Hobby Update – Kill Team Termagaunts

My Genestealer Kill Team article is proving to be a bit of a slow burner hit, and I love the colour scheme so I decided that it was time to get going on some reinforcements for the Kill Team.

For those who didn’t catch the original article I assembled and painted 10 Genestealers for Kill Team in order to play against some casual wargamer friends (ie not competive). The Genestealers got one game in, but they proved to be a little too powerful for the group of players so I sat out and watched a few more games.

So… to tone it down a bit I picked up some Termagaunts from my box ‘o’ Tyranids and got painting.

The scheme is Black undercoat, with Grey Seer zenithal highlights
Then Tallasar Blue contrast, drybrush with Teclis Blue
And finally, the orange for the bone / carapace – Mephiston Red, Wild Rider Red, Fire Dragon Bright

The orange recipe

It’s a nice simple scheme with the Mephiston Red being used as a single base for the orange to go on. If I was neater with the blue it probably wouldn’t even be needed.

How did they come out… well I have pictures!

8 Termagaunts – the terror of no-one!

And there they are in all their glory. They are a great little unit which I can now use for Kill Team or expand for Warhammer 40k if I go back to them. The bases are the Imperial ones, as these guys are getting fed at the Imperial buffet… probably Baal given my other armies.

In Kill Team this unit can operate in a number of different roles, but with Fleshborers they are not going to do too much damage to the enemy. They are more there to soak up fire so the Genestealers get into combat, and to hold objectives near my starting location. Either way they are a fun little addition and I’m happy with how they’ve turn out.

Hobby Bingo

This also means that I’ve done another Hobby Bingo Box!

That’s C4 complete… at Expert level

So a great start to the month with 3 boxes completed and a few more models off the painting table.

What’s next…? I’m trying to get some of the British Napoleonic done using the painting guides suggested by Peter. I’ll let you know how I get on!

— Declan

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