Peter’s Painting Challenge #1

So in response to the horror that is my backlog, I’ve decided to start a little challenge for myself.

I’ve created a spreadsheet with all of my backlog of miniatures listed inside, there’s a simple formula which will then choose a unit that is yet to be completed at random. My task is to paint that unit before moving on to anything else.

This will be to go side by side with my current projects of getting the Kruleboyz tournament ready and painting the oldhammer I have.

The first challenge according to the spreadsheet is……..

So, I’ll paint the smallest sized unit allowed in Warhammer Fantasy which is a unit of 10. When that’s done we’ll see what I have to paint next…..

2 thoughts on “Peter’s Painting Challenge #1”

    1. I’m hoping it will force me to paint stuff that I normally would keep putting to the back of the queue. Plus, what I didn’t mention was that if I have no need for what comes up I’ll sell them on fleabay

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