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Start Collecting: Sons of Behemat – Beginners 1,000 Point Army

As part of our Start Collecting series looking a beginner armies, I’ve drawn the short straw and been ‘given’ Sons of Behemat. Maybe this has something to do with the fact I actually own an army of them, or just because I’ve upset Peter! Either way it’ll be fun, so join me on perhaps the strangest ‘Start Collecting’ article on Woehammer.

Sons of Behemat are the Gargants (Giants) of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. If you play 40k, then think about the Chaos Knights or Imperial Knights Codices and you’ll get the right idea… in fact it is very likely that the success of the Knight kit encourages GW to try making a Mega-Gargant kit.

Upon the release of their book, they were a very popular army but with new armies coming on the scene, extra points for killing them, and the difficulty in piloting them 5-0 they have seen less representation in AoS3. They also suffer a bit from being one dimensional! Sit on an objective; don’t die – can often be a tactic that’ll get you 2-3 at a tournament.

From The Honest Wargamer, State of the Meta Stats

Despite the stop of popularity (10% to 3.3%), they remain a 3-2 army and the best Destruction army (statistically… check out more on The Honest Wargamer website).

The first thing you’ll notice with this army is that there are 4 warscrolls, and no allies (we’ll discuss this below), so there’s not many options available for a 1,000 point force. The second thing you’ll notice is that there is no Start Collecting box… what a surprise; so we’ll have to forge our own path.

1,000 points or working towards 2,000 points

<updated after article released>. We had a great comment on one of the social media thingys that Peter pays attention to. Thanks to Dead Pheonix for pointing out that the below isn’t allowed in matched play 1,000 points ‘Contest of Generals’ because the Gatebreaker is over 50% of the army… so do I rewrite the article, or just change it’s premise! Change of course.

If you want to play 1,000 points open play then the below list is fine, if you’re playing 1,000 matched play then you’ll need Kraken Eater & Warmstomper or 2 Kraken-Eaters. The list below is a great stepping stone to a 2,000 point list though, so have fun with it…!

Gatebreaker or Kraken-Eater?

Your first question will be whether you want a Gatebreaker or whether a Kraken Eater is ‘good enough’ for what you want. The advantages of the Kraken Eater are the additional model count on objectives (30 rather than 20 for the Mega-Gargants) and additional Artefacts if you want them. The disadvantage is – although they look good on paper – the low rend makes them do a lot less damage that you’d think.

The Gatekeeper is definitely a beat-stick and able to take down some of the biggest enemies in Age of Sigmar, but he comes with a problem at 1,000 points… he costs 525 so you can’t have two of him. This makes him a target alongside the Warstomper you’ll be bringing along to keep him company. If you can only kill one of them, you aim for the Gatebreaker.

And why not just grab a Warstomper and 3 Gargants… well you can if you want, but the Gargants only come in 2s, so you’re buying one you don’t need and at 1,000 points then the 2 Mega Gargants are a great start – and a chunk of cash!

Games Workshop’s Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant

You’ll also need a copy of the Battletome as well.

Because we want an army with some variety, and you don’t want to paint two identical models, we’ll go Gatebreaker and Warstomper for our 1,000 point army. Of course, you’ll need the Battletome as well… so this is an expensive start!

The Cost

Remember that if you sign up with SCN Hobby World you can get all these boxes at 25% off the Games Workshop price.

SetGW PriceSCN Price
Mega-Gargant – Gatebreaker £120.00£90.00
Mega-Gargant – Warstomper£120.00£90.00
Battletome: Sons of Behemat£27.50£20.63
What it costs

The Army List

Gatekeeper (General) 525
Warstomper 470

So… that was simple. The artefacts are really entirely up to you. I prefer ones which improve killing power, but Arcane Tome is a fan favourite to allow Flaming Weapon and a dispel opportunity. Sure it won’t help against Teclis and Kroak, but if you’re against a mid-tier army it may stop the key spell.


On the face of it, the Sons of Behemat cannot have allies, but as the army expands, it is possible to take Kragnos to get a little more hitty power – but although he has a 2+ save he can be a weak link against shooting mortal wounds. The other option is of course a Thondia Incarnate… but I don’t know how many of these we’ll see in competitive play given their narrative background and the expense of book and model.

Where next?

Now you’ve got to 1,000 points where to next. Well there are two ways to play if you ignore the Kragnos option. One is to get another 2 Mega-Gargants and take along 4 models to a tournament. It’ll give you a lot of time to view other games as everything is so quick with this option. It also allows you to try out the Kraken Eater.

Mancrusher Gargants from Games Workshop

The other option is lots of small Mancrusher Gargants. These are better than their Gitz cousins (Aleguzzlers) in the Gloomspite Gitz book. They can’t fall over and their damage table doesn’t reduce movement (because you can take them in units). The disadvantage if that they are expensive for an old kit (£80 RRP for a pair), and if you need more than 3 of them they become somewhat mono-pose. They are so bad, even I have converted a few.

The good news about the Mancrusher Gargants is that if you aren’t playing at a specific GW event you can bring Proxies… and there’s loads of great models out there – don’t overlook 3D printed toys either.

So that’s it – is 1,000 points good? Well strangely yes. A lot of opponents won’t have the tools to deal with 2 monsters and the Mightier Makes Rightier rule for objective capturing makes it difficult to take objectives off the Sons of Behemat if they are still alive. Just don’t bank on having too many Most Sporting votes. If you’re playing against a regular opponent, you may want to agree an adjustment in points for them as well – especially if they don’t have access to much shooting.

— Declan

Start Collecting: Ironjawz – Beginners 1,000 Point Army

Those of you who have followed the blog for a while will be familiar with my 40k series of beginners armies based of each factions Combat Patrol box. I thought we should do the same for AoS.

Ironjawz are one of the more popular armies in Age of Sigmar and they’re also pretty good on the tabletop. Ironjawz lists can often be found gracing our top three lists series.

The Start Collecting box for Ironjawz has everything in you’d want in a budding tournament army. Hard hitting Gore-gruntas and tough ‘Ard Boyz.

Start Collecting: Ironjawz

If you’re starting out with Ironjawz you can’t go wrong by picking up two of their start collecting sets. That’ll give you two Warchanters, 20 ‘Ard Boyz and 6 Gore-Gruntas.

You’ll need someone to lead this mob though. At 1,000 points we don’t have enough points left for anything big, but we can pick up a Megaboss on foot.

You’ll also need a copy of the Battletome as well.

The Cost

Remember that if you sign up with SCN Hobby World you can get all these boxes at 25% off the Games Workshop price.

SetGW PriceSCN Price
Start Collecting: Ironjawz £65.00£48.75
Start Collecting: Ironjawz£65.00£48.75
Battletome: Orruk Warclans £32.50£24.38
What it costs

The Army List

*Core Battalion: Battle Regiment


Credit: Games Workshop

This big fella will be our leader. As we’ve got no shaman in our list we’ve given him the Arcane Tome, this makes him into a wizard who can cast and unbind one spell each turn. We’ve also given him Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork.

Credit: Age of Sigmar App

This is a great spell for getting any of your units closer to the enemy. It can even be cast on himself! For his Command Trait, we’ve chosen Hulking Brute which when he charges into combat means he’ll cause D3 wounds on a 2+ roll.

You’ll want him in combat as well. Look at his weapons:

Lets break that down a bit. The following table shows how much damage you should expect to dish out if you roll perfectly average dice rolls.

WeaponAttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsAv Damage (Pre-Saves)
Boss Choppa & Rip-tooth Fist85.33.57.0
Based on Average Dice Rolls

Add on to that, that you’ll likely be causing 2 mortal wounds on the charge as well, and you’re talking 9 damage in combat.


These guys will give you some great buffs to your units. Give one Fixin’ Beat to heal a model within 12″ D3 wounds (looking at you Megaboss). Then give the other Killa Beat, this will add 1 to hit rolls that target a specific enemy unit. As well as this, with Violent Fury they can add 1 to the damage of the attacks of a friendly unit They’re also not bad in combat themselves:

WeaponAttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsAv Damage (Pre-Saves)
Gorkstikk & Morkstikk64.02.65.2
Based on Average Dice Rolls

Ard Boyz

These guys are tough with two wounds each and a 4+ save. It’ll take a fair bit to shift them. We’ve got two units of these as well, one of which is reinforced to 10 models. Now imagine the unit of ten has charged into combat AND they’ve listened to the Killa Beat from your Warchanter while attacking a unit that the Warchanters used it’s Violent Fury on. You’d get the following output:

WeaponAttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsAv Damage (Pre-Saves)
Ardboy Choppas3120.513.527.0
Based on Average Dice Rolls

That’ll do the job…..


Your fast attack, these can be on the enemy before they know it. Make sure to give them Jagged Gore-Hackas so they can take full advantage of their charge ability.

These fellas are also the reason we’ve chosen the Bloodtoofs subfaction.

The ability to make a move or charge another unit after combat is just too good to resist!

What about their damage output?

WeaponAttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsAv Damage (Pre-Saves)
Jagged Gore-hackas106.64.44.4
Tusks & Hooves127.95.25.2
Based on Average Dice Rolls

The Jagged Gore-hackas are at rend -2 as well! There isn’t a single one of your units you don’t want in combat.

Where next?

Once you’re up to 1,000 points (or nearly in any case), you’ll probably start thinking about a 2k list. Perhaps look at the Megaboss on Maw-Krusha or some Brutes. Perhaps even double Maw-Krusha….