A Tale of Wargamers – Part 2

If you’re not UK based then use the below as a guide for your monthly budget:

Euro – €35
US Dollar – $35
Australian Dollar – $75

The above has been calculated using a box of Cadian Infantry as the marker:

Costs at time of writing (27th October 2022)

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Declan (UK) – Astra Militarum (40K)
Peter (UK) – Warhammer Fantasy (Dwarfs)
Brett (AUS) – Traitor Guard (40K)
Patrick (US) – Harlequins (40K)?
Dave (UK) – Age of Sigmar (Ogor Mawtribes)


BUDGET – United Kingdom – £25 for November

Carried Forward+£1.12£1.12
Nov Budget£25.00£26.12
TT Combat Spray Primer-£7.50£18.62
Modelling Clippers (HobbyCraft)-£5.50£13.12
Modelling Knife (Element Games)-£1.96£11.16
Plastic Glue (HobbyCraft)-£4.00£7.16
A hobby supply month

This month I need to get assembling and the best way to do this is to get the right tools; so I’ve picked up clippers, knife and plastic glue. You can grab whatever is near or frequent your FLGS. Just remember that Games Workshop items for these hobby essentials are very expensive so it doesn’t hurt to buy something outside the GW-Fold.

In other news, Games Workshop announced new Cadians, so the start collecting box I picked up in October is no longer available – not helpful! However, I’m sure they’ll be a replacement or alternative soon.

Thanks G-Dubs… great timing!

In order to get everything ready to add paint in December, I’ve also picked up some TT combat black primer. This is for the vehicles which will primarily red with white. I need to save a little more money for the white undercoat for my Guard. I’ll have to see how they look though to ensure it’s a similar scheme. In December I’ll even start painting the little devils!


BUDGET – United Kingdom – £25 for November

I was pleased with the previous post, although I had only purchased one model, I felt I was in a great position going forwards as I had a lot of the paints, tools, glue and even a couple of brushes to crack on with anything I bought from that point onwards.

So as I’m collecting a Dwarf Fantasy army for Old World my next step was to think about building up the core of the force with the standard troops – Dwarf Warriors. The only issue being that Games Workshop hasn’t sold these for a number of years now. Granted I could kit bash these from perhaps a Hammerers and an Ironbreakers set but that would prove to be expensive for what I wanted to do, and after all we are on a tight budget here! Instead I decided to visit Etsy and see what I could find on there. It didn’t disappoint. There are so many talented sculptors nowadays that you can find models that even rival Games Workshops offerings in the level of detail.

As such I decided to order 20 Dwarf Warriors designed by Highlands Miniatures and sold by Print3DMiniaturesUK. These models look great and absolutely fit with the Games Workshop aesthetic.

I even mentioned to the seller that I was purchasing these for an article I was writing and he kindly gave me a summary of why he thinks 3D printing is the future of wargaming:

3D printing is definitely a good approach to a budget collection, especially from a perspective of being a hobbyist printer with the ability to make your own models at will. The in-built issue with the pricing commercially is the labour cost to ensure the models are properly cleaned and processed ready for that awesome paintjob every time.

Print3D Miniatures really is trying to bridge that gap by offering models as cheap as possible. By offering units in much better quantities than most others in the market we are able to bring the individual model cost down significantly which means that people looking to buy entire armies or collections aren’t breaking the bank doing so and at the same time offering unparalleled model quality & customer service.Andrew Print3D Miniatures UK

The only problem was the delivery, which isn’t the seller’s fault! I ordered these models at the end of October and a few days later we were unfortunate enough to suffer from a Postal strike in the UK. After two weeks the models still hadn’t arrived, so I contacted the seller. He kindly chased the package up but also couldn’t get any response from Royal Mail; in the end he sent out the models again at his own expense!

Also, a tad unfortunate, the plastic glue I purchased won’t cut it when working with resin miniatures. Instead, I would need to purchase some good old fashioned super glue. I don’t have a massive budget left so I turned to Amazon to see what they could offer me. In the end I managed to pick up some cheap Loctite Precision glue for only £2.80.

This would do temporarily until I could upgrade to some better-quality glue (yes, there is a difference in quality).

Due to the lateness of the miniatures reaching me I was unable to get any painting done this month. However, I’ll be off on a flyer next month. Next up I need to get some classy square bases for my minis as well as another unit. But what should I buy?

Carried Forward+£5.00£5.00
Nov Budget+25.00£30,00
20x Dwarf Warriors-£25.00£5.00
Super Glue-£2.80£2.20


BUDGET – Australia – $75 for November

This month we are going to pick up another kit to build the second section and some shade to give a bit more life to our men. I’ve built the section with both the Grenade Launcher and Flamer but for guard the flamer isn’t ideal. If I run these in a Chaos Space Marine army the flamer gets D6+2 shots and might be worth it. I’ll add a Plasma and melta from the Command Squad later.

This month our purchases are another Cadian Shock Troops box and Agrax Earth Shade. The shades add depth to the models, I usually dilute them 50/50 with water and use the Agrax on everything that isn’t metal. Nuln goes on the metal (next time).

That totals $69.92, it was important to get 2 squads and 20 troops. 20 troops are enough to start using them in a couple of games, Kill Team 2.0 from Games Workshop and One Page Rules Grimdark Future.

In Kill Team, the troops I’ve built so far can form the Compendium Imperial Guard Team (with 2 teams of 7). Unfortunately we don’t have all of the heavy/special weapon options in our squads so we have to use a lot of Troopers. But you can form 2 Fire Teams and a legal 14 man Kill Team like so: –

Kill Team – Imp Guard
Fire Team 1Fire Team 2
Guardsman Sergeant (Chainsword, Laspistol)Guardsman Trooper
Guardsman CommsGuardsman Trooper
Guardsman Gunner (Bayonet, Flamer)Guardsman Gunner (Bayonet, Launcher)
Guardsman TrooperGuardsman Trooper
Guardsman TrooperGuardsman Trooper
Guardsman TrooperGuardsman Trooper
Guardsman TrooperGuardsman Trooper

It won’t be the most competitive team but it’s a start and you can see if you like the smaller skirmish game.

One Page Rules is developed by fans as a quick, simple wargame . There are full rule books both for the rules and factions available online for free. Our Traitor Guard can play as Rebels. Typically games use troops only and 30 to 40 models, as well as being simplified they are quick. It’s still playable with only 20 models as well. If you have a family member or friends with some models from pretty much any system this is a good way to get into wargaming. Kids pick it up quickly and imbibing refreshing beverages doesn’t really affect the game (too much).

At the end of this month we’ve got the troops we need for our 500pt list, I’ll move onto the Command Squad next month unless you’d prefer some armour. Let me know in the comments.

Carried Forward+$0.91$0.91
November Budget+$75.00$75.91
Cadian Shock Troops-$60.83$15.07
Agrax Earthshade-$9.09$5.98


BUDGET – United States – $35 for November

There’s no great way of putting this, but sometimes you screw up. Mistakes are great, though! You just need to be sure to identify them early.

In this particular instance, I played a game with some borrowed Harlequins and proxies, and found that I didn’t like the play-style. Coming from Idoneth Deepkin in AoS, I assumed that the fast and aggressive play-style would work, but I found the number of options for stratagems and secondaries to be overwhelming.

So this month? I’m not spending anything. I’m going to take the month to reassess what I want to play, and what games are growing in my community. Maybe I take the time to start a new AoS army, maybe I buy an airbrush (at our budget I’m probably not buying an airbrush), or maybe I start building models for a game I haven’t played before. December may also be a slow month, just because of the holidays, but we’ll see what happens.

Carried Forward+$18.82$18.82
November Budget+$35.00$53.82


BUDGET – United Kingdom – £25 for November

This month would mean a bit of consolidation for me as I wanted to pick up everything else I needed to paint and base the army. That meant no models this month (boo) but free rein in the coming months to bargain hunt and go mad.

I needed some fancy paints to bring my minis to life and so I picked up some Nihilakh Oxide and some Blood for the Blood God citadel paints. These were £2.34 each from SCN and should really help bring the Ogors to life and make them pop.
I needed some basing bits and oh so nearly blew the budget on this! I picked up some Green Stuff World Earth Textures for £3.75, AK Interactive’s Autumn Tufts for £5.36, some Gamer Grass flowers for £5.85 and a pack of Kromlech mushrooms for £7.20. I got all of these items from Element Games.

This put me at £26.84 and over my £25 but I still had £3.39 left from last month and squeaked through! Phew!

You don’t have to buy all your basing materials though, I’ve used tea leaves and dried out twigs on bases too and been really happy with them.

I finished up my first models for the army and I’m very pleased with them, they’re going to have plenty of friends soon as well as I can focus on building up my army. The Warglutt of the Hamfist Mawtribe will be unstoppable!

Sep & Oct Budget+£50.00£50.00
Paints & Tools-£31.61£18.39
Ogor Gluttons-£9.00£9.39

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