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Start Collecting: Ironjawz – Beginners 1,000 Point Army

Those of you who have followed the blog for a while will be familiar with my 40k series of beginners armies based of each factions Combat Patrol box. I thought we should do the same for AoS.

Ironjawz are one of the more popular armies in Age of Sigmar and they’re also pretty good on the tabletop. Ironjawz lists can often be found gracing our top three lists series.

The Start Collecting box for Ironjawz has everything in you’d want in a budding tournament army. Hard hitting Gore-gruntas and tough ‘Ard Boyz.

Start Collecting: Ironjawz

If you’re starting out with Ironjawz you can’t go wrong by picking up two of their start collecting sets. That’ll give you two Warchanters, 20 ‘Ard Boyz and 6 Gore-Gruntas.

You’ll need someone to lead this mob though. At 1,000 points we don’t have enough points left for anything big, but we can pick up a Megaboss on foot.

You’ll also need a copy of the Battletome as well.

The Cost

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SetGW PriceSCN Price
Start Collecting: Ironjawz £65.00£48.75
Start Collecting: Ironjawz£65.00£48.75
Battletome: Orruk Warclans £32.50£24.38
What it costs

The Army List

*Core Battalion: Battle Regiment


Credit: Games Workshop

This big fella will be our leader. As we’ve got no shaman in our list we’ve given him the Arcane Tome, this makes him into a wizard who can cast and unbind one spell each turn. We’ve also given him Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork.

Credit: Age of Sigmar App

This is a great spell for getting any of your units closer to the enemy. It can even be cast on himself! For his Command Trait, we’ve chosen Hulking Brute which when he charges into combat means he’ll cause D3 wounds on a 2+ roll.

You’ll want him in combat as well. Look at his weapons:

Lets break that down a bit. The following table shows how much damage you should expect to dish out if you roll perfectly average dice rolls.

WeaponAttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsAv Damage (Pre-Saves)
Boss Choppa & Rip-tooth Fist85.33.57.0
Based on Average Dice Rolls

Add on to that, that you’ll likely be causing 2 mortal wounds on the charge as well, and you’re talking 9 damage in combat.


These guys will give you some great buffs to your units. Give one Fixin’ Beat to heal a model within 12″ D3 wounds (looking at you Megaboss). Then give the other Killa Beat, this will add 1 to hit rolls that target a specific enemy unit. As well as this, with Violent Fury they can add 1 to the damage of the attacks of a friendly unit They’re also not bad in combat themselves:

WeaponAttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsAv Damage (Pre-Saves)
Gorkstikk & Morkstikk64.02.65.2
Based on Average Dice Rolls

Ard Boyz

These guys are tough with two wounds each and a 4+ save. It’ll take a fair bit to shift them. We’ve got two units of these as well, one of which is reinforced to 10 models. Now imagine the unit of ten has charged into combat AND they’ve listened to the Killa Beat from your Warchanter while attacking a unit that the Warchanters used it’s Violent Fury on. You’d get the following output:

WeaponAttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsAv Damage (Pre-Saves)
Ardboy Choppas3120.513.527.0
Based on Average Dice Rolls

That’ll do the job…..


Your fast attack, these can be on the enemy before they know it. Make sure to give them Jagged Gore-Hackas so they can take full advantage of their charge ability.

These fellas are also the reason we’ve chosen the Bloodtoofs subfaction.

The ability to make a move or charge another unit after combat is just too good to resist!

What about their damage output?

WeaponAttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsAv Damage (Pre-Saves)
Jagged Gore-hackas106.64.44.4
Tusks & Hooves127.95.25.2
Based on Average Dice Rolls

The Jagged Gore-hackas are at rend -2 as well! There isn’t a single one of your units you don’t want in combat.

Where next?

Once you’re up to 1,000 points (or nearly in any case), you’ll probably start thinking about a 2k list. Perhaps look at the Megaboss on Maw-Krusha or some Brutes. Perhaps even double Maw-Krusha….