Chaiya’s Age of Sigmar Christmas Diorama

Just occasionally there’s a piece of hobby that comes along that absolutely blows me away!

This is Chaiya’s Age of Sigmar Christmas display.

It’s so good, I asked Chaiya to describe some of the methods he used to create it.

The Sleigh

The sleigh was made with Plasticard, some greenstuff and then fake white fur glued to the painted model.

Landscape and Hut

I did the house with foam and a pringles box. The roof was made with thin foam board and then scraped with a wire brush to create wood effect. A sculpting paste was used to fill the gaps between the stones.

The Drums

My plan was to do the rocker with mates who looked at the drums. The drums were made with some spare bits from ork sprues, green stuff and cork

The landscape

I bought some Christmas trees and removed the fake snow with hot water. I wanted something more fluffy so I used water mixed with PVA glue and green turf.

The snow on the ground was made with a mix of PVA glue+water+white paint+bicarbonate soda.

The rocks are lumps of bark which I then painted and drybrushed. While I used resin from green stuff world for the ice. This was poured in 4 layers. The first with dark green paint, second without paint,third with white paint and last without paint. I then scratched the top to make it look like ice.

Peter – Absolutely brilliant, can’t wait for see next years! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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