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Hobby Update – January 2022

Having hit a slump at the beginning of January in my Hobby world brought about by being sociable and what-not I needed something to get me re-started… I covered this dilemma here.

Fortunately, it worked, and not only that but I’ve managed to tick off a box on the White Dwarf Hobby Bingo!

Small pic, but mighty requirement!

So what have I done? I was fortunate enough to be given a Killzone box set… this one for Sector Mechanicus – for Christmas / Birthday last year.

Unfortunately, it’s not available from Games Workshop any more, but if you’re in desperate need of it, they are available from Element Games. If you do pick it up, it would be great if you would consider using my crystals referral code DEC098.

I may pick up another this weekend whilst I am there!

My colour schemes are simple, but I do like a bit of colour so I add Khorne Red and Caledor Sky to them to make them pop a little.

The full set, on the very nice board you also get.
A container… or something!
And another!

It was great fun, completed within a week and has got me back at the Hobby painting table. Plus, I have got 10 points on the Bingo (at expert level)… what more could you need.

— Declan

Random Musing – Hobby Slumps!

The great thing about the Hobby is that there are loads of ways to enjoy it and many people enjoy multiple aspects. I certainly enjoy painting, because it is time away from screens and at the end of it I have something to show for it… and sometimes I can even display it!

However after a ‘few’ tournaments at the tail end of 2021 (10 tournaments and 43 games…!) I found the break over Christmas and getting ready for a cousin’s wedding broke my run, and I got into a temporary Hobby Slump.

So, how to get out of it… for me this is do something different – and don’t sweat it!

So I read a few short stories – which you may see reviews of here later in the year – and yesterday had a weekly hobby catch-up with friends on Zoom. This is a great way to remind myself why I love the Hobby… and so I got into my collection and picked something different to assemble and paint.


Lots of lovely stuff for 40k and Kill Team

I was fortunate to get this for Christmas, and so I cut it off sprue during the Hobby catch-up on Zoom last night, and spent this afternoon gluing it together. Hopefully the weather will allow me to spray soon.

I really like Terrain as a pallet cleanser or to kick-start painting or collecting. It’s because it doesn’t need to be perfect, I have a reasonably quick method and I can sort of go into automatic pilot until I feel like doing something else.

Do you ever get into a Hobby Slump? How do you get out of it?

I’ll keep you up to date with my progress on this set on Woehammer.

— Declan

Product Review – Thermic Plasma Regulators

I love scenery, especially for games I don’t play enough of – Kill Team and Necromunda, so I was very happy to pick up a box of Thermic Plasma Regulators from Games Workshop recently.

At £20 for 2 they are a little expensive, but may appear in a future Imperium Magazine so keep an eye out there

These are suitably silly terrain features but they do block line of sight to at least one model and have different levels on them. Perfect for a game of Kill Team. Plus you get to do cool source lighting (or if you are me, a bit naff source lighting). Terrain / Scenery is always fun for me because it is easy to paint, you can do as much or as little work on it as you like and – importantly – it can make the boards we play across look great.

So what did I do with my set:

Who doesn’t like Red & Blue!

Mine is a simple paint scheme with Leadbelcher and Ironbreaker for the silver, Mephiston Red for the red and Talassar Blue over a Corax White undercoat for the coil. There is also a little bit of highlighting following a tutorial from Duncan Roades when he was still working for GW.

They are great, and I hope to get them on the table top soon for my Genestealers to invade or my Guardsmen to hide behind!

— Declan