Writing a Sci-fi table top Wargame – Part 8

The results of last week’s polls are as follows:

In replacement of listing every post on this project so far, I’ve started a written document that should eventually evolve into the ruleset for the game.

As with everything I would like this to be community driven, so if you see any typo’s or think paragraphs need rephrasing or moving then please let me know below. This is completely anonymous.


Every battle has a purpose. There are many ways to decide on objectives for a game. There’s the pre determined locations that games like Age Of Sigmar or 40k uses that ensured there distribution is fair and even. It there is the method where players take it in turn to place them randomly. Or there’s the narrative version where each army needs to perform a certain task or survive for a certain number of rounds.

However, I have another proposal. What about narrative objectives that make sense? For example, the invaders primary object in a battle may be to take and hold an ammunition dump. While also having a number of secondary objectives such as cutting a fuel supply line or destroying a communication centre. Plus, as our game will encompass all aspects of warfare such as space, land and aerial combat these objectives can be tied together in a campaign.


This links me nicely to my next topic which is deployment. There are a number of options here.

One I used in Clausewitz was for light infantry units to count as deployment markers which then took part in a mini game to decide the deployment zones before a game. Here’s an example video:

Or alternatively, we have specified table edges with a set distance from the edge.

Or, there is the option to have the defender set up where they feel appropriate given the objectives (this would be more for narrative based objectives), and the attacker would then ‘drop in’ or arrive in on or at certain points of the table that are a certain distance from the enemy.

Lastly, there’s the Argument of Kings option where units arrive on their table edge only after a certain turn. i.e. light units can arrive from turn one, regular infantry turn two, heavy infantry and light tanks turn 3 and so on.


Do you have any rules suggestions, or a topic you would like us to focus on next. Or perhaps you would like us to reword something in the main document. Anything you want, let us know below.

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