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Warhammer 40k Battleforce Boxes – How much and whats in them?

So the Battleforce boxes are back after their success in 2020. These are a fantastic way to get into a new army or even add to an existing one, but whats inside them and how many points of miniatures do you get?

The rumoured price of these is going to be:

Space Marines: Shieldbreaker Strike Force£130
Necrons: Worldscour Legion£130
Orks: Killdakka Warband£125
Adeptus Sororitas: Purgatos Mission£130
Adeptus Mechanicus: Omnissiah’s Talon£125
Death Guard: Plaguefester Warband£125

But I can tell you a way of saving even more money by purchasing these at 25% off the recommended retail price! Just visit SCN Hobby World and sign up to their mailing list for 25% off all GW products and 20% Warlord Games products.

So what do you get inside and how much would it cost you normally? All of the points and PL have been given for the basic unit options and include no upgrades.

Space Marines – Shieldbreaker Strike Force

The Shieldbreaker Battleforce Box
Primaris Captain590£22.50
Bladeguard Veterans5105£31.50
Assault Intercessors10190£36.50
Heavy Intercessors7140£39.50
Storm Speeder8-9135-160£42.00
Predicted RRP£130.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£97.50

Adepta Sororitas – Purgatos Mission

Sister Dogmata465£21.00
Celestian Sacresants370£34.50
Battle Sisters6110£35.00
Predicted RRP£130.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£97.50

Adeptus Mechanicus – Omnissiah’s Talon

Ironstrider Ballistarii475£32.50
Skitarii Rangers490£27.50
Tech-Priest Manipulus480£22.50
Predicted RRP£130.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£97.50

Death Guard – PlagueFester Warband

Plague Marine Champion21£17.50
Plague Marine Icon Bearer31£17.50
Plague Marines12147£30.00
Deathshroud Bodyguard7150£35.00
Myphitic Blight-Haulers21420£45.00
Plagueburst Crawler9175£40.00
Predicted RRP£125.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£93.75

Necron – Worldscour Legion

Psychomancer Cryptek470£21.00
Necron Warriors with Scarabs8175£29.00
Lokhust Heavy Destroyer460£21.00
Ophydian Destroyers5105£34.50
Flayed Ones3165£31.50
2x Canoptek Doomstalkers14280£53.00
Predicted RRP£130.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£97.50

Orks – KillDakka Warband

20 Boyz* 8160£63.00
Deffkilla Wartrike7125£30.00
Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun7120£22.50
Predicted RRP£125.00
SCN Hobby World Price (25% Off)£93.75
*Based on price of Kruleboyz Gutrippas Sprue

So what do you think good value or not? Will you be picking up a set?

Playing with LEDs

Yesterday I came across a post on Twitter that I just had to share with you all.

Absolutely stunning! Chris then directed me to his website where he has lots of tutorials on how to convert miniatures with LEDs.

One of my favourites is his guide on how to create candles for Nighthaunt miniatures.

Chris’ Dreadwarden

I urge you all to go take a look at his work, it’s stunning.

Solo Wargaming for your Favourite Games

I’m in the process of creating a series of Wargaming Aids which allow players to play their favourite games in a single player format against an AI controlled enemy army. To find out more on this click here.

For as little as £1 a month (the price of a chocolate bar) you can help support me in this endeavour and receive cool perks as a thank you, such as access to our Discord Server as well as downloadable copies of the gaming aids which you can print out and use at home.

Why not pop over to Patreon and sign up and help me in this project? Money raised will go towards making these as physical products.

Woehammer Painting Competition

As well as our painting competition which is open to the public where you can win a Start Collecting or Combat Patrol box of your choice, the guys at Woehammer and our generous sponsors SCN Hobby World are holding their own internal painting competition.

A few have already chosen which models they’re going to paint as well…..


Sarah has been collecting Orks for some time now but has chosen to do something a little different for the competition.

Howling Griffon Space Marine. With the marine already purchased and undercoated Sarah is well on her way ahead of the 30th November deadline.

Sarah’s painting back catalogue is full of amazing looking Orks.


As far as I’m aware this will be Rays first miniature, and he’s chosen the new Ork Beastsnagga Warboss. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he comes.up with this for the competition. There’s already been smack talk between himself and Ben as well!


Anyone who followed our Tale of Painters on YouTube will know that Rhys has only been painting for about a year and a half now. In that time his abilities have gone from strength to strength…..


Ed loves Nurgle and Lumineth, but this time round he’s attempting a new model and style completely with a comic book look. Here’s some of Ed’s work….


After smack talking with Ray, Ben decided to paint a Space Marine captain which he’ll paint in Imperial Fist colours and donate to Dave’s army that he’s creating. Ben is another talented painter with quite the back catalogue…….

Peter (Me!)

For this challenge I’ve chosen to do something a bit different to what I normally would paint. I’m painting Calas Typhon the forgeworld model. This is actually Dave’s model which I’m painting for him (Dave is kindly painting Mephiston for me).

Some of my earlier works….

I think this is going to be a lot of fun!

Warhammer TV – Week 2

Warhammer TV released a new episode of Angels of Death this week, along with a new 40k battle report between the Blood Angels and Orks.

Still nothing for our Age of Sigmar fans I’m afraid, and this is, in my opinion a massive ball drop by Games Workshop. Hopefully we’ll see new animations for Aos next week.

This weeks Warhammer+ releases

Angels of Death – The Silent City

Title card for the Silent City

The opening scene from this weeks animation was very, very good. The three years of work that has gone into this by Richard Boylan and the rest of the team is really starting to show, even at this early stage of the series.

Without spoiling, the episode is excellent, however, my only issue (I wouldn’t call it a complaint at this point) is that the sound effects and background noise seem too quiet in some parts of the programme.

The female ship captain is by far the standout character in this series so far and I’m enjoying her strong personality against the backdrop of the Blood Angels.

The art has remained the same as the previous week’s episode, so I’m unsure whether the monochrome and red is now the state of play for the rest of the series, or if the series will follow the path of Richard Boylan’s Helsreach animation and introduce more colour as it progresses. Either way it has excellent camera angles and the story really does draw you in.

Battle Report (Blood Angels v Orks)

Blood Angels v Orks

As a Blood Angel fan with a soft spot for the Orks, I’m a big fan of this week’s battle report. This week it sees Patrick in charge of the Blood Angels and Louise at the head of the Orks in a 1,000 point grand tournament scenario game.

The format is the same as the two previous battle reports shown last week, with mostly a top down view cutting to the players occasionally. The style of the battle report reminds me a lot of PlayOn tabletops YouTube battle reports and I believe they may have taken some of those ideas and applied them here.

Although I was pleased to be watching the 40k battle report, I’m surprised that Games Workshop didn’t post an Age of Sigmar one alongside this.

Masterclass: Black Armour

Black Armour

Louise Sugden introduces us to painting black armour to a masterclass standard this week. The video is informative and the instructions that Louise gives are clear, and after all who doesn’t enjoy a good painting video.

After watching this weeks video, it has made me realise another reason why Games Workshop shut down Daniel Latham’s YouTube site (one of their miniature designers and former ‘eavy metal painter) who was doing similar tutorial videos. You can still find some of his videos on his instagram account.


Another week for 40k fans with Age of Sigmar having nothing released in terms of viewing.

There was also no Hammer & Bolter episode this week, so perhaps this series will release an episode every two weeks?

As Declan said last week it’s difficult to recommend the service at the moment if you’re only interested in Age of Sigmar.