WoePoints 2023

Keep thinking of tackling that hobby backlog? Then why not join in with Woehammer and take part in WoePoints this year.

As a form of hobby golf, you’ll get negative points for every model you paint or sell and positive points for those that you buy.

Each month we’ll highlight some of the models that have been painted in an article run-down.

How do you score points? All the points are listed below:

  • -1 for each infantry model painted or sold on base sizes up to and including 40mm.
  • -1 for each completed unit
  • -2 for each infantry model painted or sold on base sizes larger than 40mm.
  • -2 for each cavalry model painted or sold
  • -2 for character models painted or sold
  • -5 for each terrain piece painted or sold
  • -5 for each vehicle or monster painted or sold
  • -10 for each lord of war/God model painted or sold

You get positive points of the same value for each model of the type specified above that your bought. E.g. if you buy 10 infantry models on 32mm bases you will get +10 points.

As well as these points, you’ll also get +5 points for any pre-orders you make.

REMEMBER only purchases or models you have painted or sold in 2023 count towards your points. So painting your backlog counts as free points!

Any prizes?

No, this is just for fun and intended to help you reduce your pile of potential.

How do I record my points?

Good news! You can do that on our friendly Discord server. Just drop an pictures into the #WoePoints-2023 channel and a mod will update your points. You’ll then be able to check your pointd by typing !points.

It’s as simple as that!

Massive thank you to Ben Bailey of Dice and Ducks and GW fame for building our WoeBot to keep track of the points!

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