Top Three Lists Archive

Age of Sigmar

Two Day Events

14th/15th May 2022Motor City Mayhem 2022 AoS GT Event (US)34
14th/15th May 2022Skybert Turneringen (NO)12
7th/8th May 2022Seattle Open (US)64
7th/8th May 2022Rum and Rumble (UK)16
26th/27th April 2022THR: Annihilation (UK)24
23rd/24th April 2022G.A.W (US)47
23rd/24th April 2022Warpstone Wars GT (US)25
23rd/24th April 2022Realmgate Rampage GT (US)24
22nd/23rd April 2022Sydney GT (AU)83
9th/10th April 2022Rose City Wrath (US)34
9th/10th April 2022Indystorm Age of Sigmar Stormcell GT (US)29
9th/10th April 2022Kragnos’ Cupboard (UK)22
9th/10th April 2022BWG: Forgehammer GT (US)25
9th/10th April 2022Hampshire GT (UK)113
2nd/3rd April 2022Super Major G&T (UK)16
2nd/3rd April 2022Quest of Champions – Heat 2 (UK)40
2nd/3rd April 2022Fantasia Fanatix XLI (SW)33
26th/27th March 2022GT ŁÓDŹ (PL)43
19th/20th March 2022Age of Sigmar Matched Play Event (Warhammer World) (UK)58
19th/20th March 2022Dazmaul Wargaming (UK)26
5th/6th March 2022GGMaitland Age of Sigmar GT (AUS)37
5th/6th March 2022Norsehammer Open (NO)41
5th/6th March 2022War in the North (AUS)26
26th/27th February 2022Old Town Throwdown (US)45
26th/27th February 2022The Cherokee Open (US)51
25th February 2022Brewdog AOS GT (UK)34
19th/20th February 2022The Lone Star GT (US)100
19th/20th February 2022Bloodshed in the Shires (UK)78
12th/13th February 2022Gods of War 2 (I)56
12th/13th February 2022Da Great South Waagh (UK)72
5th/6th February 2022Columbus Brewhammer (US)40
5th/6th February 2022Quest of Champions – Heat 1 (UK)26
28th/29th & 30th January 2022Las Vegas Open (US)
Las Vegas 4th-8th (US)
22nd/23rd January 2022PSU: March to War (UK)32
22nd/23rd January 2022Norwegian Masters (NO)16
15th/16th January 2022Golden Sprue (US)26
15th/16th January 2022Tempest 2022 (UK)34
8th/9th January 2022Clash of Swords (UK)18

One Day Events

9th/10th April 20221K 1 Dayer GT (UK)11
26th March 2022Battle of the Burning Skies (UK)20
26th February 2022AOS Milano – February Warm Up (I)48
6th February 2022Sunday Slaughter 7 (UK)30
5th February 2022Ragnarok Hobbies (UK)16
29th January 2022Warpfire New Year Knockout (US)12
22nd January 2022Gitmog Gaming Charity Brawl 2022 (UK)24
8th January 2022Coliseum of Sigmar (US)15
8th January 2022Atomic (US)16
8th January 2022Grudge Hammer LVO Prep Event (US)26