Hobby Update – Warmaster Dire Wolves

8 units of Warmaster Dire Wolves (3 bases per unit)

Warmaster is the game of Kings, and it has been kept going by a dedicated group of people as Warmaster Revolution. It’s a great square based, unit game where you can have cavalry sweeping around flanks and infantry bravely holding woods and towns.

I have an Empire army and a Goblin army but as like many wargamers I have a few other armies on the go as well – in various stages of painting (read… none!)

Vampire Counts

Vampire Counts are an interesting army in that they can’t use initiative to charge. This means that things can get a little difficult when the enemy gets within 20cm, as the enemy can auto-charge and the Vampire Counts can’t. But there are two big compensating factors available for the budding general – no -1 command if within 20cm effectively meaning that the Vampires are as good at Command as Dwarfs when the battles get close and combat is joined. The second factor is the ‘Raise Dead’ spell which can generate new skeleton units directly into combat… a real game winner if used welll – just roll 6s!

Vampire Count Dire Wolves

In common with all units in Warmaster the Dire Wolves have an easy attribute line: 2/3/- (2 attacks per base, 3 hits per base, no save). But they also get an additional +1 attack when they attack in the open – so although they have no save they can hit like a tonne of bricks all for 40 points a unit. It is no surprise they are limited to 4 units per 1,000 points.


How do they play?

As above, they are very good! I think they are essential in the army although when you start losing them you will risk your break point. Remember to run them away if you need to!

Woe Points and Hobby Bingo

This also contributes to two of the methods I’m trying to use to reduce the pile of shame or potential! Woe Points is -24 for these group and three squares of Hobby Bingo which I’ll ask Peter to update for me! If you want to be involved in either of these aides to clearing the pile of potential then join us on our Discord Channel.

Buying a Box

I bought mine from Printing in Detail but they have since stopped trading. But good news – the sculptor is Forest Dragon and there are some resellers available (who have bought retail pledges from Forest Dragon to allow them to print for resale)

— Declan and Eeyore

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