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Warscroll Review – Dankhold Troggoth

The AOS points changes are in, and the Dankhold Troggoth went down in points – again. So why not include them in another Warscroll Wednesday!

This points reduction would be more impactful if they hadn’t gone up in the first place… but the question today is: Are Dankholds not taken because of the scroll or because of the points – lets find out!

The first thing to note is that there are two similar scrolls – Dankhold Troggboss, and Dankhold Troggoth. The first is a Leader who makes most Troggoth’s battleline and let’s you run a Trogg only army (what’s not to like!!), the second is a unit in that army – unfortunately not battleline but they are big monstrous fiends… so surely they’ll work.

I was also gifted one through #hohohobbyvices secret santa and wanted to remind myself what he could do:

What a model.. isn’t he pretty?!

The Scroll

For the scroll you can either check out the book or the Age of Sigmar app… as a Warhammer+ subscriber I have this so on with the review:

170 points for 10 wounds on a 4+ save isn’t bad especially when we look at the regeneration below. He can go in units of 2 because of reinforcement points, but you’re probably going to want to run them in units of 1… just so you can use the Rockgut Troggoths in units of 9. At 170 points they are slight more expensive than 3 Rockguts (12 wounds, save 5+, 145 points), but are not battleline so are more disposable – as they won’t give up Broken Ranks. However, don’t be confused by their size being significantly above a Mindstealer Sphiranx… these are not monsters!

His move of 6″ is definitely a problem though. In a world of Dragons moving 12″, with a 12″ shooting attack this is a problem… but it’s a problem shared by Nurgle now… and they say a problem shared is a problem halved…

The Boulderclub is potentially great. It has a 2″ reach so can reach over some screens, and can occasionally hit a Windspirit, and 3+/3+/-2/D6 is a good damage profile. Games Workshop seem to be suggesting that 3+/3+ is the statline for elite combat troops and it’s good to see it on the Troggoths. The rend 2 can help as well, although you’ll want to be attacking multiple units with the army to reduce the impact of all out defense. My problem is with the D6 and only 3 attacks. Potentially of course he can do 18 wounds in combat but with my rolling that is never happening and I know I’ll roll a one. In Warhammer 40k they use D3+? a lot and would be great to see these guys at D3+2. If you’re unlucky enough to be hit by a boulderclub wielded by a Troggoth of this size it should hurt!

The crushing grip is a good ability and can split up units out of coherency if you strike after them (and survive!) It can even take out Fulminators with a little luck – great!

Magical resistance is a great ability to stop damage – I used Weird Un a lot in AoS2 on my Maw Krushas which was a similar ability and it either stops an opponent casting at the model, or means they risk a lot. Also remember it’s optional so if an Emerald Lifeswarm gets near the Troggoth he can choose to use it!

Regeneration is a small bonus, but only triggering in your hero phase and only on a 4+ is weak. In the world of AoS3 its difficult to justify this not happening automatically – It would also be great to have it triggered each battleshock phase (or similar) to make it happen more often.

A fun little bonus that can get the odd mortal wound through on single characters, but it’s a little disappointing it doesn’t trigger for each Troggoth, rather than once unit.

What’s not on the scroll

Unfortunately, that’s about it. You can make the regeneration work on a 3+ with Glogg’s Megamob, but that’s just making a weak ability very slightly less weak. He can also perform a similar task as the Mirebrute Troggoth from the Orruk Warclans / Kruleboyz books… but the Mirebrute can increase his attacks.

So I’m not sure I’d take him, although at a one-dayer he’d be fun to try again… and I have lots of them now so really do need to get painting them. Let me know if you’ve spotted any secret tech here to encourage me to catch up with them in 2022!

— Declan