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Product Review – Tardigrades

From Bad Squiddo Games

I like Bad Squiddo Games, and occasionally purchase items from Annie Norman. Bad Squiddo Games specialises in believable female miniatures and has a large catalogue of options and models.

I of course buy animals and mushrooms because I am different… and strange!

So I was very happy when I got some Gigantic Water Bears (or Tardigrades) for my birthday and have already painted them up.

Tardigrades… but big!

For those who don’t know Tardigrades are tiny creatures that can survive in extremes of temperature. See Wikipedia!

They also appear as a card in Terraforming Mars, one of my favourite board games at the moment – despite being 2.5 – 3.5 hours long for a game.

Having received them earlier this month I checked for colours, but the Gigantic Water Bears don’t actually have colour because of their very small size. So I can paint them as I like… this gave me opportunity to paint them blue (from Terraforming Mars) and brown (because, you know, they are bears!)

Here’s what I did:

Miniature Bears… or very Large tardigrades

Painted over a Grey Seer undercoat in Talassar Blue and Snakebite Leather… gotta love contrast paint!

Cheers Annie, another fun set of toys – don’t know what to do with them, but they’ll live in the cabinet for now.

— Declan