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Leagues of Votann – First Lore

The Warhammer Community has posted the first lore on the League’s of Votann, and so far I like what I’ve read.

Essentially each league revers their own Votann, which is a super computer from the Dark Age of Technology. These super computers do everything for our stout friends and hold a lot of information on technology and tactics etc. They also hold a lot of STC’s (Standard Template Construct).

What’s an STC? No, it’s not a medical condition contracted after a debauched night out. They are technology designs from the Dark Age of Technology. Famous STC’s include the Rhino, Land Raider, Predator and Land Speeder to name but a few.

If the Imperium were aware that the League’s possessed these Super Computers (which they’re not) then there would be hell to pay on two counts at least.

1) The Imperium HATE artificial intelligence, and for the Votann to exist would go against a lot the Imperium believes

2) The Imperium LOVES new STC’s and stops at nothing to find them.

But, there’s always a twist, and it seems in the League’s of Votann’s case it is their reliance on the super computers. Because after tens of thousands of years their memory banks are almost full and tasks that would have taken moments in the past now take hours, days, months or even years to complete. S

So guess what?

The League’s have to find a way to help their grid-like AI friends….

The Art

From Warhammer Community

Here’s the artwork that was posted yesterday. Aside from being a great piece, there is a little information we can take away about their models from this.Th

Those who saw my last post when the Votann were announced will be familiar with my wishlist I think we can tick off one of those items just by looking at this picture.

Hearthguard, yup I think those big fellas at the back with the impressive shoulders are the Hearthguard. After all the main focus looks to be a leader character of some kind, so it would make sense to have his guard nearby.

Just look at their armour as well, doesn’t it remind you of Space Marine power armour? This makes me think I’ll be getting my wish for the 3+ save.

If the models match the artwork I think they’ll look great, but what do you think?

Written Battle Report: Shadowkeepers vs Thousand Sons


At time of playing/writing, Custodes are yet to recieve their well deserved nerfs. This game was an exercise in trying to build a game that would be enjoyable for my opponent, by building weaknesses that he can attack and interact with into the army, without building a completely useless force that neither of us would enjoy. Sadly finding this middle ground is an exercise that I have had to repeat with some regularity lately. This author at least, is waiting for the promised balance dataslate with great hope and anticipation.

That said, going into this battle I set myself some army building ground rules to make sure my opponent has a fun game facing the horrendousness that is the current Custodes book. No Trajann, no bikes outside the single bike captain, and since I have no desire to see my mortal dependent Thousand Son’s opponent cry, no Emperor’s Chosen 4+++ vs mortals.

With that in mind, I built a joint Shadowkeepers and Sisters of Silence force. The further I got into building this list, the more the idea of a Witchseeker force thrown together for an expedition into Thousand Sons controlled space to recover a relic to serve the shadowy agenda of the Shadowkeeper Shield Captain started to appeal to me. So the narrative was born.


  • Leader of the Host: Eorl the Young, Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike, titled the Lockwarden, of Superior Creation, carrying the Stasis Oubliette. Tip of the spear of the offensive against the witches.
  • Unstoppable Destroyer Fëanor, Shield Captain in the Praetorian Plate Terminator Armour, famed for his ironclad Impregnable Mind.
  • Knight Centura Elbereth, Mistress of Persecution, carrying the Excruciatus Flamer.
  • The Centura leads 5 prosecutors, 9 Witchseekers and an Anathema Psykana Rhino to the expeditionary force.
  • 2 squads of Sagittarum Custodes, a lone Allarus Custodian, one squad of Venatari, one squad of Wardens of the Vaults make up the body of the host.
  • When word of the possible presence of Magnus reaches Eorl, he requests the honoured entombed to walk. 4 ancient names answers his call. Elendil and Isildur, Galatus pattern, and Gil-Galad and Elrohir, Achillus pattern will stride the witching world.

Thousand Sons

  • Responding to the hated presence of the null-maidens and the unwelcome tread of auric boots on the witching world, Magnus himself descends to the field.
  • From the mists rise 2 squads of 5 rubric marines and a squad of 10
  • 2 squads of 5 Scarab Occult Terminators grind to their primarch’s side.
  • 10 Tzaangors make their braying appearance
  • Ahriman and 2 sorcerers marshal the Rubricae.


We are playing mission 22 Conversion from the Nachmund 2022 mission pack.


  • Custodes: Assassinate, Stranglehold, Abhor the witch
  • Thousand Sons: Raise Banners, Stranglehold, Psychic Interrogation

Turn 1

We both deployed relatively conservatively, his Terminators and Rubrics in the North outside of the charge range of my dreadnoughts and the pistols of the Venatari. My Witchseekers and Knight Centura start in the rhino. My katah’s are Calistus, Dacatarai, Kaptaris. I won the roll off to go first.

In my command phase I activate the Calistus stance to roll 2D6 drop one for advances. I advance my single allarus terminator onto the middle objective, fly my venatari up to touch the north west objective and advance the other sagittarum squad into the ruins behind them. My south west saggitarum walk up to my home objective to draw a bead on the rubrics opposite. The dreadnoughts, wardens and prosecutors shuffle around so I can keep hiding some infantry pieces to throw out one per turn onto the centre. The achillus dreadnoughts draw lines of sight on the top Scarab squad. I position the north galatus slightly forward of the rest, so I have a closest dreadnought to eat the smites and hopefully absorb a bunch of hate with the 5++ vs mortals strat.

The witchseekers get out of the rhino, get a big six on their advance to flood his south eastern objective. I fully expect them to get slaughtered next turn, but they have 2 very important objectives. Kill the tzaangors to prevent my opponent from gumming up the centre, and shut down his banner. They set up at maximum distance from the Tzaangors, with the Centura right behind to provide her auras. After disembark I throw the rhino forward to hopefully touch the 10 man rubrics and force my opponent to divert some of his central units to deal with the sisters.

The witchseekers immolate the tzaangors utterly, and the Centura picks up 2 rubrics with her Excruciatus flamer. My southern Sagittarum account for one more. On the North Side my sagittarum, Galatus and 2 Achillus dreads manage to pick up 4 rubric marines and 2 scarab terminators. In the charge phase my rhino manages to touch his southern rubrics, and is slapped for 2 wounds as a reward.

In his turn my opponent brings Magnus and his sorcerers forward to deal with the dreadnoughts. I explain the Praetorian Plate counts-as-4-obsec-models-teleporting captain’s shenanigans, which leads to some deliberation on where he wants to commit. He ends up playing fairly cagey, not moving into the middle yet until he’s dealt with my dreadnoughts. Rubrics raise a banner on his home objective. He lines up his middle scarab squad to deal with the witchseekers, and positions Magnus and the 2 sorcerers with lines of sight to my dreadnoughts. I help him measure out to make sure no model is in range of more than 1 sister’s squad debuff, and he keeps his psychic interrogation sorcerer just outside of the terminator captain’s deny.

Now all set to smite the unworthy from his sight, he gets to work. The centre scarab terminators get +1 to hit, the north terminators get -1 to hit and a 4++ invulnerable save. The bottom rubrics smite a couple of wounds off of the rhino. The allarus terminator takes 2 wounds, and after spending a CP to give my Galatus a 5+++ against mortals, a deny on a low smite, and some (un)lucky rolls he takes 4 wounds, down to 5. He tears secrets from the mind of my bike captain for 3 points.

I was expecting to lose at least the Galatus dreadnought here, so I feel quite lucky thus far. He spends CP to power up his central terminators and take aim at the witchseekers. He hands me 9 5+ saves on my 9 sisters. I figure if I make even one or two and force him to commit a bit more here, that would be quite nice.


The rest of his shooting removes the allarus terminator on the central objective and knock another wound off my galatus, 4 remaining.

We both scored 2 on the mission, End of Turn 1, he got 3 on psychic interrogation, I got 3 on stranglehold.

Custodes 5: 5 Thousand Sons.

Turn 2

Time to roll the dice. I get my 8 on primary. I move out most of my forces into the open. If this turn flubs I’m going to be very exposed, smack bang in mortal range of a whole lot of hurt. He does not have whole lot of things standing between me and his characters, and if I get to them I can hopefully cripple his output. The three dreadnoughts in the middle charge forward, one of them getting reroll wounds of 1 from Wisdom of the Moritoi. My prosecutors move into the middle objective to get my stranglehold and to cover his whole northern force in the -1 psychic bubble. My shield captain moves as far forward as he can to give himself options into the characters if I manage to kill the scarabs. Northern sagittarum and Venatari moves into range of the scarabs. The southern Galatus moves forward to have something that can punch his final scarab squad next turn.

The scarabs evaporate in a storm of adrathic and kinetic destroyer fire straight through their layered defenses. The bike captain has free reign now, and puts 6 wounds onto his demon prince thanks to Lockwarden. In the south the knight centura picks up another 2 rubrics. I’m starting to suspect this flamer may actually be good.

The bike captain and the Galatus charges Ahriman, and he gets spitted immediately on the Interceptor lance. The Galatus consolidates into the foot sorcerer. I breathe an immense sigh of relief. Downing Ahriman is huge! I still have nightmares from a game with the 8th ed. Custodes dex, where Ahriman solo took down a full health Telemon straight through his 5++ vs mortals. Not this time Ahriman. This time you can sit down nerd.

I get my 3 stranglehold, 7 on abhor and 3 on assassinate. I’ve done a lot of damage, and taking down Ahriman (one of his main damage dealers) feels big. Now we just need to weather the storm.

He scores 8 on primary. He positions Magnus, the sorcerers and the demon prince to deal with the Galatus and bike captain. His centre scarabs walk up to kill the prosecutors and take the middle. He needs a big psychic phase here, and possibly a big melee phase. I fully expect to lose the captain and the galatus, and hopefully no more than one of the achillus to still be in good shape.

What follows is one of the worst psychic phases I have ever had the (mis)fortune to witness. Through cabal points and copious rerolls the man still managed to perils three times. Fortunately one was on Magnus, who cannot suffer perils of the warp. Between the prosecutors debuff, a very lucky 4+ deny and the impregnable mind captain flexing his rock hard brain, he only managed to reduce the bike captain to a single wound and the galatus to 2. The scarab terminators handily cleared the middle of prosecutors in a hail of inferno fire. (We later determined that he only managed to shoot a single soulreaper volley all game between the 4 guns in the list . He either killed his target with the bolters or lost the wielder before it got to shoot)

My knight centura finally succumbs to the rubrics in the south east.

Fight phase, make or break time.

Magnus charges the Galatus and the captain. The demon prince flies over the swirling melee to land behind the bike captain. The disc sorcerer lends his staff to finally killing the bike captain. Very unhappy with the shifting balance of power in the centre, the praetorian plate captain activates his teleporter to appear between the disc sorcerer and the demon prince.

The bike captain makes Magnus fight last. I’m hopeful of tanking the demon prince in the face, but I have no intention of losing the Galatus and the bike captain to a single model activating before either get to swing.

The demon prince roars and swings and falls flat on his ugly face against the combination of – 1 attack and only wounding on 4’s from arcane generic alchemy. Only 2 saves to make, and the bike captain has no intention of dying to some jumped up blue johnny. He swings back with half of his attacks (Conniving Plate says hi) and eviscerates the demon prince (turns out no invulnerable saves are very good against a 3++ for a turn. Who knew?). Magnus splits his attention between the Galatus and the captain. The captain finally goes down, but – 1 to hit from the Galatus shield, no rerolls from emperors auspice and a very lucky 4++ sees him shrug off the blade of Magnus. He only rolls a 1 on the extra mortals, and the Galatus lives on 1 wound. The sorcerer on disk swings and bounces of the Plate terminator captain. The Galatus puts all his attacks into the sorcerer he piled into the previous turn, reducing him to mist with 12 unsaved damage. The allarus captain decapitates the sorcerer on disk

End of the turn and all is dust. Unfortunately for my opponent, just not the kind that resides in gold and blue armour.

Somehow I ended up doing more damage to him on his own turn. Shadowkeepers are real good guys, especially if your opponent suddenly forgets how to do mortals with his psychic army.

I max out my abhor the witch in a single turn, go up to 12 on assassinate. My opponent got his 3 on psychic interrogation and 3 on stranglehold. We both got 2 on the mission. After the dust has settled (hehe) I scored 40 points this turn. Abhor the witch is totally a fair and balanced secondary, nothing to see here.

Custodes 45 : 22 Thousand sons

Turn 3

We roll out the fight vs Magnus and the terminators in the middle to see if any magic happen, but at this point the writing is on the wall. We both put our armies out there to go for the back breaking turn, but my back is only very lightly bruised.

Final score Custodes 100 : 62 Thousand Sons

Elrohir the Achillus puts his spear through the heart of the demon primarch, earning a name on his first outing as part of my army. The last scarabs are overwhelmed. The Shadowkeepers walk tactically victorious from the field, but with Eorl the Young severely wounded, and his entire sisters contingent dead, dying or otherwise incapacitated the Shield host’s strategic goals have been stymied. For now…

Tale of Painters – March 22′

March is out of the way, so it’s time to look at how we’ve all got on at Woehammer with our respective goals and painting pledges this month.

In alphabetical order let’s start with…..

Dave (@hamsfan)

Peter: Dave’s made a rather sinister looking chariot for his Slaves to Darkness. I love the snow bases Dave goes for with pops of static grass and flowers. The colour scheme is great and I can’t wait to see Dave’s army in the flesh.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A4Unit of 2+ Models (Warhammer 40K)Heavy Weapons Team
C2Vehicle of Monster (Warhammer 40K)Basilisk
C3Any Model (Any System)Chariot
E3Fortification of Scenery (Age of Sigmar)Temple

So that brings Dave up to 40 points for the year with all four at the Expert Level.

Declan (@declanandeeyore)

Peter: I said you’d been busy last month when you had finished three units, now you’ve gone and smashed that with 9 units this month! That’s an incredible pace and great quality to go with it. It was a shame I never got to use the Kruleboyz you painted up at Burning Skies. The Genestealer pose always makes me think he’s replicating the smart GIF, love it!

You’ve also managed to paint the great pile of horsemeat Kragnos up as well in the same month, that’s a massive boxed ticked for th e Bingo card. Well done, he looks great! I especially love the bronze metal.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A1Hero or Character (Warhammer 40K)Broodlord
A2Unit of 5+ Models (Age of Sigmar)Man-Skewer Boltboyz
A4Unit of 2+ Models (Warhammer 40k)Big Stabba
B1Fortification or Scenery (Warhammer 40K)Sector Mechanicus
B2Unit of 2+ Models (Age of Sigmar)Big Stabba
C1Hero or Character (Age of Sigmar)Killaboss with Stab-Grot
C3Any Model (Any System)Warmaster Squigs
C4Unit of 5+ Models (Kill Team)Termagaunts
C5Hero or Character (Age of Sigmar)Murknob with Belcha-Banna
D1Kitbashed Model (Age of Sigmar)Big Stabba
D2Unit of 2+ Models (Age of Sigmar)Man-Skewer Boltboyz
E1Lord of War or Behemoth (AoS)Kragnos

This brings Declan to 120 points and 11 at Expert Level.

Ed (@Dreadmund)

Peter: Ed has been working on some scenery for AoS. I’m in awe of anyone who can sculpt, these nurgle pustules look disgusting, great job!

Peter (@woehammer)

MonthModels Painted/SoldModels Acquired/BoughtMonths Total
Jan638+32 Unpainted
Feb2513-12 Unpainted
Mar10-10 Unpainted

Peter: Not much for me this month as life got in the way of hobby! But I’ve maintained one of my goals this month which is to paint more than I bought!

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A3Unit of 10+ Models (AoS)Hobgrots
B2Unit of 2+ Models (AoS)Man-Skewer Boltboyz
B4Vehicle or Monster (AoS)Swampboss Skummdrekk
B5Unit of 10+ Models (AoS)Hobgrots
C1Hero or Character (AoS)Swampcalla Shaman
C3Any Model (Any System)Beast-Skewer Killbow
D2Unit of 2+ Models (Underworlds)Rippa’s Snarlfangs
E4Hero or Character (Warhammer 40K)Marneus Calgar

That brings me to 80 points and 8 Expert Level goals completed.

Rhys (@RhysSallabanks)

Peter: Rhys has been cracking on with his flesh-eater courts this month, and don’t they look great! That Ghoul is painted up to an expert standard and considering Rhys has only been painting for a couple of years its incredible, he’s like a miniature painter who’s been painting for 40!


Peter: Ryan has been playing around with LED’s in his scenery this month and I think this only adds to what is already a superbly finished piece.

Steve (@Milford_Steve)

Peter: Steve has been busy once more, tying to get his Crimson Fists company completed. I absolutely love the Space Marine Ancient who is a copy of the space Marine holding an Ork head on the cover of Rogue Trader. Steve, like Declan can power through a pile of models in no time. I’d love to know what both of their back logs look like.


Peter: Tony has finished of the Crimson Court, and they really look the part in that scenery, the skin just screams vampire and the red armour contrasts nicely!

He’s also done some non- metallic gold on his Steelheart’s Champions for underworlds. Look at that sword!

Will (@WillHolley6)

Peter: Will has done a fantastic job of these OBR. I always like Red and cream as a combo and they are set off nicely by their red earth basing. They’ll look great en masse in an army. Will has also started some “Wet Elves”, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the unit.

Leagues of Votann – A Wish List

29 years.

That’s how long a lot of people, including myself, have had to wait for this announcement.

Yes, they’ve had a (understandable) name change, but they’re still the same Space Dwarfs we know and love.

The model looks great too! This particular fellow is just a lowly trooper so I’m looking forward to what the rest of the army looks like.

Everyone who’s waited has a wishlist for the models and rules, so I thought I would cover a few of my own…

Armour Save (3+)

Hear me out. I suspect we’ll get given 4+ but fluff-wise and by the looks of the trooper a 3+ is believable. Lore wise these chaps came out of the Age of Strife with more tech than the rest of Humankind, so while Humans have their power armour surely the Leagues will have their own?


I’d like to see the Trikes come back but maybe not in such a Hell’s Angels vibe or in such numbers as their last iteration. Perhaps as an equivalent of Space Marine outriders.


I can imagine some tasty rules where units of Space Dwarfs are deployed by tunnelling machines behind enemy lines. Much like the Astra Militarum Termites. The Squats in Epic 40k had them….

Overlord Airship

You may remember this from Epic 40k, wouldn’t it be cool to have this as a Lord of War option?

Melee Specialists

Rather than making them expert marksmen, I’d rather have these guys as CC experts with rapid deployment options.


I’d have no problem with these being combined into a single unit as long as they look decent. Possibly with some tasty power axes and a 2+ save.

There you have it, that’s my wish list. What would you add to this?

The following have been added from comments on Twitter and below

Tyranid Hunters

A Xenos Hunter unit with bonuses versus Tyranids, or at least a subfaction with something like that.

Teleport Unit

Something on a slow tracked vehicle that can teleport an infantry unit a turn in LoS so playing infantry heavy is viable but a risk.

Mole Mortars

Probably with a negative movement effect on affected units
Some sort of orbital bombardment mechanic, probably triggered by a trike s
A Leviathan Lord of war<br />
In Epic, squats had Rhinos but it would be nice if they had a different transport (or maybe none and they rely purely on trikes and teleport effects from slow vehicles).<br />
Everyone to start calling them Sporfs.</p>

Tale of Painters – February 21′

February is out of the way already, so it’s time to look at how we’ve all got on at Woehammer with our respective goals and painting pledges this month.

In alphabetical order let’s start with…..

Dave (@hamsfan)

Peter: Dave’s smashed another one of the harder to get ones with Scenery piece for Age of Sigmar. What a piece, absolutely love the dark stone look with this one. Who doesn’t love some heavy weapons team, Lovely mix of two mortars and an Autocannon here, they look just like they’re in the thick of the action.

Declan: Dave has managed to do what I really struggle with – actually getting paint on Imperial Guard / Astra Miliatarum. These guys look like they’ve been in a fight… until you zoom in and get a suprise! The scenery is lovely and dark with lots of blood included. Dave has managed to walk the tight-rope between scenery that looks good, but won’t overshadow the toy-soldiers.

Dave: Some quick and dirty painting on the Guard, I’ve many to do but I’m pleased to get these done. I’ll definitely be using these in a lot of my lists in one form or another. I had the terrain for ages, it’s painted simply but will be great for AoS games. Happy with my progress so far, I’m working on my Minotaur this month but might do a bit of AoS for a break too.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A4Unit of 2+ Models (Warhammer 40K)Heavy Weapons Team
C2Vehicle of Monster (Warhammer 40K)Basilisk
E3Fortification of Scenery (Age of Sigmar)Temple

So that brings Dave up to 30 points for the year with all three at the Expert Level.

Declan (@declanandeeyore)

Peter: You’ve been very busy this month Declan! Three units finished and I love your kitbashed Big Stabbas. Your Termagaunts really stand out and you have got the orange and blue scheme down to perfection now, have you got a hivefleet name for them?

Declan: Cheers for the kind words Peter; I hadn’t considered a Hive Fleet name as they were painted for Kill Team but it’s a great call. I’ll do some reading to get some inspiration. Although I haven’t finished a lot of models this month, I’ve still managed to get three Hobby boxes finished including the ‘Kitbashed’ one which I struggling to think what to do. Fortunately the Big Stabbas for my Big Waaagh came to my rescue. 4 out of 25 in 2 months also puts me roughly on target so looking good although there’s some larger units and even some Behemoths to go… so lots to do still!

March will hopefully see me finishing some Napoleonic British and keeping my hand in on my Tyranid / Genestealer colour scheme. I’ve also got a Warmaster Tournament and I may get some Squigs painted to augment my Goblin army.

Dave: Great to see the Bonesplitterz, they look excellent too. As Pete says, the kitbashed ones are really fun. You’ve timed the Tyranids beautifully if you’re planning on picking up the new 40k codex! 

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
B1Fortification or Scenery (Warhammer 40K)Sector Mechanicus
B2Unit of 2+ Models (Age of Sigmar)Big Stabba
C4Unit of 5+ Models (Kill Team)Termagaunts
D1Kitbashed Model (Age of Sigmar)Big Stabba

This brings Declan to 40 points and all at Expert Level.

Peter (@woehammer)

MonthModels Painted/SoldModels Acquired/BoughtMonths Total
Jan638+32 Unpainted
Feb2513-12 Unpainted

Peter: This is the first month in a while where I’ve managed to paint more than I’ve bought! This includes 10 Necron Warriors that I sold on fleabay this month. I’m over the moon at my progress and have never painted this much in a month before.

Declan: Wow… wow… wow! Peter’s still on fire and whilst he couldn’t get to our small tournament recently he’s definitely on target for the weekend shortly. His Kruleboyz are going to be shooting the enemy to another life. I really like the scheme here – dark and dank models are difficult to do and Peter’s really nailed it. I can’t wait to see the finished Kruleboyz army in the flesh.

Dave: You’ve got loads done! These will look great as you pick them up off the table at Burning Skies  🙂 I’m a pretty slow painter, I’m very impressed with the speed and quality you’ve achieved.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A3Unit of 10+ Models (AoS)Hobgrots
B2Unit of 2+ Models (AoS)Man-Skewer Boltboyz
B4Vehicle or Monster (AoS)Swampboss Skummdrekk
C1Hero or Character (AoS)Swampcalla Shaman
C3Any Model (Any System)Beast-Skewer Killbow
D2Unit of 2+ Models (Underworlds)Rippa’s Snarlfangs
E4Hero or Character (Warhammer 40K)Marneus Calgar

That brings me to 70 points and 7 Expert Level goals completed.

Other Members

This month we’ve also included some of the other guys who were willing to of share some of their pictures.


Peter: Steve just joined the crew this last month and has been sharing some of his pictures of his Crimson Fists. He’s building an entire company of them, and they look absolutely awesome!

Declan: How many Weapons does this Impulsor Tank need? It’s got them all and a neat and tidy base to finish it off. The Crimson fists colours obviously work together (I love red & blue armies), and this is no exception. The blue on the Plasma is also nicely done, and something I struggled with last year on the Thermic Generators.

Dave: Almost a great Ultramarine tank but you slipped a bit with the red. Seriously, this is really well done and cleanly painted.


Peter: Like Steve, Tony is a new member of the Woehammer crew and back in January painted these stunning Stormcast flappy birds! The skin on these alone must have taken hours upon hours. True talent on display both with Steve and Tony.

Declan: Dragons… but not the small ones – Tony has gone for the big guys here. Krondys (blue) and Karazai (Red) are looking great in traditional dragon poses. The wings are painted in a more realistic tone than is ususally shown, which matches nicely with the chests and really ties these together – they definitely belong in the same army.

Dave: Skar and Mufasa are both great models and Tony has done a brilliant job on them. Hopefully he and Steve will start bingo cards too!

Tale of Painters – January 21′

The first month of the year is out of the way already, so it’s time to look at how we’ve all got on at Woehammer with our respective goals and painting pledges this month.

In alphabetical order let’s start with…..

Dave (@hamsfan)

It’s because of Dave that both Declan and I are doing the hobby bingo this year. Dave has started out with a large model in the form of a Basilisk for his Renegades & Heretics army.

Peter: I love the webbing on this miniature and the weathering overall. It really looks like its been based near the front for some time now.

Declan: There’s some great work here – first it’s a lovely cleanly painted tank, and with the addition of the netting and the weathering on the barrels this is a great addition to any Astra Militarum army!

Dave: Thanks guys, unfortunately being painted didn’t make it shoot any better in my last game! I’m umming and aahing on my next bingo square so I guess we will see!

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
C2Vehicle or Monster (Warhammer 40k)Basilisk

So that’s 10 points for Dave right off the bat, and one of the larger models/boxes ticked off already!

Declan (@declanandeeyore)

Declan also has managed to get one of the harder boxes out of the way, ticking off his scenery for Warhammer 40k. Declan had a number of other goals he was also hoping to complete this year. How is he doing?

Peter: Declan is one of those hobbyists I’ll always be jealous off! He can crank out painted miniatures at a fantastic rate and they look great when they’re finished! Something like this would have taken me a couple of months to do!

Declan: Cheers to Peter for his kind words… I love this kit and have written a full article on it already! As Peter has aluded to above I have some other Hobby Goals as well. The good news (for me) is that I’ve managed to tick off 50% of one of the aims already – I’ve finished 4-1 in my first tournament of the year. One of my aims was to get two 4-1s so thats a great start. I’ve also got 3 games of Warmaster played… so a great start to the year and the Hobby. I’ll need to get going to get more of the Bingo sheet completed though.

Dave: I’m not sure if this 40k or part of Declan’s homebrew kit but I like it. I’ve just started playing ninth edition so it’s all a bit confusing for me but this looks cool.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
B1Fortification or Scenery (Warhammer 40K)Sector Mechanicus

Also 10 points and an Expert Level goal ticked off for Declan.

Peter (@woehammer)

I’ve been hard at work this month trying to get my Kruleboyz force painted up in time for Burning Skies on March 26th. So I’ve managed to produce Rippa’s Snarlfangs and the Swampcalla Shaman for that. I also managed to finish off my first Rogue Trader model in the form of Marneus Calgar.

As an added goal this year, I wanted to try and reduce the number of unpainted models in my collection. So my months summary is:

Models Painted/SoldModels Acquired/BoughtMonths Total
638+32 Unpainted

Plus Dave has mentioned that he has some old Dwarfs he’s looking to sell……

Peter: I’m quite proud that I was able to get this lot finished this month, it meant reducing the quality of the Snarlfangs slightly, but I can always revisit them in the future if I need to.

Declan: Peter’s leaving us all in his shadow here with 3 boxes ticked off and the lovely Rogue Trader diamora finished. I’ll take credit for Rippa’s being in his Kruleboyz list and wish Peter luck in finishing off an army. It’ll be great to see it all finished. I think the yellow on the Kruleboyz is a great call and the Shaman and Pot Grot are looking like real killers!

Dave: Pete’s diorama looks excellent and I’m pleased to see him painting the best marines there are, especially as it’s Marneus Calgar – the spiritual liege of all marines everywhere. Rippa and the snarlfangs may sound like an awful college punk band but they look great. I actually disliked the Kruleboyz when they came out but I like what Pete has done with them.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
C1Hero or Character (AoS)Swampcalla Shaman
D2Unit of 2+ Models (Underworlds)Rippa’s Snarlfangs
E4Hero or Character (Warhammer 40K)Marneus Calgar

That brings me to 30 points and 3 Expert Level goals completed.

Hopefully we’ll continue this each month to let you know how we do with our goals.

What is Warhammer 40,000?

There is no time for peace. No forgiveness. No respite. There is only war.

The galaxy writhes in the mailed fist of all-consuming conflict. The Imperium of Mankind teeters on the brink of annihilation, beset upon all sides by heretic warlords, daemon-summoning witches and rapacious alien empires. In every star system and upon every planet, fierce battle rages as loyalists, heretics and aliens tear reality itself apart in their war for dominance. Every day the flames rise higher.

This is a more terrible era than ever before, and there is no peace amongst the stars…

It had been given a rating of 7.8 on BoardGameGeek from 200+ ratings

StrikingScorpion82 has produced an excellent Guide and Playthrough of Warhammer 40k. Striking Scorpion is a fantastic channel with no end of tactics videos, battle reports and reviews. Give them a Sub!

As this is a Games Workshop game there are tonnes of resources to expand your game and your gaming experience of Warhammer 40k. It even has its own App on the iStore and PlayStore.

Fancy having a go? Why not pick up a Combat Patrol box from SCN Hobby World at 20% off.

— Peter

Combat Patrol: Space Wolves – Beginners 1,000 Point Starter Army

Today we’re looking at the Space Wolves Combat Patrol box, continuing our series of 1,000 point start armies using the Combat Patrol boxes as our base, and hopefully going someway to fulfilling my pledge I made last week.

Combat Patrol Beginners Armies
Adeptus Sororitas
Blood Angels

Combat Patrol Space Wolves

Like the other boxes the Combat Patrol box is filled with goodies and makes for fantastic savings when you’re starting out in collecting an army for 40k.

Inside the box you get:

Space Wolves Primaris Lieutenant (£17.50)
– this Lieutenant is only available in this boxed set
5x Reivers (Can also be built as Hounds of Morkai) (£27.50)
10x Intercessors (£35)
1x Invictor Warsuit (£37.50)
2x Space Wolves Upgrade Sprues (£18)

That’s a total of £135.50 if you were buying these kits serparately, meaning you get a saving of £50.50.

It has been pointed out by veteran Space Wolf players however, that this boxed set may not be the best place to start your collection. Instead, they suggest the Blood Angels Combat Patrol box*. But that’s not our challenge, so today we’re going to start with the Space Wolves Combat Patrol box.

To add to this boxed set, we’re going to add two units that are unique to the Space Wolves.

Wulfen (£35)
Stormwolf (£50)

Meaning that the total army including Codex: Space Marines and the Codex Supplement: Space Wolves comes to a total of £217.50.

However, remember that if you email Sarah at and ask to go on her mailing list, you can get 25% off Games Workshop products. Meaning the whole lot including the books will cost you just £163!

Here’s our final 1,000 point list.

Primaris Lieutenant (General) (80pts)*
– Special Issue Bolt Carbine & Master-Crafted Power Axe
– Warrior of Legend (-1CP)
– Command Traits: Warrior Born & Resolve of the Bear

5x Intercessors (110pts)*
– 4x Auto Bolt-Rifles, 1x Astartes Grenade Launcher
– Sergeant: Plasma Pistol & Astartes Chainsword
5x Intercessors (110pts)*
Auto Bolt-Rifles, 1x Astartes Grenade Launcher
– Sergeant: Plasma Pistol & Astartes Chainsword

5x Hounds of Morkai (110pts)*
– Combat Knives and Special Issue Bolt Pistols
1x Invictor Tactical Warsuit (160pts)*
– Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Twin Ironhail Autocannon, Invictor Fist & Twin Ironhail Heavy Stubber
6x Wulfen (147pts)*
– Pack Leader: Wulfen Frost Claws
– 2x Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
– 2x Wulfen Claws

Stormwolf (280pts)*
– Lascannon, Skyhammer Missile Launcher, Twin Hellfrost Cannon

*Vanguard Detachment*Interestingly, Blood Angels players recommend the Dark Angels Combat Patrol box for their own force.


Space Wolf Lieutenant

We’ve forgone a lot of HQ choices to allow us to get the Wulfen and Stormwolf in the list to add the fast punch the army needs. That said, it means that this small squishy lieutenant will be the warlord and so will need to be protected. Place him with your Intercessors to allow him to buff them with re-rolling 1’s on attack rolls.

If he does suffer any wounds then you can always use Healing Balms for 1CP at the end of the movement phase to heal D3 wounds back. To give him some extra staying power makes he has the Warrior of Legend Stratagem attached to him giving him two Command Traits, then make one of those command traits Resolve of the Bear. this will give him a 6+ invulnerable save and prevents enemy attacks against him from re-rolling their wound rolls or damage rolls.

For his second command trait, equip him with Warrior Born, that way if he does find himself in combat he’ll always fight first that phase.


Primaris Intercesssors

With the Space Wolves, they’re a very aggressive army and love to get stuck in , in the fight phase. Bearing that in mind it’s probably best to equip your intercessors with Auto-Bolt Rifles, giving them Assault 3. This means they can fire off three shots each in the shooting phase and still charge. Plus if you use the Stratagem Rapid Fire, they can all shoot again. This is particularly good if you decide to run them as a large squad of 10 instead of two groups of five.

You can also give on of these units the Stratagem Cunning of the Wolf for 1CP, used during the deployment phase, it’ll give them the outflank ability allowing them to come in on one of your movement phases 6″ away from any table edge and 9″ away from the enemy. Even better to get them stuck in sooner.

If you are wanting to charge and you’re not in Assault Doctrine, you can spend 1CP on Bestial Nature which then treats the unit as if it is in Assault Doctrine. This is good for the Wolves as it means they’ll benefit from their Savage Fury detachment rule meaning that each roll to hit of 6 in melee will score an additional hit.


Super-powered Reivers!

With a grapnel launcher equipped as standard this unit already benefits from the outflank ability that you can purchase through the use of Stratagems for your other core units. They’re a good anti-psyker unit too! If they’re the closest enemy unit to a Psyker, then that Psyker will have to target them with any Psychic powers, while also suffering from -1 on any psychic tests that they take if they’re within 18″ of the Hounds of Morkai, or -2 if they’re within 6″. Plus, the Hounds of Morkai get to add 1 to their hit rolls and 1 to their damage rolls if they’re targeting a Psyker.

If you’re using a mission which has the Strategic Reserves rule and you’re more than 6″ away from an enemy, then you can spend 1CP on the stratagem Guerilla Tactics, to place them in reserve. You can then set them in the following turn using the outflank ability once more.


This and your Stormwolf make up the ant-armour elements of your army. With the Twin Ironhail autocannon this walker can take on a lot of the lighter vehicles in the game and take a wound or two of larger tanks as well.

Also good at getting into combat with vehicles and using its 4 attacks at S14 to smash most tanks to pieces. With its Concealed Positions rule, you can set this up at the start of the game 9″ away from the enemy deployment zone and enemy models to help do just that!


Crazy Boys

Shove these inside your Stormwolf fly them up the table then drop them in amongst the enemy lines and watch your opponent panic. Give a couple Thunder Hammer and shields that way if they’re targeted you can use their 2+ saves against small arms fire and their 4+ save against heavier weapons. This will give them a bit more survivability when you need it.

They’re always treated as being in the Combat Assault doctrine and so will always benefit from Savage Fury as described earlier.


The Stormwolf will have two roles inside out list, the first is it makes a perfect transport to move the Wulfen around the table. The second role it can perform is as an anti-vehicle unit. With its powerful strength 9 lascannon and strength 7 Skyhammer Missile Launcher it can dish out some serious wounds on most light armoured vehicles in a single turn. As it can fly your opponent is going to subtract 1 from their hit rolls that target it as well.


Well once you’ve got that lot painted and have a few games under your belt, you may want to think about another HQ unit at the very least. Bjorn the Fell-handed could be good for this, or any of the other great Space Wolf special characters. Even if you choose not to get Bjorn, perhaps consider purchasing a Wulfen Dreadnought…….

I hope you enjoyed this, please let me know in the comments below how you would build a 1,000 point list from the Combat Patrol Box and why not also let me know what you think to my list. There may well be aspects of the codex or units that I have not included that you think should be, so why not let us know in the comments below.


Oldhammer Collection 26/01/22

Some of the keen eyed amongst you will have already noticed the name change in the series from Rogue Trader Collection to Oldhammer Collection. Why is this? The answer, is fairly simple. I have no self control!

When a friend at the club says “I’ve a load of old eighties Dwarfs I want to sell”. The first words out of my mouth are “How much?!”. Yes, my name’s Peter and I’m a miniature toy soldier addict!

So which Dwarfs have I purchased?

These bad boys.

And these bad boys…..

AND these very bad boys!

So instead of reducing my pile of shame I appear to just be adding to it this month.

That being said, I can knock one model off that list as complete….

Yup, Marneus is finally finished!

Now to start looking at the Rogue Trader Space Marine Squad. I have to add a massive thank you here, as I originally had just eight of the marines from RTB01. But thanks to the legend that is Planet Oldhammer I now have a complete squad, as he very kindly sent me two more figures (the sergeant and another marine) as well as a few missing arms and weapons that I needed!

Also, a few of you on twitter took to the polls to decide which Chapter I should paint any Space Marines for Rogue Trader in, and I’m pleased to tell you the winner is the Crimson Fists. Nothing shouts Rogue Trader like the Crimson Fists! It was a close run thing between them and the Rainbow Warriors.

Space Marine Colour Schemes

Some time ago, I spent a considerable amount of time playing with impact. For those who don’t know Impact allows you to digitally paint models to test colour schemes for projects.

As such I ended up recreating and creating tonnes of Space Marine liveries for both cannon chapters and non-cannon chapters. This process eventually allowed me to create my own home brew Space Marine Chapter the Void Dragons.

But, I thought rather than deleting all that hard work or just leaving it on Pinterest where it won’t be used, why not share them with you. That way, you can view the colour schemes I’ve already made and pick one for your own Chapter should you wish….. Enjoy!