Clubhammer Wednesdays: Age of Chumps

What is Clubhammer Wednesdays?

Clubhammer Wednesday is a new series of articles which focus on finding local gaming clubs where you may be able to play your favourite wargames! We’re aiming to achieve a large database where you can search for clubs near to you!

Age of Chumps


Rushden Conservative Club
44 High Street
NN10 0QX

Parking is opposite the pub

Takes place

One club nights on one Monday and one Sunday each month. Contact us to find out when our next club night is.

How Much?

Free! We just ask that you buy drinks at the bar.

Number of Members

This varies, but we aim for 8-10 players for a club night.

Games Played

We started off mainly playing Age of Sigmar. All sorts of games are played, Kill Team is popular and it looks like Horus Heresy will be too. We have Magic the Gathering and roleplaying groups too.

Special Events

We haven’t ran any officially. But we have club members like Rhys Sallabanks who ran an excellent event for Chumps. Plus we have Wayne Cooper and his crew running amazing events with Savage Hammer Gaming. We support good local events.


Best place is our Twitter and Facebook pages. Everything is generally arranged on the clubs WhatsApp group.

Social Media

Age of Chumps Facebook Group
Age of Chumps on Twitter

Discord Chat

We have one, feel free to get into contact about it.

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