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Hobby Update – Genestealer Broodlord

My Genestealer Kill Team article is proving to be a bit of a slow burner hit, and I recently added some Termagaunts to the Kill Team to give me some slightly friendlier options if playing against new players, or irregular wargamers.

I have long loved the Tyranids and have a large collection in various stages of painting. In the distant past I did manage to make a 2,000 point army but this is now from such an old edition it needs a complete re-write before it would be useable.

Whilst painting my Warlord Games Napoleonic British I got a bit stuck on the 14mm models, and – taking my own advice – decided to paint something different. I remembered I had a Broodlord somewhere and, after a little rummaging, found it and undercoated it before I could get distracted by something else.

The ‘little’ chap ready to go.

The main paint scheme here is using Talassar Blue (still magic) with Teclis Blue drybrush. The base is from a 40mm sector imperialis base cut up to go around the pipe. And – as is normally the case with me – the base has more colours on it that the model. Oh well; I still think he looks good.

As I was completing him, I noticed a Space Marine helmet and had to decide what colour to paint it. Normally I would go red, because I collect Blood Angels as well, but it’s March so there was another option. Taking on the #MarchonMaggrage hashtag, I painted it blue for the Ultramarines (although it could be a Blood Angel Devastator of course)!

I don’t know what he’s pointing at, but I hope it’s not me.

With the Broodlord finished, I can now go back to Napoleonic troops… more small toys!

Hobby Bingo

This also means that I’ve done another Hobby Bingo Box!

That’s E4 completed for March

— Declan

Kill Team – Genestealers

The beginning of a journey into an unknown

I am fortunate to have met many friends through wargaming and boardgaming, and sometimes these two groups even collide in a gloriously fun way! Kill Team is one of the rulesets that I can play with those more interested in boardgaming, or not interested in buying & painting a 2,000 point army.

So when one of these friends asked if I was playing Kill Team at a holiday we have soon, I immediately said yes… and started thinking about what I could take. I didn’t want to buy new toys… pile of shame is far too large anyway… so I was limited to Imperial Guard, Blood Angels, Orks and Tyranids. Looking at what others were planning on bringing (Tau, Guard or Orks; Sisters of Battle; Iron Warriors; Necrons) I decided to bring something very different – so Tyranids it was.

The Kill Team

Tyranids have a number of options for their Kill Teams consisting of 2 fire teams from: Tyranid Warriors, Genestealers, Tyranid Swarms (Hormagaunt / Termagaunt). I had loads of all these available, but Genestealers looked to be very different from the other armies being taken, so I picked two Genestealer Fire Teams with Rending Claws & Scything Talons.

The first Fire Team, with the Feeder Tendrils being the Genestealer Leader

I grabbed a few models, some new (see above), and some old (see below) to make the individual Fire Teams clearly different. To add a little variety I found a ‘Stealer with Feeder Tendrils… he was different enough to be my Leader.

Needless to say none of the extras that are on the models are included in Kill Team, so it didn’t matter that some of them have mutations on them. Perfect for adding a bit of variety.

2nd Fire Team is more old school!

The second unit was the gorgeous monopose sculpts from the Space Hulk era. I grew up with these guys, so it was great to get them painted.


I wanted a scheme I could do quickly, and I’d just picked up Talassar Blue (GW Contrast Paint), so I decided to start with this. The ‘Stealer models have lots of detail on them, and the contrast worked wonderfully, giving great coverage over a simple zenithal highlight (Chaos Black & Grey Seer spray paint). It’s such a vibrant colour and may become my favourite contrast paint!

After a quick Teclis Blue drybrush to show some highlights, I checked my colour wheel, and it suggested orange as a contrast colour… perfect! I picked out the teeth, talons and nails and I had the units finished in a little over a day.

Fortunately, I have a bunch of Sector Imperialis bases already painted, so a quick snip of the bases and reglue and the unit was finished.

Hope you like them, and I’ll let you know how I get on later this month!

The Kill Team core book is available from SCN Hobbies in Corby; or – most likely – from your FLGS!

— Declan