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News – Cursed City Expansions

(cover picture from Games Workshop / Warhammer Community)

I think I can say without much fear of contradiction that scalpers are annoying and frustrating. Whether its for the latest Black Library/Forgeworld limited edition or tickets to watch Northamptonshire v Gloucestershire at the County Championship it’s frustrating to be giving money to someone who was just fortunate enough to buy 14 copies!

But never fear, Games Workshop seem to be noticing the trend and their latest attempt to resolve it is for the Cursed City expansions. The two expansions sold out quickly, and prices on Ebay were increasing – and Games Workshop must have noticed.

So they’ve announced that these two expansions (and the only ones they are releasing) are being made available on make to order.

Games Workhop / Warhammer Community

Check out the Warhammer Community Article here.

If you want either expansion then now is the last chance to pick them up. There’s no models involved but most gamers will have access to suitable alternatives (or buy the models separately). Additionally some FLGSs will have some of these available as well, so support your local store where you can.

— Declan & Eeyore

Hobby Update – Kosargi Nightguard

Watching Dave from Scent of a Gamer power through his Cursed City collection recently has given me the impetus to start mine.

So I chose to start with some of the larger models in the set…

Bill and Ted

Just need to finish the rims on the bases as I stupidly did those before flocking and now they’re incredibly dusty. The basing material is Geek Gaming Scenics Scrubland.

Pile of Potential – The Full List!

So I’ve spent some considerable time digging around my room to find what’s in my pile of sh… potential. This list is still missing a lot of non-Warhammer miniatures, but that aside this is complete. The remainder will be filled out once I get the time to look through my last remaining boxes.

As mentioned I have already posted about my Age of Sigmar collection. But here is the list in its entirety.

So what am I going to do with this? Well for a start I need to stop buying so much! Then I need to consistently paint stuff from start to finish, too many times have I painted a model to 80% completion then left it to do something else.

Therefore, this year my focus on painting will be the following:

  • Get the Kruleboyz Tournament Army ready for March 26th
  • Paint the Rogue Trader collection as and when they are received and don’t buy any more until complete
  • Finish the many, many models that are 50-80% complete and start clearing the semi-painted backlog
  • Get Cursed City painted ready to play with my family and friends.
  • Once that’s done it’ll be choosing units at random to paint to completion.