Hobby Goals 2022

It’s 2022 and that can only mean one thing for a Wargaming blogger… it’s Hobby Goal time!

With the situation in the world at the moment I’ve tried to keep my aims reasonable… but I may not succeed.

1) General – Hobby Bingo

Peter has already announced that we will be trying to complete bits of the Hobby Bingo card from the last White Dwarf. I’m not planning on getting all the boxes – 25 different things to paint is a lot – but I’m hoping to get a reasonable score and of course there’s always the Woehammer competition and the honour of leading the pack! No doubt I’ll be third now.

2) Painting – Finish a Trogg Army

I have a small Trogg army collected for my Paths to Glory campaign. It consists of 1 Dankhold Troggboss, 6 Fellwaters, 9 Rockguts so I’ve got a good start. There have also been 9 Rockguts on my painting table for some time waiting for inspiration and my #hohohobbyvices presents included another Dankhold… so it may not be the most competitive but I plan to get something done

9 of my Rockguts… in various stages of red!

3) Gaming – Get two 4-1 results in 2022

I was fortunate to get a 4-1 in 2021 (at the superb Leicester GT) in a 20-0 system. I would like to push to try to get 2 in 2022. If I take my Gargants or Ironjawz I think this is possible although I do struggle against the top armies & players due to lack of exposure playing them.

4) Painting – A Full Vampire Counts army for Warmaster

Having finished 4th at the Warmaster Worlds in London in 2021 I was fortunate enough to win a starter army from Printing in Detail. I added on a ‘few’ extras and got a full army in 10mm resin from them… but have not looked at it in detail yet. In 2021 I completed a Goblin army, so this should be a similar amount of work – with the Skeletons being mostly contrast I think!

Zombies from Printing in Detail

5) Gaming – Play more Warmaster

I only played 8 games of Warmaster in 2021, and I love it… so I need to play more! Lots more! Hopefully the pandemic relents enough to let that happen. There is a vibrant scene in the UK of Warmaster with 4-5 tournaments a year (mostly one-dayers), and everyone is very welcoming to new (and old!) players alike.

6) Painting – Astra Militarum Force

I’ve been painting and collecting Astra Militarum since they were the Imperial Guard, but never managed to get a full 2,000 point force completed. I have models in various states of painting and dis-repair. They are meant to be the PDF of Baal Secundus, so I’ll need to come up with unit numbering and marking as well! Quite a bit of thought required here.

This will be my option for #NewYearNewArmy as well!

A part painted Chimera… should really finish these.

7) Painting – Snotling team

Finish my Blood Bowl Snotling team. I got two boxes of these to have enough generic linesmen and painted up two Trolls to go with them, but assembling  the pump wagons broke me. I don’t have a lot of do, but it would be great to have a finished team, so I can start finishing bottom of Stunty leagues all across Northamptonshire. Would be great to pick up a game or two as well.

Most of the Team already done

8) Painting – Necromunda Van Saar

I painted my Necromunda Van Saar in a rush with contrast paints a few years ago in order to get them ready to meet mates in Warhammer World. They were great fun and we all had a laugh playing on the great boards with my Van Saar in their old school green… but I’m not happy with the paint scheme I’ve gone with (Contrast Ork Flesh)

Just not happy with them…

9) Gaming – Non Competitive

Get some non competitive games in. Whilst I’ve had fun with the cutting edge (…!) of the UK scene it is great fun to play different games… like a 3 person Warmaster game, Realms of War, Kill Team or Necromunda. It’s also a great excuse to catch up with friends without having to worry about getting everything right as well.

10) Clear the Pile of Potential

I made the decision in 2021 to only paint and collect Destruction for AoS because the releases are just too quick (in a good way), but I have lots of boxes of ideas that I need to pass to new homes. This doesn’t mean that I won’t paint outside Destruction… just that I’m unlikely to paint an army for them.

11) Get my terrain on bases for use in games

During the last 2 years, I’ve significantly increased my terrain collection as it’s great fun to paint when I’m not in the mood for adding too much detail. Although I do tend to use edge highlighting too often!

I now have lots of smaller pieces of terrain that would be better but on bases to make themed tables for gaming. Whilst most tournaments in the UK provide terrain now, it’s great to have some available for club nights.

Just a small selection of the terrain I’ve painted over the last few years.

12) Writing – maintain the blog.

As Peter said we have been overwhelmed with the initial response to the blog from the huge  number of people wanting to view the Blackout lists to the occasional visitor looking for their next book it’s been one hell of a ride… and fun!

I’ll also have more non Warhammer content including Board Games so keep tuned.

So there you have it… 12 goals for 2022.

I’ve gone for so many to give me wiggle room and no doubt fail a few but I’ll keep you all up to date – I’m also likely to change my mind throughout the year!

What are your Hobby Goals in 2022?

— Declan

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