Random Musing – Hobby Slumps!

The great thing about the Hobby is that there are loads of ways to enjoy it and many people enjoy multiple aspects. I certainly enjoy painting, because it is time away from screens and at the end of it I have something to show for it… and sometimes I can even display it!

However after a ‘few’ tournaments at the tail end of 2021 (10 tournaments and 43 games…!) I found the break over Christmas and getting ready for a cousin’s wedding broke my run, and I got into a temporary Hobby Slump.

So, how to get out of it… for me this is do something different – and don’t sweat it!

So I read a few short stories – which you may see reviews of here later in the year – and yesterday had a weekly hobby catch-up with friends on Zoom. This is a great way to remind myself why I love the Hobby… and so I got into my collection and picked something different to assemble and paint.


Lots of lovely stuff for 40k and Kill Team

I was fortunate to get this for Christmas, and so I cut it off sprue during the Hobby catch-up on Zoom last night, and spent this afternoon gluing it together. Hopefully the weather will allow me to spray soon.

I really like Terrain as a pallet cleanser or to kick-start painting or collecting. It’s because it doesn’t need to be perfect, I have a reasonably quick method and I can sort of go into automatic pilot until I feel like doing something else.

Do you ever get into a Hobby Slump? How do you get out of it?

I’ll keep you up to date with my progress on this set on Woehammer.

— Declan

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