Woehammer Hobby (24th Sept 23)

Here’s what the guys and the Woehammer Community have been working on this week.

Kroxigor by Danny Wadeson
(WIP) Daemon painted using oils by Patrick German
(WIP) Colin Klären has been working on more Nurgle monsters
(WIP) Painted by Jon Anderson
Steelhelms by Hanna Leppänen
Gunhauler by Aron Newbom
Murknob with Belcha-Banna by Peter ‘Woehammer’ Holland
(WIP) Synth-wave Be’lakor by Funky Monkey
(WIP) Screamer Killer by Patrick German
(WIP) Salamander Marine by Ian Humpage
Astra Militarum Command Squad by Peter ‘Woehammer’ Holland

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