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Space Marine Colour Schemes

Some time ago, I spent a considerable amount of time playing with impact. For those who don’t know Impact allows you to digitally paint models to test colour schemes for projects.

As such I ended up recreating and creating tonnes of Space Marine liveries for both cannon chapters and non-cannon chapters. This process eventually allowed me to create my own home brew Space Marine Chapter the Void Dragons.

But, I thought rather than deleting all that hard work or just leaving it on Pinterest where it won’t be used, why not share them with you. That way, you can view the colour schemes I’ve already made and pick one for your own Chapter should you wish….. Enjoy!

Combat Patrol: Orks – Beginners 1,000 Point Army

Following the success of the first two articles in this series on the Sisters of Battle and the Blood Angels, I decided to write another, this time on everyone’s favourite xenos, the Orks. So like the last two lists our only rule is that we have to start with the Combat Patrol box and then build this up to 1,000 points that will hopefully prove to be a fun introduction to what I think is the most characterful of xenos armies.

The combat patrol box is packed with goodies and like the other factions they’re a fantastic way to start a new army as they often give you a wide range of units.

Combat Patrol: Orks

In the Orks Combat Patrol box you’re given;

  • Ork Warboss in Mega Amour
  • 20x Ork Boyz
  • 3x Deffkoptas
  • 1x Deff Dread

All of that for £85, which is bought separately would cost roughly £150.

On top of this we’ll add the following units;

This will cost you an additional £168, alongside the cost of the Codex (£30) the entire army will set you back £283!

However! If you sign up for SCN Hobbies mailing list you’ll receive 25% off Games Workshops recommended retail price and 15% off web only miniatures. Meaning including postage the army and codex would cost £220! That’s a saving of just over £60!

To sign up to the SCN Hobbies mailing list, email Sarah on scnhobbyworld@outlook.com.

This combat patrol can be used as a basis for virtually any of the Ork klans, so today we’re just going to make a generic list that should be suitable for anyone (though Evil Sunz and Deathskullz are likely to gain more out of it).

The list above brings us with upgrades to 1,000 points and the list will be as follows;


Warboss in Mega Armour (Warlord) – 115 pts
‘Uge Choppa & Big Shoota
– Command Trait: Big Gob
– Trukkboyz

Weirdboy – 70 pts
– Power of the Waaagh!: Da Krunch & Da Jump


Boyz – 95 pts
– 9x Boyz: Slugga & Choppa
– Boss Nob: Big Choppa & Slugga
– Trukkboyz Mob

Boyz – 95 pts
– 9x Boyz: Slugga & Choppa
– Boss Nob: Big Choppa & Slugga


Meganobz – 105 pts
– 2x Meganobz: Kustom Shoota, Power Klaw
– Boss Meganob: Kustom Shoota, Power Klaw


Deffkoptas – 150 pts
– 3x Deffkoptas

Warbikers – 130 pts
– 4x Warbiker: Dakkaguns and Choppa
– Boss Nob: Big Choppa


Deff Dread – 85 pts
4x Dread Klaw
Deff Dread – 85 pts
4x Dread Klaw


Trukk – 70 pts



This chap is truly a beast! 5 attacks in melee, hitting on 2+ at strength 9, this dude can hit marines on 2+ and then wound them on 2+ giving them only a 6+ chance to save. Flat two damage means he’ll likely kill at least three marines in combat.

On top of that if you make sure your boyz are within 6″ of him, when in combat they’ll benefit from a +1 on their hit rolls in combat.

Give him the Trukkboyz Specialist mob rule, it’ll mean he can disembark even if the Trukk makes a normal move and it’ll add +1 to his ranged attacks hit roll while shooting from the trukk.

With Tellyporta, you also have the option of setting him up in reserve and bringing him on later…. But perhaps consider saving this for a unit we’ll look at later.


While not bad in combat himself, this guys true power comes from his Waaagh Powers. Equip him with Da Jump and you’ll be able to move any of your core units such as your Boyz anywhere on the battlefield 9″ away from the enemy, and considering we’ve gone for a fast list which should be charging up to the enemy as quickly as possible, this power ties in perfectly with that.

Your second power could be Da Krunch which if any enemy units stray to close to the Weirdboy he’ll be able to roll a D6 for each model causing mortals on 6’s.


Your common Ork is a CC specialist and in our army where speed and being in the enemies grill is top priority these boyz will do you proud. With two attacks base increasing to three due to their Choppas a single unit of 10 can push out 31 attacks in close combat which hit on 3’s (or 2’s if near your Warboss). If you choose to run your army as Goffs then these boyz will score additional hits on unmodified hit rolls of 5+ instead of 6+ if you use the Unbridled Carnage stratagem for 2CP.

Either place them in your Trukk and give them the Trukkboyz specialist mob rule, and then bomb them up the field or have them sit with your Weirdboy who can Da Jump them near to their target.


This unit with their Power Klaws mean they can chew through a lot of the enemies heavy armour. With Strength 10 in combat and AP-3 with flat 2 damage throw them against tanks and watch them krump.

You can increase this damage to three with the stratagem Hit ‘Em Harder, which if you take averages into account means you should be causing 9 wounds to things like Space Marine Rhinos and the like.

Again, because their Core, if they’re within 6″ of the Warboss they’ll gain a +1 on their to hit roll in combat meaning that you negate the -1 to hit for having power klaws.

You can equip these with a Tellyporta as well should you wish, allowing you to deploy them anywhere 9″ away from the enemy,


These boyz are fast with a movement of 14″ they close towards enemy tanks fire their rockets and cause some serious damage early in the game. Their rockets are 24″ range with 2D3 shots, strength 8 and AP-2, doing D3 damage per hit. Great for taking out heavier infantry from further away and staying out of range of the enemies small arms fire. Also can be used to quickly claim any objectives should the need arise. lend themselves perfectly to our fast moving army, giving it some punch from further away.

If they do get caught in combat, each Kopta will be able make 6 attacks thanks to its Spinnin’ blades. However, they’re only hitting on 3’s and hit at strength 5, -1AP and doing 1 damage each. Try and avoid combat with them unless you feel confident you can win.

With Swoopin’ Down these boys can also be set up off the table before the game begins coming down in a movement phase at least 9″ away from the enemy. Good for dropping in and using the rockets to blast away at a valuable target.

If you choose Speed Freaks then there’s various options of stratagems for these as well with possibly the best being Attack Out O’ Da Sun, allowing them to be removed at the end of the turn for 2CP and placed anywhere on the battlefield 9″ away from the enemy in your next movement phase. This also effectively removes the chance for the enemy to shoot and target them for a turn.


Warbikers are a great all round unit for shooting and combat. With each bike having two Dakkaguns they have the potential to kick out 25 shots for the five bikes if they’re within 9″ of the enemy. Even if they’re not they’ll still be able to shoot 15 times! Great for taking out lightly armed units such as Guard.

In combat the Warbikers will make two attacks each (three attacks each if they have Choppas)though don’t expect them to cause too much damage unless you have taken them as Speed Freaks.

This unit is ideal for harassing the enemy and taking wounds off here and there.


This guy can really be turned into a CC beast, and you’ve got two of them to play with! Give them both four Dread Klaws and they’ll generate seven attacks each in melee. These are at Strength 10, -3 AP and doing 3 damage each. They’ll chew through most things the enemy can put up against them.

They’re tough as well with toughness 7, 8 wounds each and a 3+ save, the enemy will need to pour some time and effort into getting rid of these, meaning they’re not shooting at your boyz or meganobz……

when you do charge with these make sure to use Ramming Speed for 2CP as it’ll give 3D6 for your charge roll and on a 2+ cause D3 mortal wounds to an enemy within engagement range.

To get them up the field really quick, keep the deff dreads in reserve and then use the Tellyporta stratagem that we discussed earlier and all they’ll be able to deploy 9″ away from an enemy in the movement phase. That’ll terrify most players.


The trusty Ork Trukk, place one of your units of boyz in here and they’ll be able to shoot from it as its open topped. It’ll be able to take 12 infantry models or one unit of ten boyz and your Warboss…. just to get them up the field quicker.

Remember that the Trukk is Ramshackle as well meaning anything up to strength 7 that targets it will have to subtract one from its damage characteristic.


If you like close combat, then this army list is for you. It’s ideally suited to get up the table quickly and charging as soon as possible. Be as aggressive as possible with this list and you should have a lot of fun.


The sky’s the limit. Which Kultur do you want to go with, Evil Sunz? Get more vehicles. Goffs? Get more boyz. Deathskulls? Get some lootas.

I hope you enjoyed this, please let me know in the comments below how you would build a 1,000 point list from the Combat Patrol Box and why not also let me know what you think to my list. There may well be aspects of the codex or units that I have not included that you think should be, so why not let us know in the comments below.



Combat Patrol: Blood Angels – Beginners 1,000 Point Starter Army

Following the success of the first article in this series on the Sisters of Battle, I decided to dip my foot in and attempt another. This time on my own favourite army the Blood Angels. So like last time we’re going to start with the Combat Patrol box and then build this up to 1,000 points that will hopefully prove to be a fun introduction to what I think is the most characterful of Space Marine armies.

The combat patrol box is packed with goodies and like the other factions they’re a fantastic way to start a new army as they often give you a wide range of units.

Combat Patrol: Blood Angels

In the Blood Angel Combat Patrol box you’re given;

  • Primaris Librarian
  • 5x Incursors
  • 5x Intercessors
  • 3x Aggressors
  • Impulsor
  • 2x Blood Angel upgrade frames

All of that for £85, which is bought separately would cost roughly £150.

On top of this we’ll add the following units;

  • Sanguinary Guard (2 packs) £60
  • Space Marine Captain (Free!) – you can kitbash one from the upgrade sprue and Sanguinary Guard.

This will cost you an additional £60, alongside the cost of the Codex (£30) and Blood Angel Supplement (£17.50) the entire army will set you back £192.50!

However! If you sign up for SCN Hobbies mailing list you’ll receive 25% off Games Workshops recommended retail price and 15% off web only miniatures. Meaning including postage the army and codex would cost £152! That’s a saving of just over £40!

To sign up to the SCN Hobbies mailing list, email Sarah on scnhobbyworld@outlook.com.

The list above brings us with upgrades to 1,000 points and the list will be as follows;

Vanguard Detachment (3CP)
Adeptus Astartes: Blood Angels


Captain (Warlord) -140 pts
Angel Exemplar (-1cp)
– Jump Pack
– Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
– Relic: Gleaming Pinions
– Warlord Traits: Speed of the Primarch, Gift of Foresight

Primaris Librarian – 95 pts
– Quickening


Incursor Squad – 115 pts
– 4x Incursor w/Occulus Bolt Carbine
– Incursor Sergeant w/Occulus Bolt Carbine
– Haywire Mine

Intercessor Squad – 100 pts
– 4x Intercessor w/Auto-Bolt Rifles
– Intercessor Sergeant w/Auto-Bolt Rifle


Aggressor Squad – 120 pts
– 2x Aggressor w/Flamestorm Gauntlets
– Aggressor Sergeant w/Flamestorm Gauntlet

Sanguinary Ancient – 110 pts
– Angelus Boltgun and Encarmine Sword

Sanguinary Guard – 202 pts
– 4x Sanguinary Guard w/ Angelus Boltgun and Encarmine Swords
– 2x Sanguinary Guard w/ Angelus Boltgun and Power Fist


Impulsor – 115 pts
– 2x Storm Bolters
– Ironhail Heavy Stubber


Credit: Reddit User u/l0te

With your Captain you can kitbash this model from parts of the Sanguinary Guard (using the legs, body, backpack and head) plus the upgrade sprue – replacing the chainsword for a Thunder Hammer (ask a friend if you don’t have one of these, same for the storm shield).

Make this chap your Warlord and give him the relic Gleaming Pinions which will allow the captain to withdraw from combat and then charge again, as well as giving him the ability to re-roll fail charges. This guy will be an absolute beast for you. He’ll have five attacks on the charge with the Shock Assault rule (six if your in Assault Doctrine thanks to Savage Echoes) hitting on 3’s and wounding anything up to strength 7 on 2’s thanks to The Red Thirst.

With flat three damage which also has -2 AP, this guy can bring the pain. Plus if you give him Speed of the Primarch he’ll always fight first in the fight phase. By giving him Angel Exemplar for 1cp you’ll be able have an additional Warlord Trait as well, so why not give him Gift of Foresight to allow him to re-roll one hit roll, wound roll and save roll each turn?

Make sure you keep him within 6″ of your Sanguinary Guard and Ancient as they’ll benefit from a plus 1 to their attack hit roll. Perhaps consider keeping all three units in reserve and deploying them later to counter punch against the enemy.

This guy also has a 2+ save thanks to the Storm shield along with a 4+ invulnerable save, so he’ll be hard to shift without your enemy focusing on him.


Primaris Librarian

This fellow comes inside the Combat Patrol box, and is our second HQ unit. You can make him tasty in combat by giving him the psychic power Quickening which will allow him to re-roll advance and charge rolls as well as adding D3 attacks to his attacks characteristic giving him the potential to dish out up to nine attacks on the charge thanks to Shock Assault and Savage Echoes. Plus with The Red Thirst you’ll be adding one to your wound rolls.

The draw back is his speed, he won’t be able to keep up with your Sanguinary Guard or Captain, but he can move up the field fairly quickly with the re-rolling of advance rolls. Your opponents will be surprised by his melee capability, hitting on 3’s with a strength five weapon that also provides -3 AP and D3 damage.


Incursor Squad Credit: Alex Heap

The Incursor Squads are great and fit into the Blood Angel theme perfectly. Equip these guys with a Haywire Mine which will cause D3 mortal wounds to an enemy within engagement range on a 2+ (flat 3 wounds if the target is a vehicle).

These guys have Concealed Positions allowing them to deploy anywhere on the battlefield more than 9″ away from the enemy deployment zone or enemy units.

They also benefit from the Occulus Bolt Carbine which removes cover benefits for enemy targets.

Plus as with all Blood Angel units they’re tasty in hand to hand as well, with two attack each (three for the sergeant), and an additional one on the charge courtesy of Shock Assault, they can push out 3 attacks each (four if in Assault Doctrine, again thanks to Savage Echoes).

Buy another box of these when looking to expand your force in the future!



Again, a solid unit and although only five man initially they still benefit from some solid gains though the Blood Angels special rules in the same way that the Incursors do.

Plus if you use the space marine stratagem Rapid Fire for 2cp you’ll be able to fire these boys for a second time at the end of the shooting phase. Rapid firing them on both occasions gets the most out of them. If you give them Auto-Bolt Rifles as well and use Rapid Fire then they could kick out 30 shots in a turn.



These chaps are slow with only a 5″ movement, meaning they’ll be outpaced by the vast majority of units in the game. That being said with D6 shots from their flamestorm gauntlets once they close to within 12″ these guys will each kick out a serious number of hits which are great against large units such as Orks or Astra Militarum conscripts.

With three attacks (four for the sergeant) base these guys will also smash face in the fight phase, remember to charge and you’ll be kicking out 16 attacks for the unit with Shock Assault and Savage Echoes. Remember that Red Thirst will give you +1 to your wound rolls as well meaning they’re wounding most things on either 2’s or 3’s if it’s toughness 8 or above.

Also remember that you can use the Space Marine codex stratagem Unyielding in the Face of the Foe which, for 1 cp allows them to add +1 to their armour saves against weapons with damage 1.


A Sanguinary Ancient with Sanguinary Guard

The Sanguinary Ancient and the Sanguinary Guard will be your close combat specialists in the army, and that’s saying something for the Blood Angels when as we’ve seen even librarians can dish out up to nine attacks.

Keep this guy within 6″ of both the Guard and your Captain so that they gain +1 to their attack roll for being near the captain and +1 to their roll for having the Chapter banner nearby. This plus if any Sanguinary Guard or the Ancient are destroyed by an enemy model on a 4+ they’ll be able to make a final attack (shooting or melee) before being removed.

With Angelic Visage the enemy also suffer a -1 to hit roll on their attacks in the fight phase.


Sanguinary Guard

Much of what was mentioned for the Ancient applies to the Guard as well. Keep them within 6″ of the Captain and the Ancient and you’ll have one big scary melee ball of pain.

Each model is able to dish out three attacks base, and like all of the other units the Guard will benefit from Savage Echoes, The Red Thirst and Shock Assault. All this means is that each one will make four attacks on the charge (five when in assault doctrine). You can increase the potential by +1 on your attack roll if you use the Stratagem Descent of Angels on the turn which they arrived from reserve.

Plus with the Stratagem Upon Wings of Fire, once they’ve mulched their target in the next movement phase you can place them back into reserve and do it all over again.

Thanks to the Ancient and the Captain means they’ll always be hitting on 2’s and with the encarmine blade giving them +1 strength they’ll be able to wound anything up to T4 on 2’s and T5 targets (looking at you greenskins) on 3’s. With AP -3 and flat 2 damage these guys are great against any infantry opponent, and if you equip a couple with power fists they’ll take on tanks as well.


Penitent Engines

Ideally it would be nice to equip this with the Bellicatus Missile Array (allowing you to fire S8 missiles) as without this you’re just relying on the Heavy Stubber and Bolters. But, that being said it can still be useful for transporting your Intercessors and Librarian around the field at a quicker pace.


With Blood Angels, it’s remembering your special rules when you charge and are in combat. The opponent won’t always remind you that you have Savage Echoes, The Red Thirst, Black Rage and Shock Assault so try and get into the habit of learning these if you are going to collect the Blood Angels.

The other thing to remember is that the Blood Angels are a close combat army and so you want to be getting up the field quickly and in the opponents faces as much as possible, but pick your fights well. Don’t throw away your units without possibly whittling down the enemy a little with your boltguns on the Intercessors. Target priority is always key with any army you play, look at your opponents army before your begin, work out the biggest threats and how you can use your units to counter them. Would it involved dropping the Guard, Ancient and Captain nine inches from the horribly big tank? Or perhaps you should kick out those 30 shots that the Intercessors can give on that Ork horde that’s approaching before charging with two or three of your close combat units?

If you like close combat, then these are the Marines for you. Plus who doesn’t love sculpted nips and abs on armour?


As I mentioned earlier I would probably look to be including more Incursors in the larger builds of this list alongside some of the other more well known Blood Angel units for flavour such as Mephiston and Death Company.

I hope you enjoyed this, please let me know in the comments below how you would build a 1,000 point list from the Combat Patrol Box and why not also let me know what you think to my list. There may well be aspects of the codex or units that I have not included that you think should be, so why not let us know in the comments below.



Rogue Trader Collection – 06/01/21

A little progress this week, and I’ve decided to stick with the rug which I’ll now paint up and get ready.

I’ve also found an original Rhino model, albeit heavily converted that I’m considering painting up fully.

Unfortunately it is missing the hand rails (as all of them eventually break off), but it’s in fairly good condition otherwise and just needs a good paint job.

I’m hoping next week I’ll have gotten a lot further with Marneus and have the diorama somewhere near finished. Still need to create the flags though…..

WD156 Battle Report – Space Marine (Chaos at Kadavah)

This battle report saw Mark Watts (Chaos) face off against Richard Helliwell (Blood Angels).


WD143 Battle Report – Space Marine (Blood Angels v Alaitoc Craftworld)

This report is the first Battle Report featuring Games Workshop employees, in this case Andy Chamber and Jervis Johnson. This was also the first colour battle report and the first Space Marine (Epic) battle report.


Solo Wargaming for your Favourite Games

I’m in the process of creating a series of Wargaming Aids which allow players to play their favourite games in a single player format against an AI controlled enemy army. To find out more on this click here.

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John Blanche – A Life in Wargames

My previous articles in the series;

Jervis Johnson

Alessio Cavatore

The Perry Twins

John Blanche is the person I need to thank for two things. Firstly getting me into 40k with the amazing box art from the 2nd edition of Warhammer 40k, and secondly for giving me the inspiration to collect Blood Angels.

2nd Edition Boxed Set

I spent hours pouring over the box art and taking in every minute detail in all its glory.

John Blanche became associated with Games Workshop in 1977 producing the cover art for the 4th issue of White Dwarf and the box art for the British edition of Dungeons & Dragons which the company had the license for. In 1978 he produced the first full colour art cover for the 7th issue of White Dwarf.

Dungeons and Dragons artwork by John Blanche

After 1978 he continued working with the company producing many illustrations for White Dwarf and the cover art for the first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles in 1983.

Warhammer Fantasy 1st Edition

In 1986 Blanche was made in-house art director of Games Workshop, a position he has held ever since. As well as producing his own work and commissioning others, Blanche also produces designs for Citadel Miniatures.

John Blanche’s minotaur with miniature Mona Lisa.

Blanche’s style is unique and has been termed by many as “Blanchitsu”, a term which is also used by hobbyists who try and emulate his images using miniatures.

A “Blanchitsu” style miniature

John Blanche’s work has brought many into the hobby including myself and will continue to do so for many years to come. John Blanche can be credited with making Warhammer 40,000 grim dark and for that as a fan, I thank him.

The Woeful Brush Painting Competition Sponsored by SCN Hobby World

Closing date for entries 30th November. £1 entry, win your choice of a Start Collecting or Combat Patrol box set!


Warhammer TV – Week 3

With Warhammer+ launched a few weeks ago and with our review of Week 1 and Week 2, we return again. As with the previous reviews this is a spoiler free zone for the current episodes. However as Angels of Death is episodic, I may give away some things from previous episodes. If you haven’t seen them, go away now and watch them.

Before I delve into the new content – there’s only 2 things this week – there is still nothing for Age of Sigmar. It is very difficult to see how this is value for money at the moment if you have no interest in 40k, and I understand that AoS is the smaller sibling, but it still needs some content. Fingers crossed for next week.

Loremaster – Abaddon the Despoiler

Anyone with any knowledge of Warhammer 40k has probably heard of Abaddon the Despoiler… but if you’re new to the setting or haven’t been interested in Chaos Space Marines of the past then this is for you.

Presented by Wade Pryce (and I assume written by a Black Library Author), this is a great start to the Loremaster series charting Abaddon’s first appearance in Warhammer 40k, through to the end of the Horus Heresy and his Black Crusades against the Imperium of Man.

Wade does a great job of being front man for this and the extensive use of the GW back catalogue of images was great to see as well. I found myself trying to identify where I first saw them all… and some are old as you might expect!

This bodes well for the series if they are all up that standard – hopefully we’ll have a new one soon!

Angels of Death – Episode 3 Blood and Duty

The Blood Angels and their fleet continue to investigate the populace of the planet they find themselves trapped on as the flagship – commanded by a very well written & drawn Ship-Mistress – is trapped by docking claws and being boarded and attacked from space. Meanwhile the Blood Angels on the planet must discover where the Genestealer hybrids are coming from.

A good series, getting better. Once again great use of red as a spot colour to the black & white included not using it for some effects I thought they would – and much better for breaking that expectation. This is their ‘flagship’ programme on WarhammerTV / Warhammer+ and it is definitely good.


Another good week, but with only 2 releases and still nothing for AoS I’m concerned they may be slowing down and getting through their pre-made / pre-recorded things a little too quickly. Sure there’s the 40k app, but still no sign of the AOS app, or any WarCom article about it.

I’m still happy to have the subscription, but my liking what’s on offer has a lot to do with the Blood Angels appearing each week.

— Declan

Warhammer TV – Week 2

Warhammer TV released a new episode of Angels of Death this week, along with a new 40k battle report between the Blood Angels and Orks.

Still nothing for our Age of Sigmar fans I’m afraid, and this is, in my opinion a massive ball drop by Games Workshop. Hopefully we’ll see new animations for Aos next week.

This weeks Warhammer+ releases

Angels of Death – The Silent City

Title card for the Silent City

The opening scene from this weeks animation was very, very good. The three years of work that has gone into this by Richard Boylan and the rest of the team is really starting to show, even at this early stage of the series.

Without spoiling, the episode is excellent, however, my only issue (I wouldn’t call it a complaint at this point) is that the sound effects and background noise seem too quiet in some parts of the programme.

The female ship captain is by far the standout character in this series so far and I’m enjoying her strong personality against the backdrop of the Blood Angels.

The art has remained the same as the previous week’s episode, so I’m unsure whether the monochrome and red is now the state of play for the rest of the series, or if the series will follow the path of Richard Boylan’s Helsreach animation and introduce more colour as it progresses. Either way it has excellent camera angles and the story really does draw you in.

Battle Report (Blood Angels v Orks)

Blood Angels v Orks

As a Blood Angel fan with a soft spot for the Orks, I’m a big fan of this week’s battle report. This week it sees Patrick in charge of the Blood Angels and Louise at the head of the Orks in a 1,000 point grand tournament scenario game.

The format is the same as the two previous battle reports shown last week, with mostly a top down view cutting to the players occasionally. The style of the battle report reminds me a lot of PlayOn tabletops YouTube battle reports and I believe they may have taken some of those ideas and applied them here.

Although I was pleased to be watching the 40k battle report, I’m surprised that Games Workshop didn’t post an Age of Sigmar one alongside this.

Masterclass: Black Armour

Black Armour

Louise Sugden introduces us to painting black armour to a masterclass standard this week. The video is informative and the instructions that Louise gives are clear, and after all who doesn’t enjoy a good painting video.

After watching this weeks video, it has made me realise another reason why Games Workshop shut down Daniel Latham’s YouTube site (one of their miniature designers and former ‘eavy metal painter) who was doing similar tutorial videos. You can still find some of his videos on his instagram account.


Another week for 40k fans with Age of Sigmar having nothing released in terms of viewing.

There was also no Hammer & Bolter episode this week, so perhaps this series will release an episode every two weeks?

As Declan said last week it’s difficult to recommend the service at the moment if you’re only interested in Age of Sigmar.