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WoePoints 2023

Keep thinking of tackling that hobby backlog? Then why not join in with Woehammer and take part in WoePoints this year.

As a form of hobby golf, you’ll get negative points for every model you paint or sell and positive points for those that you buy.

Each month we’ll highlight some of the models that have been painted in an article run-down.

How do you score points? All the points are listed below:

  • -1 for each infantry model painted or sold on base sizes up to and including 40mm.
  • -1 for each completed unit
  • -2 for each infantry model painted or sold on base sizes larger than 40mm.
  • -2 for each cavalry model painted or sold
  • -2 for character models painted or sold
  • -5 for each terrain piece painted or sold
  • -5 for each vehicle or monster painted or sold
  • -10 for each lord of war/God model painted or sold

You get positive points of the same value for each model of the type specified above that your bought. E.g. if you buy 10 infantry models on 32mm bases you will get +10 points.

As well as these points, you’ll also get +5 points for any pre-orders you make.

REMEMBER only purchases or models you have painted or sold in 2023 count towards your points. So painting your backlog counts as free points!

Any prizes?

No, this is just for fun and intended to help you reduce your pile of potential.

How do I record my points?

Good news! You can do that on our friendly Discord server. Just drop an pictures into the #WoePoints-2023 channel and a mod will update your points. You’ll then be able to check your pointd by typing !points.

It’s as simple as that!

Massive thank you to Ben Bailey of Dice and Ducks and GW fame for building our WoeBot to keep track of the points!

Oldhammer Collection 26/01/22

Some of the keen eyed amongst you will have already noticed the name change in the series from Rogue Trader Collection to Oldhammer Collection. Why is this? The answer, is fairly simple. I have no self control!

When a friend at the club says “I’ve a load of old eighties Dwarfs I want to sell”. The first words out of my mouth are “How much?!”. Yes, my name’s Peter and I’m a miniature toy soldier addict!

So which Dwarfs have I purchased?

These bad boys.

And these bad boys…..

AND these very bad boys!

So instead of reducing my pile of shame I appear to just be adding to it this month.

That being said, I can knock one model off that list as complete….

Yup, Marneus is finally finished!

Now to start looking at the Rogue Trader Space Marine Squad. I have to add a massive thank you here, as I originally had just eight of the marines from RTB01. But thanks to the legend that is Planet Oldhammer I now have a complete squad, as he very kindly sent me two more figures (the sergeant and another marine) as well as a few missing arms and weapons that I needed!

Also, a few of you on twitter took to the polls to decide which Chapter I should paint any Space Marines for Rogue Trader in, and I’m pleased to tell you the winner is the Crimson Fists. Nothing shouts Rogue Trader like the Crimson Fists! It was a close run thing between them and the Rainbow Warriors.

3 Tips to reduce your unpainted pile

Dave Kay from Scent of a Gamer has some fantastic tips on reducing that pile of shame. It was so good I thought I would share it here for you all to see!

While you’re there check out his other fantastic article such as his series on fantasy art.

Do you remember a time when you had a manageable number of figures to paint? I know I don’t! I started in the hobby by splurging on several hundred figures, which I then set about figuring out how to paint. More than 30 years later, I am still going. Call me Sisyphus. What I want […]

3 Tips to reduce your unpainted pile

Peter’s Painting Challenge #1

So in response to the horror that is my backlog, I’ve decided to start a little challenge for myself.

I’ve created a spreadsheet with all of my backlog of miniatures listed inside, there’s a simple formula which will then choose a unit that is yet to be completed at random. My task is to paint that unit before moving on to anything else.

This will be to go side by side with my current projects of getting the Kruleboyz tournament ready and painting the oldhammer I have.

The first challenge according to the spreadsheet is……..

So, I’ll paint the smallest sized unit allowed in Warhammer Fantasy which is a unit of 10. When that’s done we’ll see what I have to paint next…..

Pile of Potential – The Full List!

So I’ve spent some considerable time digging around my room to find what’s in my pile of sh… potential. This list is still missing a lot of non-Warhammer miniatures, but that aside this is complete. The remainder will be filled out once I get the time to look through my last remaining boxes.

As mentioned I have already posted about my Age of Sigmar collection. But here is the list in its entirety.

So what am I going to do with this? Well for a start I need to stop buying so much! Then I need to consistently paint stuff from start to finish, too many times have I painted a model to 80% completion then left it to do something else.

Therefore, this year my focus on painting will be the following:

  • Get the Kruleboyz Tournament Army ready for March 26th
  • Paint the Rogue Trader collection as and when they are received and don’t buy any more until complete
  • Finish the many, many models that are 50-80% complete and start clearing the semi-painted backlog
  • Get Cursed City painted ready to play with my family and friends.
  • Once that’s done it’ll be choosing units at random to paint to completion.

Pile of Potential – Age of Sigmar

Following Declan’s hobby goal post for the year where he mentioned his Pile of Potential, I took a look at the sight myself and started to fill out my “Projects“.

This site is brilliant for those wanting to keep track of their pile of shame. You’re able to add any categories you want and as many projects as you like to each category. As such I started with mine.

Age of Sigmar

I have two Age of Sigmar armies, my Kruleboyz which I’m working on to compete at Burning Skies in March, and my Kharadron Overlords.

I’ve split my Kruleboyz into two projects. The first being the tournament list and the second being the remaining models.

Tournament Kruleboyz

As you can clearly see I’m well behind on being ready for the tournament. Got to get cracking!
My only finished unit to date

Remaining Kruleboyz

Nothing done for the remaining Kruleboyz, no big surprise here.

Kharadron Overlords

A bit better with nearly 60% of them complete

Hopefully I’ll start to whittle these figures down. I’ll post a summary of my other categories over the next few days.