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Oldhammer Collection 26/01/22

Some of the keen eyed amongst you will have already noticed the name change in the series from Rogue Trader Collection to Oldhammer Collection. Why is this? The answer, is fairly simple. I have no self control!

When a friend at the club says “I’ve a load of old eighties Dwarfs I want to sell”. The first words out of my mouth are “How much?!”. Yes, my name’s Peter and I’m a miniature toy soldier addict!

So which Dwarfs have I purchased?

These bad boys.

And these bad boys…..

AND these very bad boys!

So instead of reducing my pile of shame I appear to just be adding to it this month.

That being said, I can knock one model off that list as complete….

Yup, Marneus is finally finished!

Now to start looking at the Rogue Trader Space Marine Squad. I have to add a massive thank you here, as I originally had just eight of the marines from RTB01. But thanks to the legend that is Planet Oldhammer I now have a complete squad, as he very kindly sent me two more figures (the sergeant and another marine) as well as a few missing arms and weapons that I needed!

Also, a few of you on twitter took to the polls to decide which Chapter I should paint any Space Marines for Rogue Trader in, and I’m pleased to tell you the winner is the Crimson Fists. Nothing shouts Rogue Trader like the Crimson Fists! It was a close run thing between them and the Rainbow Warriors.

Rogue Trader Collection – VI

Another week under the belt and just that little bit closer to Crimbo.

Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to get much done this week, but I did receive the plinth through the post….. And I may have made a slight error in judgement.

It’s a little bit small! Never mind I’ve ordered a slightly larger one, while this one can be used for the Imperial Army Land Speeder once that’s finished.

I’m still in two minds about the bear, as the print quality is pretty shoddy when viewed in person.


Does anyone have any decent tips for solving this?

Rogue Trader Collection – Part 2

I’ve started work on the Imperial Commander (Marneus Calgar). Well, I say on the Imperial Commander. All I’ve painted so far is his seat…..

Calgar’s Throne

I decided to go for a marble effect to give myself a little more challenge than the plain stone shown in the original images below.

Original Paint Scheme

I also decided to pick out the Eagle and writing in gold in order to make it stand out. I’m moving on to the gun holder and cloak holders next.

I forgot how nice the old metal models are to paint.

I also still need to sort out the diorama base for him as I would like this to be close to the artwork.