Product Review – TT Combat Sprays

I recently attended Board Games Expo and TT Combat were there with an impressive stall, and a great offer on spray paints. As I’m always in need of spray and I knew I had a Horus Heresy box set on the way

I had not previously used their spray paints but had heard good things, so picked up some black primer which is always needed. I also wanted to get some red/orange for my Blood Angels and so I checked out their extensive range.

Seriously Red

Helpfully TT Combat have sprayed some MDF models with their spray so I could see the different colours and I went for Seriously Red.

Generic cans, so be careful to check the barcode and top!

Black Primer

As a rattle-can you’ll need to shake it before use and make sure temperature and humidity aren’t going to cause you problems, so after a bit of shaking I got to this!

Horus Heresy with Black Primer

Black is difficult to photograph, but hopefully you can see from above that the paint has gone on very crisply and clear, with no bobbling or variations in the paint. It’s a great primer and I’ll definitely be happy to pick this up in the future.

Seriously Red

Onto the red, I did this over the Black Primer, although this is a primer spray so should be able to go straight over grey plastic as well.

Seriously Red, over Black Primer undercoat

Again, a nice clear colour coverage. The colour does come out with a slightly ‘glossy’ finish, but this doesn’t cause me too many issues as I will going over this with Mephiston Red in order to bring it into line with the ‘standard’ colour scheme and to allow me to correct any errors I make when I start to apply the details.

Overall I’m impressed with both colours and would be happy to buy and use them in the future. At £8.50 each they are well priced within the market as well.

— Declan

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