Tournament Review – Burning Skies

2,000 point, 3 game Age of Sigmar Tournament, 27th March 2022

This was a local tournament just the other side of Northampton run by Savage Hammer and Greetings from the Warp as their first AoS tournament in a while. As a local event we managed to get an Age of Chumps invasion team going, and it was great to see everyone again in one place.

It was a small event with 20 players including some people attending their first tournaments. It’s great to see new people in the hobby enjoying themselves and scrapping for that win (or the wooden spoon!)

I took Big Waaagh! with me and the same list as I have used for the last two tournaments. (Chumpionship, Raging Rivers GT, and Dazmaul AoS)

Big Waaagh!

– Grand Strategy: Hold the Line

Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (480)*
– General
– Boss Choppa and Rip-tooth fist
– Command Trait: Touched by the Waaagh!
– Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
– Mount Trait: Fast ‘Un
– Lore of the Weird: Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork
Wurrgog Prophet (150)*
– Artefact: Glowin’ Tattooz
– Universal Spell Lore: Flaming Weapon
Orruk Warchanter (115)*
– Warbeat: Fixin’ Beat
Orruk Warchanter (115)*
– Warbeat: Fixin’ Beat

10 x Orruk Brutes (320)**
– Jagged Gore-hackas
– 2x Gore Choppas
– Reinforced x 1
10 x Orruk Brutes (320)**
– Jagged Gore-hackas
– 2x Gore Choppas
– Reinforced x 1
5 x Orruk Ardboys (85)***
– 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers
5 x Orruk Ardboys (85)***
– 1x Gorkamorka Banner Bearers

4 x Ironskull’s Boyz (80)***
3 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (170)**
– Jagged Gore-hackas
2 x Savage Big Stabbas (80)*

Core Battalions
**Hunters of the Heartlands
***Ironjawz Fist

Additional Enhancements

Total: 2000 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 2 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 148
Drops: 11

At Chumpionship I went 3-0 (1st) and at Raging Rivers 3-0 (2nd), and a 5-0 (1st) at Dazmaul, and the Big Waaagh were definitely running well. At some point the winning / undefeated streak would end, so, again, I was aiming for a 2-1.

Game 1 v Rhys (Flesh Eater Courts) – Apex Predators – Major Win

Rhys is one of the club, Age of Chumps, and has been playing Fyreslayers recently, but he switched to Flesh Eater Courts to bring a 5 Terrorgheist list along to this tournament…! A boy was it scary from across the table.

Rhys gave me first turn and I was fairly conservative in my opening, not going for any of the objectives with my heroes and pushing out my army. The only exception being the Gore Gruntas, who had Mystic Shield and Violent Fury and went charging into one of the Terrorgheists! I did 12 wounds, and left it on 2 wounds left. I quickly lost 2 Gore Gruntas to the screaming in Rhys’ turn whilst a unit of Ardboyz lost a model to his general. He charged in a Terrorgheist into the Ardboyz, bringing in a unit of Brutes behind them, and the other Terrorgheist stayed in combat with the remaining Gore Grunta.

I lost some Ardboyz, but the Gore Grunta proved his worth and killed his Terrorgheist, whilst the Brutes killed the one that had inadvertently charged them.

Rhys won priority, and gained 2 objectives, completing battle tactics and 3 points from, ‘1 / 2 / more’ but he lost another Terrorgheists charging into another Ardboys / Brutes combo on my right, although I did lose 5 Brutes! In my turn 2 I chose Bring it Down, and my Maw Krusha engaged the final ‘normal’ Terrorgheist, killing it. I still had no objectives as I had killed the leader on the objective with stomp, so not with a Melee attack.

I won priority into turn 3, gave it to Rhys and destroyed the objective held by his general meaning he couldn’t get onto an objective this turn; he went for Broken Ranks, but failed to kill the Brutes near him, whilst I took 2 objectives (Aggressive Expansion), and killed another of his support heroes.

Using a summoned unit, Rhys completed Savage Spearhead in my turn, charged my Warchanter, killed it with Stomp, and then pile-in into the Wurrgog!

Wurrgog in epic battle… and he lives!

Unfortunately, that stopped Rhys getting a point for the objective, and then the Wurrgog stared at the General, for a few wounds, everyone else moved out of the way whilst the Maw Krusha barrelled in and Slew the Warlord… that was game!

In turn 3 Paul had to teleport his Skink block to get an objective leaving his Engine and 3 characters alone; and I caught them and killed them

Game 3 v Dan (Maggotkin of Nurgle) – The Vice – Major Win

We started Vice with Furious Advance, and not a lot of movement from me, whilst Dan advanced quickly towards my army. He brought his general on the board edge, and charged a unit of Ardboyz to start the disease racking up.

Army set-up for paint judging!

Dan won priority for turn 2, took Savage Spearhead and charged onto my objective on my left… taking it although the Brutes did some damage and didn’t take too much back. In return I selected Slay the Warlord at the Wurrgog was within 12″ of the Lord of Afflictions… one dead Lord later and the Wurrgog still very much alive. I got the objective back, by bringing a Warchanter onto the objective.

Dan won priority 3, took conquer and got the objective back again, only for me to bring the Maw Krusha in and kill a battleline! Still one point behind, but Dan was running out of models.

I then won a priority, and took out half of his remaining army charging on my right, and bringing the Maw Krusha up for a cheeky charge on one of the Beasts. Everything in combat died and Dan was forced to try to get 2 units causing disease in combat to the Maw Krusha. Unfortunately he failed, I grabbed Savage Spearhead for my final turn.

The question around the room, was who was going to play the Dragon/Fulminator list!

Game 3 v Ash (Lumineth Realm Lords) – Marking Territories – Draw

I have never played Marking Territories, as it is not often selected by tournament organisers, and I can see why. It doesn’t have VPs and has an auto-win condition (hold all objectives). Unfortunately that made it a cagey game, with Teclis and the Sentinels trying to chew through my army quickly enough for grab all the objectives, and me trying to survive.

Turn 1 and Teclis did 24 mortal wounds to my army through the spell portal (ouch!) and set up all the defences. The Sentinels hit a unit of Ardboyz. My Gore Gruntas charged a unit of Wardens but only killed 8 (despite Violent Fury), meaning they ‘grew’ back with Emerald Lifeswarm throughout the game. I unfortunately failed Hand of Gork with Teclis outside 30″.

Turn 2, and Teclis shuffled forward for Monstrous Takeover, whilst the Sentinels finished the Ardboyz on my right. I took Furious Advance, and failed Hand of Gork again… no damage done!

Turn 3, I won priority and gave it to Ash, destroying one of his objectives. I did this more so that Ash couldn’t… I was running out of wounds! Ash selected Broken ranks, but only did 10 wounds to a unit of Ardboyz, I had 4 ward saves… and made one! Ash has failed a Battle Tactic which could mean the difference here as it didn’t look like either of us was getting the Major. I took Monstrous takeover and moved the Maw Krusha forward a little… I did succeed in Hand of Gork this time and moved the Wurgogg behind the Sentinels within 12″ in case I got the priority.

Turn 4, and I did get the priority, however the Wurrgog was clearly tired from the previous games and only killed 7 sentinels before dying… boo! I did get my Battle Tactic (Wait for It Ladz), so I was 4-2 up… but Ash made up for his Broken Ranks failure and killed the Maw Krusha (Bring it Down) with the Sentinels doing one more wound than required! So 4-3…

Turn 5, and back to Ash with the priority giving his Furious Advance and killing unit of Brutes. I went for Broken Ranks on the Sentinels (the only ones I could reach), had to use 2 command points for Mighty Destroyers leaving a 10″ charge… failed and it was a draw which was a fair result.


With 2-1-0 I was still unbeaten, and thanks to my first two games I was slightly ahead of Ash on the secondary score (VPs), so was fortunate enough to grab 3rd place! So 1st, 2nd, 1st, 3rd with Big Waaagh! Never been on a hot run like this before.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Savage Hammer and Greetings from the Warp for organising! I’ll definitely be back.

This event was sponsored by Sarah at SCN Hobbies, who also provides Peter & me with our toys at a 25% discount – which you can get too by asking to join the mailing list.

Chumps ride again!

The Chumps are off to Quest of Champions Heat 2 next weekend, which promises to have some difficult games – with a lot of people going to AoS Worlds (Prague, May) attending! It’ll be great to see how we all get on, and maybe we’ll get some more friendly fire and be drawn against each other again.

— Declan

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