag stands against the wall.

The whole thing will then be mounted on a plinth like the one below which will have a metal plate stating the name of the model, it’s code and the year it was produced.

Then I’ll be finished (I think) and work can commence on the Imperial Army Land Speeder.

Let me know what you think, anything you think I can do to improve the model?

My First Solo Game of AoS

So those who have seen my previous articles on Solo Wargaming in the Age of Sigmar will know that I’m developing a card draw system to determine an armies movements and actions on the tabletop. This will allow people to play against an automated army, which is especially good if you can’t find regular opponents or you want to test our your army lists.

The Army Lists

Kharadron Overlords

Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords
Subfaction: Barak-Zilfin
Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
Triumphs: Inspired

Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit (General) (190 pts)
– Command Trait: Grandmaster
– Artefact: Staff of Ocular Optimisation

Arkanaut Frigate (250 pts)
Arkanaut Frigate (250 pts)

Grundstok Gunhauler (155 pts)
Grundstok Gunhauler (155 pts)

Total Points: 1000 pts

Ogor Mawtribes

Allegiance: Ogor Mawtribes
Subfaction: Winterbite
Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
Triumphs: Inspired

Huskard on Stonehorn (General) (340 pts)
– Command Trait: Wintertouched
– Artefact: Frostfang
– Mount Trait: Metalcruncher
Icebrow Hunter (125 pts)

Mournfang Pack (160 pts)
Mournfang Pack (160 pts)
Mournfang Pack (160 pts)

Frost Sabres (55 pts)

Total Points: 1000 pts


The battleplan played was Savage Gains, deployment for the AI units was based on the card shown above. This resulted in a strong right and left flank for the ogors with only the Icebrow Hunter holding the centre objective. To counter this I placed my Gunhaulers and one of the Frigates with the Endrinmaster in the centre (hoping to be able to counter any opening moves from the Ogors).


Kharadron Turn 1

Choosing the Battle Tactic Aggressive Expansion, I started strong with a Frigate moving up my left to claim the left hand objective and a Gunhauler and my other Frigate moving t the right objective. The Frigate on the left managed to get lucky with its sky cannon and completely removed the Frost Sabres turning them into red mist.

Ogors Turn 1

The Ogors drew a tactic card at random and received Ferocious Advance. Following the instructions on the card, the Icebrow Hunter was chosen as unit one while the nearby mournfangs and the Huskard were units two and three respectively.


I then drew cards for each of the AI units and followed their instructions. Unfortunately the three units didn’t quite make it to within three inches of each other and so the Ogors failed the Battle Tactic for that round. The other Mournfang units circled the trees on the right heading for their right hand objective. Luckily for the Ogors they were able to get one of these units within 6″ and so contested the right with my Frigate and Gunhauler. No battle tactic for me after all!

Kharadron Turn 2

Feeling buoyed after the early lead and removing the Sabre Tooth’s I chose the Conquer Battle Tactic, thinking that I could wrestle objective from the hands of the Mournfang.

The Frigate on my right turned to try and take some shots at the Huskard but didn’t hit a single time. The Frigate and the Gunhauler didn’t fair too much better and only removed a single Mournfang meaning that the Ogors still contested the Kharadron left.

Ogors Turn 2

This time the Ogors drew Aggressive Expansion. Both of the objective markers would be the left and right side objectives. I felt fairly confident that the Ogors couldn’t shift my forces this turn.

The Ogors advance and charged and unleashed a world of paint on my poor sky ships! They utterly destroyed the Gunhauler on the right and scored multiple wounds on both Frigates. The only saving grace for me was that as the Ogors are an aggessive army, the Mournfang failed its check to remain near the objective in the centre and instead chose to charge after the Gunhauler on the right.

Ogor Turn 3

With the Ogors winning the initiative, they drew Slay the Warlord as their Battle Tactic.


This turned out very well for them, all the Mournfang Cavalry charged the Frigate on their right and utterly destroyed it and the poor Endrinmaster sat inside! While the Huskard then decide to reduce the other Frigate to a pile of metal. Tactic Achieved, and this only left me a single Gunhauler to mount any defence with. I had little option but to concede the game to the A.I.


The cards worked really well, so well that the A.I. beat me to a pulp and if I had carried on I have no doubt that I would have been tabled eventually. I’m happy with the cards, there are some minor changes I would like to make to some of the wording here and there, but overall a very successful first test.

I’d like to take the opportunity to all those who are helping me playtest this system and feeing their comments back to me:

  • Ed
  • Tony
  • Tom
  • Andy
  • Sarah
  • Matthew
  • William
  • Paul

I’m getting to the stage where I will be able to sell the cards on the website. If you’re interested in purchasing a set of the cards why not fill out the poll below:

Rogue Trader Collection III

So following on from my previous post. Marneus is now completed along with these seat.

Calgar in all his glory

I’ve also started work on an 80mm square base, which will have a wall built up at the back for the flags and Imperial posters.

Eventually it should look a little like the artwork.

I’m in two minds over recreating the Dinosaurs (which I’ve since found out are early Tyranids). But if I were to make them I’d pron use these.

I may have also bought the next model for the collection already….

I’ve purchased the Imperial Army one rather than the Space Marine version. More news on that next week though.

Solo Wargaming for your Favourite Games

I’m in the process of creating a series of Wargaming Aids which allow players to play their favourite games in a single player format against an AI controlled enemy army. To find out more on this click here.

For as little as £1 a month (the price of a chocolate bar) you can help support me in this endeavour and receive cool perks as a thank you, such as access to our Discord Server as well as downloadable copies of the gaming aids which you can print out and use at home.

Why not pop over to Patreon and sign up and help me in this project? Money raised will go towards making these as physical products.

Rogue Trader Collection – Part 2

I’ve started work on the Imperial Commander (Marneus Calgar). Well, I say on the Imperial Commander. All I’ve painted so far is his seat…..

Calgar’s Throne

I decided to go for a marble effect to give myself a little more challenge than the plain stone shown in the original images below.

Original Paint Scheme

I also decided to pick out the Eagle and writing in gold in order to make it stand out. I’m moving on to the gun holder and cloak holders next.

I forgot how nice the old metal models are to paint.

I also still need to sort out the diorama base for him as I would like this to be close to the artwork.