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Woehammer Facebook Group

Did you know that Woehammer have a Facebook group? Why not head over there and post some pictures of your miniatures, we’ll include them in monthly hobby summary alongside our own.

Painting Competition Open to Entries

So after the failed attempt of deciding a winner the first time around via voting, we’ve decided to reopen the competition to entries.

The winner will be decided by a panel of judges and the winner will receive their choice of start collecting or Combat Patrol box. This is made possible by our generous sponsors at SCN Hobby World.

You’ll have until 31st December to make your submission. As before the rules are as follows;

1) your submission can be any miniature from any games system, as long as;

2) the miniature fits on a 50mm wide base (round or square)

3) One submission per person

4) one of the photographs submitted with the miniature must include it with a note showing the email address of the competitor.

5) entry for submissions closes at midnight (GMT) on 31st December 2021

6) send your submissions to thewoehammer@gmail.com


I’ve been obsessed with looking through the hashtag for Armies on Parade in 2021 and I thought I would share some of my favourites.