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News – Read the Rules – 22.3.1

I know that there are many hobbyists concerned about the direction of flow of Twitter and that’s because it has been a great source of hobby over the last ten years; a great way to meet new people, discuss the latest releases, and show off models. (Although you will need to regular use the block option if you encounter a gate-keeper).

There are also sometimes gems that people mention or notice and Mike Ellar had a good one yesterday morning!

Mike is a regular contributor on Twitter and after a short attempt to make Big Waaagh! work with Kruleboyz in early 2022, he is now trying the same with Kruleboyz. And it is not an easy task. He can be found regularly writing on Goonhammer. Go and check his articles out – I’ll be waiting for you when you get back!

Now, trying to make Kruleboyz work isn’t the easiest of tasks and so Mike has been reading the core rules and spotted an interesting one:

What does that mean for the rest of us? Well the big news is that it *could* impact who benefits from the new GHB22 (part 2) rules, although we think the rules-writers may have noticed the risk so either it’ll be covered in the book, or in a quick FAQ.

The main benefit here is the mount traits! And now more units can have them. Obviously look out for core-word locked options (particularly Monster keyword) but there are some mount traits out there without them.

This would be particularly useful for some of my Big Waaagh lists where I leave the Maw Krusha at home (mainly during the Purple Sun crises of July 2022)! But it does mean Fast ‘Un now has some additional options with the Wurgogg and there are bound to be other options in the books.

So, have a look in your Battletomes at any mount traits that are available; and then checkout those units with companions. There might be some Secret Tech hidden away in there that’s been missed.

What is does show is that it’s often worth reading the core rules again when a new Battletome of GHB drops to see if there are any interesting interactions – however if you want to do something you’ve never seen before; just chcek with you friendly neighbourhood TO! And don’t win on a ‘Gotcha’.

— Declan & Eeyore

* okay it’s possible Peter was slightly quicker to post than me… but you get two news articles in two days so its all win-win!!

News – Cursed City Expansions

(cover picture from Games Workshop / Warhammer Community)

I think I can say without much fear of contradiction that scalpers are annoying and frustrating. Whether its for the latest Black Library/Forgeworld limited edition or tickets to watch Northamptonshire v Gloucestershire at the County Championship it’s frustrating to be giving money to someone who was just fortunate enough to buy 14 copies!

But never fear, Games Workshop seem to be noticing the trend and their latest attempt to resolve it is for the Cursed City expansions. The two expansions sold out quickly, and prices on Ebay were increasing – and Games Workshop must have noticed.

So they’ve announced that these two expansions (and the only ones they are releasing) are being made available on make to order.

Games Workhop / Warhammer Community

Check out the Warhammer Community Article here.

If you want either expansion then now is the last chance to pick them up. There’s no models involved but most gamers will have access to suitable alternatives (or buy the models separately). Additionally some FLGSs will have some of these available as well, so support your local store where you can.

— Declan & Eeyore

Hobby Update – Kosargi Nightguard

Watching Dave from Scent of a Gamer power through his Cursed City collection recently has given me the impetus to start mine.

So I chose to start with some of the larger models in the set…

Bill and Ted

Just need to finish the rims on the bases as I stupidly did those before flocking and now they’re incredibly dusty. The basing material is Geek Gaming Scenics Scrubland.