Hobby Update – Kragnos

I’ve finished him, finally! Kragnos is a great model despite being more Beasts of Chaos than Destruction, and I’ve had him half-finished on a painting table since before Christmas.

I brought him to an event at The Honest Wargamer’s venue in Nottingham last year before his warscroll change and lost all three games… grabbing a wooden spoon (or sticker!), and it put me off finishing him to the standard of the rest of my army.

With the Battle of the Burning Skies last weekend a clubmate – Tom – asked if he could borrow him, and so I took the opportunity to finish the chap off… and clear another partially completed model from the to-do list. Cheers for the push there Tom.

He’s a big lad – helped by his Hero Stone… must be a chore to lug around.

Regular readers will know that all my monsters (or more accurately no Greenskin models) are painted in red in my Destruction forces and so I could paint Kragnos to fit in with the style of all my toys – allowing him to be used in Sons of Behemat, Orruk Warclans, Gloomspite Gitz and Ogor Mawtribes if I so wish.

This makes him perhaps my most versatile model… although I’ve not yet used his new warscroll.

A Shield… of Protection!
For Games Workshop App (Age of Sigmar)

You can see from the above that he hits hard… very hard. Rend 3, Damage 4 and easy access to +1 to hit means his Dread Mace is clearing the way for whatever else is in the army, and the other weapons help get more damage. In fact he is more damaging than a Maw Krusha without Violent Fury so definitely worth thinking about in some of my armies.

Bright, ‘Anime’ Hair and lots of Verdigris

I’ve painted his hair with Tallasar Blue (Contrast Paint), which is such a lovely vibrant colour although some of the tips can wear off a little. An initial undercoat of Black should mean that not too many errors show through.

The Brass/Bronze is lashed with as much Nihilakh Oxide I could find – I love the affect it gives, and the bright contast with the brown of the Bronze – really brings the ‘under ground’ vibe to the fore.

That’s it for March, but I’ve got some Gutrippas on the painting table for April which I hope to get some paint on in the next few weeks, and then we’ll see what’s next.

It’d be great to see if you’ve done a Kragnos – so many great paint jobs out there for him.

— Declan

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