Secret Tech – Rippa’s Snarlfangs

During my recent chat with AOS Coach I got to thinking about the units I use most often, particularly those that I use across different army builds. Those scrolls that always go into every army whether they are from the book or allies.

One of those units is (or should that be ‘are’?) Rippa’s Snarlfangs.

Rippa and his mates as painted by the GW ‘Eavy Metal team.

The Scroll

Unfortunately the warscroll is no longer available on-line and is only available via the Warhammer AOS app. (A disappointing move from the accessibility of previous editions, and a barrier to entry… a strange move from GW).

The Fluff!

Rippa’s Snarlfangs are a Warhammer Underworlds Warband which are based on the old style Common Goblin Wolf Riders – with a wonderful reimagining. The models have great movement (12″), and come with 3 different weapon load outs… talking of which:

Okay, so I hear you calling me out here… there’s nothing yet that is particularly strong or unique about the scroll. 6 wounds, mediocre goblins and a one shot 5+/5+ bow… they are hardly Longstrikes; but bear with me – there is logic to my madness.

Now we’re talking… 2 attacks per wolf with 2 damage each. They aren’t going to take anything with an armour save but I’ve charged them into Skinks with some success and the 3+/3+ can become 2+/3+ reasonably easily. Still not sold?… read on.

This is where the power of the scroll starts to become apparent… and it’s the wolfs. So the +1 to hit is ‘free’ on the charge, but Ferocious Pounce is where it is. This allows Rippa and his mates to ignore all the ‘Unleash Hell’ out there and get into the juicy underbelly of the enemy. I’ve used them as a ‘just in case’ in my Warclan army so they stay outside 3″, within 6″ and then if my Orruk’s failed to finish off a unit these 3 can do the job.

What’s not on the scroll

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that the scroll is good and has some play, but why is it in all my Orruk Warclans (as allies) and Gloomspite Gitz lists? The point value…! For 70 points I find this unit invaluable for grabbing early (or late) objectives and completing battle tactics. Having a unit that is quick enough to grab the odd objective early, and then if they survive getting a cheeky Savage Spearhead with another unit – it means I don’t have to rely on Hand of Gork being successful. They are also the cheapest unit in either of the books since the increase in minimums on the Squig and Squig Hopper units.

So if you use Gitz or Orruk’s give them a go and let me know in the comment how you get on

— Declan

13 thoughts on “Secret Tech – Rippa’s Snarlfangs”

  1. What’s your thoughts on running these in a Troggoth army? I don’t like to break up the theme of the army, but figured these might be a good & low point cost option to help the low unit count army grab objectives.

    1. I think they’ve got play in a Troggoth army as well. If you’re a purist (ie 100% Trogg) it’s difficult, but I think they add speed, the 6″ pile in and potentially additional battle tactics. I would take them!

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