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Warscroll Statistics – Gloomspite Gitz (Troggoth)

Below you will find the Gloomspite Gitz (Troggoth) Warscroll Statistic cards.

What the cards show:

  • Warscroll Wheel: This information is the standard Warscroll wheel. However, it shows the maximum statistics for the unit in place of any * as shown on the units Warscroll.
  • Resilience: This information shows the MINIMUM number of hits BEFORE saves for each rend type for this unit to be destroyed post BATTLESHOCK
  • Weapon Stats: This shows the AVERAGE damage for ALL models armed with that weapon in the unit BEFORE any saves are made. It also shows the MAXIMUM damage for ALL models armed with that weapon in the unit. The final column shows the threat range, which is a combination of the units movement and maximum charge roll (plus run roll if applicable) for that unit.
  • Unsaved Damage: This section shows the damage output for all models armed with that weapon in the unit AFTER the various save values are made.




Other Units


18/05/2022 – Resilience statistics corrected on Fungoid Cave-Shaman to reflect 4+ Ward Save.

Warscroll Review – Dankhold Troggoth

The AOS points changes are in, and the Dankhold Troggoth went down in points – again. So why not include them in another Warscroll Wednesday!

This points reduction would be more impactful if they hadn’t gone up in the first place… but the question today is: Are Dankholds not taken because of the scroll or because of the points – lets find out!

The first thing to note is that there are two similar scrolls – Dankhold Troggboss, and Dankhold Troggoth. The first is a Leader who makes most Troggoth’s battleline and let’s you run a Trogg only army (what’s not to like!!), the second is a unit in that army – unfortunately not battleline but they are big monstrous fiends… so surely they’ll work.

I was also gifted one through #hohohobbyvices secret santa and wanted to remind myself what he could do:

What a model.. isn’t he pretty?!

The Scroll

For the scroll you can either check out the book or the Age of Sigmar app… as a Warhammer+ subscriber I have this so on with the review:

170 points for 10 wounds on a 4+ save isn’t bad especially when we look at the regeneration below. He can go in units of 2 because of reinforcement points, but you’re probably going to want to run them in units of 1… just so you can use the Rockgut Troggoths in units of 9. At 170 points they are slight more expensive than 3 Rockguts (12 wounds, save 5+, 145 points), but are not battleline so are more disposable – as they won’t give up Broken Ranks. However, don’t be confused by their size being significantly above a Mindstealer Sphiranx… these are not monsters!

His move of 6″ is definitely a problem though. In a world of Dragons moving 12″, with a 12″ shooting attack this is a problem… but it’s a problem shared by Nurgle now… and they say a problem shared is a problem halved…

The Boulderclub is potentially great. It has a 2″ reach so can reach over some screens, and can occasionally hit a Windspirit, and 3+/3+/-2/D6 is a good damage profile. Games Workshop seem to be suggesting that 3+/3+ is the statline for elite combat troops and it’s good to see it on the Troggoths. The rend 2 can help as well, although you’ll want to be attacking multiple units with the army to reduce the impact of all out defense. My problem is with the D6 and only 3 attacks. Potentially of course he can do 18 wounds in combat but with my rolling that is never happening and I know I’ll roll a one. In Warhammer 40k they use D3+? a lot and would be great to see these guys at D3+2. If you’re unlucky enough to be hit by a boulderclub wielded by a Troggoth of this size it should hurt!

The crushing grip is a good ability and can split up units out of coherency if you strike after them (and survive!) It can even take out Fulminators with a little luck – great!

Magical resistance is a great ability to stop damage – I used Weird Un a lot in AoS2 on my Maw Krushas which was a similar ability and it either stops an opponent casting at the model, or means they risk a lot. Also remember it’s optional so if an Emerald Lifeswarm gets near the Troggoth he can choose to use it!

Regeneration is a small bonus, but only triggering in your hero phase and only on a 4+ is weak. In the world of AoS3 its difficult to justify this not happening automatically – It would also be great to have it triggered each battleshock phase (or similar) to make it happen more often.

A fun little bonus that can get the odd mortal wound through on single characters, but it’s a little disappointing it doesn’t trigger for each Troggoth, rather than once unit.

What’s not on the scroll

Unfortunately, that’s about it. You can make the regeneration work on a 3+ with Glogg’s Megamob, but that’s just making a weak ability very slightly less weak. He can also perform a similar task as the Mirebrute Troggoth from the Orruk Warclans / Kruleboyz books… but the Mirebrute can increase his attacks.

So I’m not sure I’d take him, although at a one-dayer he’d be fun to try again… and I have lots of them now so really do need to get painting them. Let me know if you’ve spotted any secret tech here to encourage me to catch up with them in 2022!

— Declan

Warscroll Review – Marshcrawler Sloggoth

With each new release in the Destruction family of Army Books I’m always on the lookout for good units that can be used across multiple differrent builds and (where possible) even across multiple different armies.

The first of these to get an article were Rippa’s Snarlfangs – the Grot Underworlds Warband for Gitz… that can be used by Orruk Warclans. The second is the topic of today’s discussion – Marshcrawler Sloggoth.

Two may be overkill, but I’ll never know unless I try!

The Marshcrawler Sloggoth is a unit from the new Orruk Warclans book which forms part of the Kruleboyz allegiance – can’t see that all important Keyword in the book… yep; they left it off! Check out the FAQ to see it back in. Unfortunately as an Ironjawz player I can’t bring him along, but like many Destruction players I have a lot of the Kruleboyz units awaiting painting and the Marshcrawler (affectionality called ‘Dobby’ in the Warclans chat) will definitely find a way in there – as well as into any Big Waagh lists I run.

But, as luck would have it the Gloomspite Gitz can ally in Orruk Warclans, and I had a tournament to go to last week (BoBo) and so into a Squig army went a Marshcrawler. You can read about the army here.

Order & Chaos players may not understand the excitement that comes with a warscroll that can be used in multiple armies, with their collation rules, Cities of Sigmar, or Stormcast in general, but Death players will understand the joy that comes with a warscroll that revitalises an existing book – it’s a little ray of light!

The Scroll

For the scroll you can either check out the book – remember that there’s a missing Keyword in there, or the Age of Sigmar app… as a Warhammer+ subscriber I have this so on with the review:

It’s got Troggoths & Grots

The first thing you’ll notice about the Marshcrawler Sloggoth is that it doesn’t have any of the key Kruleboyz characteristics… it’s not an Orruk, it’s not poisoned… but what it is, is 3 Grotz riding a Troggoth. And it’s great! If this model isn’t also in the new Gitz book I’ll be disappointed. Looking beyond the immediate visual high, he is reasonable survivable with 12 wounds on a 4+ save, the bravery is less relevant and the move (6″) is fast enough to keep up with the foot slogging Orruks & Grotz that he is likely to be with. At 150 points, you’d still need selling on him, but bearing in mind a Loonboss on Mangler Squig is 310 for 12 wounds on a 4+, he doesn’t have to have too much going on to get into lists.

A superb combat profile… it is not!

So, at 150 points we do need the unit to do something and this combat profile is not something to write home about. The Grots are useless – but may sneak through 1 damage on an unsuspecting foe, and the Sloggoth is really only a single Troggoth (Troll!) with a poor rend. The 3+/3+ is not bad though, and can work in a pinch and 2 damage means he may be able to sneakily take out a character… but to be honest at 6″ move he’s not getting to them. So with okay base stats, but relatively poor attacks I imagine you’re not sold on him… unless you just love Gitz riding Troggs!

But wait… there’s abilities to come.

Like a Sandwich, the best is in the middle!

First up is the regeneration – this is standard Trogg regeneration and whilst it’s not brilliant it does mean that the Marshcrawler is mostly immune to ‘chip’ damage (occasional mortal wounds throughout the game), and his Troggoth keyword does mean he gets some benefit in Gitz from the Bad Moon. Let’s be fair it a good ability on a 12 wound model, which is a good bonus.

Second, and at the top of the App list is an auto-slay ability like the Sons of Behemat have. This one is the slightly weaker version in that we need to roll twice the model’s wounds – so we’re not killing characters – but it does have a massive benefit… It goes at the end of the combat phase – sure you have to survive and if ‘Dobby’ is in combat you might be in trouble in the wider game, but it is a 2″ reach that can break coherency. So on a 5 model unit on 32mm bases in a line killing one of them can cause another 2 to flee due to coherency problems. Best used as a threat, or as a Hail Mary play but certainly not something to ignore.

And finally, the reason for looking twice at this warscroll, Krew Drummer. It’s so good I’m going to repeat it below:

It’s a Grot with a good ability

The Krew Drummer is a superb ability – sure it repeats the ‘All Out Attack’ command ability which Kruleboyz can issue twice anyway, but there is no cost to this – no command point, no spell casting, no prayer required. Nothing – it’s always on…! And that is a dream situation. The 18″ of the model is a huge distance, especially with the move of 6″ and the fact you’ll likely be running it, because you don’t want to charge, and with the smaller tables.

This frees up command points for other command abilities, including in the same turn. If you’re fighting an enemy at -1 to hit, add in All Out Attack to retain the +1, or use All Out Defense on the key unit and then swing back with the drumming ringing in your ears. It’s just great.

I took one of them to BoBo Heat 2 (a 70+ player tournament in the UK last weekend), and it was superb. My Squigs were almost always hitting on 3+ instead of 4+ and that made a huge difference to my output in melee… where Gitz are struggling at the moment. I think it may be even better with Grots, because it allows the +1 to hit and the Loonboss’s I’m da Boss, Now Stab ‘Em Good! ability can be used with it, instead of having to decide. Trogg (Stuart) also used it in his force and said he would keep it in.

What’s not on the scroll

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that the scroll is good and has some play, and that it is pretty much a must take in Gloomspite Gitz lists but what about the Kruleboyz & Big Waagh lists?

Well that’s a strange one… granted I’ve not really tried to write a Big Waaagh list yet because I’m having so much fun with Ironjawz – who can’t take ‘Dobby’ – but also because it plays very differently to AOS2, in that I am reasonably certain it is much slower to build up the Waagh points.

But for Kruleboyz builds it’s tricky – the +1 is melee only so no boosting the Bolt Boyz – which is what all Kruleboyz are taking – and the Marshcrawler doesn’t use the poison rule. I still think there’s a list with only a few Bolt Boyz and more foot troops at which point he’ll be back in the list but it’ll need some practice and missing out on the 9 Bolt Boyz will certainly change the army.

So for Gitz he’s almost a 1+ (although 2 is probably overkill), and I’d definitely take him when I start trying out Big Waagh… but I’m still on the fence with the Kruleboyz and maybe that’s why Games Workshop forgot the keyword… he’s not for them anyway!

Let me know how you get on with Dobby the Marshcrawler Sloggoth and if there’s any secrets you’re prepared to share!

— Declan

Missile Damage Output
Melee Damage Output4.5 (13″ Threat)
Resilience18 Hits (Pre-Save)
Cost150 Points
Marshcrawla Sloggoth