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Woehammer Facebook Group

Did you know that Woehammer have a Facebook group? Why not head over there and post some pictures of your miniatures, we’ll include them in monthly hobby summary alongside our own.

Woehammer in 2021

I’ve seen a few others post their blog stats and as a massive geek I always find stats interesting. So for those like minded individuals here’s our first few months as stats!

We started posting in July this year with one or two posts, which then picked up in August until we were then getting to the point of posting once a day (sometimes more).

Views by Month

  • July – 74 Views
  • August – 1,378 Views
  • September – 3,021 Views
  • October – 5,907 Views
  • November – 12,049 Views
  • December – 29,767 Views

For me this is staggering, in September I was over the moon with 3k views and had the personal aim of a 6% improvement month on month, however we’ve smashed that by essentially doubling the views we get each month.

I’m fully aware that this will not continue into 2022, but to come off a month where we achieved almost 30,000 views after only being around for a little under 6 months is great!

What’s also pleasing is that when we do get a visit to the site people are more than often viewing another article after their initial visit, with the average visitor viewing 1.65 articles each.

What’s being Read?

By far our most popular posts are the Top Three lists for competitive tournaments. These fill out five of the top right posts. So be assured you’ll see more of these in 2022.

Where are the views coming from?

This is possibly the most interesting part for me as initially a lot of the traffic in the first few months was driven by posts shared on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. In August our top traffic source was Reddit (144 views) followed by Twitter (47 views), and while these continue to contribute major traffic sources for us, they have now been overtaken by search engines with the WordPress Reader App also contributing a large chunk of traffic.

Traffic Sources for December

This is likely to be due to us posting an article once a day and the various search engines starting to show these more regularly purely due to the amount of content we now have.

Who reads us?

It’s no surprise that we appeal to the English speaking world primarily, though we do have a high readership from many of the other European nations (yes, I consider us to be European despite the catastrophe that is Brexit).

So what next?

Well we already have plans to improve upon our top three lists postings with more in-depth analysis of the lists. We also have numerous tactic articles planned out as well as beginner army suggestions for each faction in AoS and 40k. As well as this I’m hoping to improve the look of the site itself as well as getting one or two more regular writers.

Either way, I wanted to thank all those who have visited us and my fellow Woehammerers Declan, Ed and Dave a Happy New Year, and here’s to an even better 2022!