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Horus Heresy 2nd Edition: Which Legion are you?

A few of us at Woehammer are getting a little hyped for the new Horus Heresy edition. As such, we decided to do the choose your legion series of questions on


I’m a massive Blood Angels fan and have been ever since I first got into the hobby. However, since reading the first few books in the Horus Heresy series I developed a love of the Luna Wolves.

That being said, the Luna Wolves were renamed the Sons of Horus by the time of the Horus Heresy. So how would I go about creating an army in this style? There’s two options here, the first is to simply say that loyalist Sons of Horus somehow survived Horus’s purge and turned their back on the Primarch by returning their colours to that of the Luna Wolves. The second option is to claim that these particular Luna Wolves were left as a standing guard to ensure compliance of a particular planet and were somehow forgotten by their brethren. I’m more inclined by the second option as it leaves a question mark as to whether they are loyal or traitor….

Luna Wolves by


An easy choice for me, my 40k chapter of choice and the one that I am currently painting and playing with is the Crimson Fists. Therefore, a Horus Heresy project would have to be based on a force commanded by Alexis Polox, the Crimson Fist, first Chapter master of the Crimson Fists. During the Great Crusade, Polux became one of Rogal Dorn’s most senior captains, rising to his advisory council, the “Stone Men.”

Captain Polox led primarch Dorn’s Retribution Fleet at the Battle of the Phall system against the Iron warriors. After the battle Polox with the remains of his company found themselves at Macragge.

After the Heresy, and the splitting of the Legions, Polox was the chapter master of the newly formed Crimson Fists chapter and led them for 800 years,

My HH force would be based around Captain Polox and his Imperial Fists Legion’s 405th Company.


I am a terrible hobby butterfly, so this was a bit trickier for me. I have previously played both Space Wolves and Ultramarines in 40K and (briefly) started an Imperial Fists army when I got back into 9th Edition. I took the big quiz and realised it was fairly clear it was going to end up with either Imperial Fists or Iron Warriors but did I really want to dive back into Imperial Fists again….?

Imperial Fists were tempting because the main thing which had put me off in 40k was the fact that my favourite units tended to be a bit (OK, a lot) pants, this could be remedied in Horus Heresy because I really liked the older marine sculpts. Then I remembered “Storm of Iron”. It’s an absolute classic in the 40K literature from Graham McNeill, with Iron Warriors and lots of cannon fodder Traitor Guard besieging an Imperial fortress. I shan’t properly review it here or give spoilers but it’s great fun and 100% worth a read. Well, I now have a Renegades and Heretics army for 40K and I could happily recreate a late Heresy army with them and some nice new Iron Warrior friends (aaahhh friend…..I’m hoping the rules will allow this sort of mixing).

Bonus points being if Pete and Steve are playing Loyalists I will relish having a bit of banter, especially with Steve and his Fists. I think I will enjoy playing the bad guy and truly hope there’s some sort of special rule which allows me to shell my own troops for the lulz.

So, it’s time to set up a direct debit for Iron Warriors paint, develop some fairly serious daddy-issues and prepare my crusade to liberate the galaxy from the scourge of the False-Emperor.

Iron Within, Iron Without!


Blood Angels for me all the way – they were my first chapter – and not at all picked because they were all red – but I’ve never not liked them as I began to read around the fluff I liked them even more.

One of the first White Dwarf’s I ever bought has the iconic black and white drawing of Horus & the Emperor facing off and Sanguinius dead and their feet, have inflicted the damage that would be Horus’ downfall. And that is how I see the Blood Angels. Perfect… flawed and willing to die for the right of the Imperium — and kill anything that stands up to it.

I’ve painted a few armies in my time but I don’t play 40k anymore so pictures are more limited – and all the models packed away. If you’re nice to Peter in the future maybe he’ll get me to show you some photos… I even have an army mostly made up of RTB001 models — yes I am that old!

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Tale of Painters – February 21′

February is out of the way already, so it’s time to look at how we’ve all got on at Woehammer with our respective goals and painting pledges this month.

In alphabetical order let’s start with…..

Dave (@hamsfan)

Peter: Dave’s smashed another one of the harder to get ones with Scenery piece for Age of Sigmar. What a piece, absolutely love the dark stone look with this one. Who doesn’t love some heavy weapons team, Lovely mix of two mortars and an Autocannon here, they look just like they’re in the thick of the action.

Declan: Dave has managed to do what I really struggle with – actually getting paint on Imperial Guard / Astra Miliatarum. These guys look like they’ve been in a fight… until you zoom in and get a suprise! The scenery is lovely and dark with lots of blood included. Dave has managed to walk the tight-rope between scenery that looks good, but won’t overshadow the toy-soldiers.

Dave: Some quick and dirty painting on the Guard, I’ve many to do but I’m pleased to get these done. I’ll definitely be using these in a lot of my lists in one form or another. I had the terrain for ages, it’s painted simply but will be great for AoS games. Happy with my progress so far, I’m working on my Minotaur this month but might do a bit of AoS for a break too.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A4Unit of 2+ Models (Warhammer 40K)Heavy Weapons Team
C2Vehicle of Monster (Warhammer 40K)Basilisk
E3Fortification of Scenery (Age of Sigmar)Temple

So that brings Dave up to 30 points for the year with all three at the Expert Level.

Declan (@declanandeeyore)

Peter: You’ve been very busy this month Declan! Three units finished and I love your kitbashed Big Stabbas. Your Termagaunts really stand out and you have got the orange and blue scheme down to perfection now, have you got a hivefleet name for them?

Declan: Cheers for the kind words Peter; I hadn’t considered a Hive Fleet name as they were painted for Kill Team but it’s a great call. I’ll do some reading to get some inspiration. Although I haven’t finished a lot of models this month, I’ve still managed to get three Hobby boxes finished including the ‘Kitbashed’ one which I struggling to think what to do. Fortunately the Big Stabbas for my Big Waaagh came to my rescue. 4 out of 25 in 2 months also puts me roughly on target so looking good although there’s some larger units and even some Behemoths to go… so lots to do still!

March will hopefully see me finishing some Napoleonic British and keeping my hand in on my Tyranid / Genestealer colour scheme. I’ve also got a Warmaster Tournament and I may get some Squigs painted to augment my Goblin army.

Dave: Great to see the Bonesplitterz, they look excellent too. As Pete says, the kitbashed ones are really fun. You’ve timed the Tyranids beautifully if you’re planning on picking up the new 40k codex! 

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
B1Fortification or Scenery (Warhammer 40K)Sector Mechanicus
B2Unit of 2+ Models (Age of Sigmar)Big Stabba
C4Unit of 5+ Models (Kill Team)Termagaunts
D1Kitbashed Model (Age of Sigmar)Big Stabba

This brings Declan to 40 points and all at Expert Level.

Peter (@woehammer)

MonthModels Painted/SoldModels Acquired/BoughtMonths Total
Jan638+32 Unpainted
Feb2513-12 Unpainted

Peter: This is the first month in a while where I’ve managed to paint more than I’ve bought! This includes 10 Necron Warriors that I sold on fleabay this month. I’m over the moon at my progress and have never painted this much in a month before.

Declan: Wow… wow… wow! Peter’s still on fire and whilst he couldn’t get to our small tournament recently he’s definitely on target for the weekend shortly. His Kruleboyz are going to be shooting the enemy to another life. I really like the scheme here – dark and dank models are difficult to do and Peter’s really nailed it. I can’t wait to see the finished Kruleboyz army in the flesh.

Dave: You’ve got loads done! These will look great as you pick them up off the table at Burning Skies  🙂 I’m a pretty slow painter, I’m very impressed with the speed and quality you’ve achieved.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A3Unit of 10+ Models (AoS)Hobgrots
B2Unit of 2+ Models (AoS)Man-Skewer Boltboyz
B4Vehicle or Monster (AoS)Swampboss Skummdrekk
C1Hero or Character (AoS)Swampcalla Shaman
C3Any Model (Any System)Beast-Skewer Killbow
D2Unit of 2+ Models (Underworlds)Rippa’s Snarlfangs
E4Hero or Character (Warhammer 40K)Marneus Calgar

That brings me to 70 points and 7 Expert Level goals completed.

Other Members

This month we’ve also included some of the other guys who were willing to of share some of their pictures.


Peter: Steve just joined the crew this last month and has been sharing some of his pictures of his Crimson Fists. He’s building an entire company of them, and they look absolutely awesome!

Declan: How many Weapons does this Impulsor Tank need? It’s got them all and a neat and tidy base to finish it off. The Crimson fists colours obviously work together (I love red & blue armies), and this is no exception. The blue on the Plasma is also nicely done, and something I struggled with last year on the Thermic Generators.

Dave: Almost a great Ultramarine tank but you slipped a bit with the red. Seriously, this is really well done and cleanly painted.


Peter: Like Steve, Tony is a new member of the Woehammer crew and back in January painted these stunning Stormcast flappy birds! The skin on these alone must have taken hours upon hours. True talent on display both with Steve and Tony.

Declan: Dragons… but not the small ones – Tony has gone for the big guys here. Krondys (blue) and Karazai (Red) are looking great in traditional dragon poses. The wings are painted in a more realistic tone than is ususally shown, which matches nicely with the chests and really ties these together – they definitely belong in the same army.

Dave: Skar and Mufasa are both great models and Tony has done a brilliant job on them. Hopefully he and Steve will start bingo cards too!

Tips for Starting Out in Wargaming

All of us at Woehammer have been playing wargames in various forms for around 30 years now. So we thought it may be a good idea to go through what we think are some of the best things to do as a beginner who is just starting out with miniature wargaming as a hobby.

William – I would definitely recommend anyone new to the hobby to get whatever hobby bits they need and to start small with a basic box of troops/battle line, and just practice techniques and colour themes so that the money invested is small and you get a basic grip on things. Like undercoating, base coats, washes, highlights, dry brushing, learning to thin paints and building a good foundation. Then when you do buy that starter box, whole army or whatever, you are more confident and not so overwhelmed by everything.

Peter – So much to say and so little time! Firstly, you may have been attracted to the hobby by all the beautifully painted miniatures you’ve seen online, in a shop window or magazine. My first tip is never to compare your own work to these, especially when you’re just starting out. Much of the time the beautifully painted minis you see will have been painted by professionals or someone who has been painting minis for decades. Always compare to your past self, if you see improvement and you like your work then that is all that matters. Looking at those minis is great for inspiration, but that’s all I would use them for.

The Citadel Colour Website has a number of fantastic painting tutorials for the beginner explaining many of the basic techniques as well as how to paint some of their miniatures. These are a great start for those just starting out in miniature painting.

Three of the painting tutorials found on

Don’t necessarily buy your miniatures straight from the manufacturers like Games Workshop. If you shop around you can often find retailers who offer a 20% or like our friends at SCN Hobby World a 25% discount on the models and paints you want. If you’re just starting out and just want to test some colour schemes then eBay may be your best option to find second hand models to practice on.

Start small, plan ahead. Make sure you like both the aesthetic of an army and their play style before you dive right in. Once you find an army you like, start with a small force of perhaps 500 points and paint that up.

Every wargamer ends up with a large backlog of miniatures, IF this is something you want to avoid then try and restrict yourself to buying new units only once you have cleared your current backlog.

When it comes to painting, many of us have moved away from Games Workshop spray paints (£12.99) and use Halfords (£8.99) paints instead. Just as good and a fraction of the price.

Though the above are metallic, you’ll find tonnes of black primer and white primer there too.

DeclanMost important advice I’ve had… “your Hobby, your way”. There’s so many options with collecting, assembling, painting, playing and loads of companies that produce toys including some great smaller ones. Don’t be put off by others or what you see on social media – 99.9% of gamers are welcoming to new players and happy to share wisdom. I’m more into playing, so with that in mind:

Find a local club if you can – social media is great for this – and if you can’t don’t be afraid to start a small club and see what happens. Shop locally where possible as your Freindly Local Games Store (FLGS) – you don’t need to buy directly from Games Workshop or the other manufacturers, and your local shops will often have places to play or small events that you can dip your toe into. These smaller local events often are okay if you bring unpainted models so you can get into the gaming straight away.

Hull’s Angels Wargaming Club

If you do want to go to avents check out the Tournament calendars available in your area, and let the organiser know you are new.

Don’t worry about Hobby slumps – they happen to us all – just find something you enjoy and paint / play / read around that.

And finally – there is no requirement to play Games Workshop games or use their miniatures – there are so many great manufacturers and game systems out there; you will likely find a niche and you’ll be surprised how many people will play it… sometimes all a community needs is for someone to go first.

A Game of Black Seas by Waerlord Games

DaveBuy items like snippers and tape measures from your local hardware store rather than places like Games Workshop. As a comparison, a Games Workshop tape measure costs £5.50 whereas an equivalent from Screwfix will cost £3.99.

Likewise with Brushes – you can get cheap brushes by the dozen from Amazon and sometimes good deals in wilko etc.

Paints, the obvious place to start is GW as these are likely your first exposure and most of the tutorials you find and free lessons in store will be with their paints. It’s worth trying out contrast and shades as a beginner. You can great bang for your buck with Vallejo though and these will last you longer for less.

Vallejo Model Colour Set

Glues, lots of cheap options are available, you need a polystyrene cement for plastics, superglue for resins or the rarer metal miniatures.

Very First minis – GW stores if I remember correctly will give you a free mini for an introductory painting session. Maybe ask a buddy if they have a spare mini if you want to find out how you feel about painting.

But ask yourself, are you Painting minis or starting an army?

If you enjoy painting and want to pursue that, you might start with something relatively simple like Stormcast or space marines. It’s worth thinking about what you want to do though, something like ogres has lots of different textures and can help you learn new techniques to deal with furs, flatter panels, skin and faces on a relatively forgiving model. Choose a model with a relatively open pose if you see one you like, brush control is not easy and accidentally catching something you already painted can be frustrating. Most of all, though, choose a mini which excites you.

GW paint Starter Set with Space Marine Miniatures

Starting an army.

Find a faction you like and read up on their lore, ask anybody you know who plays them about how they play. See if you can get a few games with a borrowed army and see if you enjoy them. Be a bit self-aware, if you aren’t the sort of person who can face painting hundreds of termagants, or whatever, then that’s probably not the army composition for you.

Here’s what you probably should do and nobody actually does – choose the minimum ’legal’ army and build and paint that while playing to learn the game and your army. Don’t be tempted to buy a big army box or a dozen units as it can be disheartening and you could end up with models you don’t really want. Path to Glory/Crusade can be an option here if you’re playing one of those games. For smaller skirmish games this is less of an issue but do finish your base gang before moving on.

If you aren’t playing Path to Glory, or similar, consider building your army up in blocks of a playable amount. E.g. get some 500 point games and after you have finished your first block of models then collect another 500 and play 1k etc.

500 points of Orks for Warhammer 40,000

Stickwithitness….. there will be times when you’ll get frustrated or disheartened. I think it’s worth trying to have a mix of units insofar as you can to avoid that. E.g. if your first army is for AoS and you’re looking at a couple of battleline and a leader, try and get two different battleline which build a bit differently and paint a bit differently to give yourself variety.

Give yourself ‘rewards’ if that works for you e.g. painted your battleline unit then treat yourself with a monster, a character or a tank.

Perfect is the enemy of the good. Get your minis painted and on the table, don’t be intimidated just get paint on them.

There you go, all our sagely advice written down for prosperity. Hopefully it helps!

Tale of Painters – January 21′

The first month of the year is out of the way already, so it’s time to look at how we’ve all got on at Woehammer with our respective goals and painting pledges this month.

In alphabetical order let’s start with…..

Dave (@hamsfan)

It’s because of Dave that both Declan and I are doing the hobby bingo this year. Dave has started out with a large model in the form of a Basilisk for his Renegades & Heretics army.

Peter: I love the webbing on this miniature and the weathering overall. It really looks like its been based near the front for some time now.

Declan: There’s some great work here – first it’s a lovely cleanly painted tank, and with the addition of the netting and the weathering on the barrels this is a great addition to any Astra Militarum army!

Dave: Thanks guys, unfortunately being painted didn’t make it shoot any better in my last game! I’m umming and aahing on my next bingo square so I guess we will see!

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
C2Vehicle or Monster (Warhammer 40k)Basilisk

So that’s 10 points for Dave right off the bat, and one of the larger models/boxes ticked off already!

Declan (@declanandeeyore)

Declan also has managed to get one of the harder boxes out of the way, ticking off his scenery for Warhammer 40k. Declan had a number of other goals he was also hoping to complete this year. How is he doing?

Peter: Declan is one of those hobbyists I’ll always be jealous off! He can crank out painted miniatures at a fantastic rate and they look great when they’re finished! Something like this would have taken me a couple of months to do!

Declan: Cheers to Peter for his kind words… I love this kit and have written a full article on it already! As Peter has aluded to above I have some other Hobby Goals as well. The good news (for me) is that I’ve managed to tick off 50% of one of the aims already – I’ve finished 4-1 in my first tournament of the year. One of my aims was to get two 4-1s so thats a great start. I’ve also got 3 games of Warmaster played… so a great start to the year and the Hobby. I’ll need to get going to get more of the Bingo sheet completed though.

Dave: I’m not sure if this 40k or part of Declan’s homebrew kit but I like it. I’ve just started playing ninth edition so it’s all a bit confusing for me but this looks cool.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
B1Fortification or Scenery (Warhammer 40K)Sector Mechanicus

Also 10 points and an Expert Level goal ticked off for Declan.

Peter (@woehammer)

I’ve been hard at work this month trying to get my Kruleboyz force painted up in time for Burning Skies on March 26th. So I’ve managed to produce Rippa’s Snarlfangs and the Swampcalla Shaman for that. I also managed to finish off my first Rogue Trader model in the form of Marneus Calgar.

As an added goal this year, I wanted to try and reduce the number of unpainted models in my collection. So my months summary is:

Models Painted/SoldModels Acquired/BoughtMonths Total
638+32 Unpainted

Plus Dave has mentioned that he has some old Dwarfs he’s looking to sell……

Peter: I’m quite proud that I was able to get this lot finished this month, it meant reducing the quality of the Snarlfangs slightly, but I can always revisit them in the future if I need to.

Declan: Peter’s leaving us all in his shadow here with 3 boxes ticked off and the lovely Rogue Trader diamora finished. I’ll take credit for Rippa’s being in his Kruleboyz list and wish Peter luck in finishing off an army. It’ll be great to see it all finished. I think the yellow on the Kruleboyz is a great call and the Shaman and Pot Grot are looking like real killers!

Dave: Pete’s diorama looks excellent and I’m pleased to see him painting the best marines there are, especially as it’s Marneus Calgar – the spiritual liege of all marines everywhere. Rippa and the snarlfangs may sound like an awful college punk band but they look great. I actually disliked the Kruleboyz when they came out but I like what Pete has done with them.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
C1Hero or Character (AoS)Swampcalla Shaman
D2Unit of 2+ Models (Underworlds)Rippa’s Snarlfangs
E4Hero or Character (Warhammer 40K)Marneus Calgar

That brings me to 30 points and 3 Expert Level goals completed.

Hopefully we’ll continue this each month to let you know how we do with our goals.