Hobby Update – Age of Sigmar Terrain

3 Scatter Terrain features from Age of Sigmar

Once again I find myself in the situation of taking my own advice on Hobby Slumps. It’s not really a slump, so much as no tournaments to aim for and not enough time to do models that need a lot of detail. So, after finishing off the Warmaster Dire Wolves I’ve decided to step it up, and get cracking into my terrain collection.

Like many people I did part of the Age of Sigmar Hatchette partwork to get some nice toys, and my particular favourite magazines to pick up were the ones with terrain. Fighting over painted terrain that has an affect on the game is great fun, and – whilst I can’t guarantee these will have an effect – they can certainly hide foot characters from shooting and magic!

Hatchette Partworks

Normally these are pretty bad value and aimed at collectors who can’t miss items but for the Warhammer world they are proving to be a great way to pick up some good value toys at a regular drop rate that it is possible to keep on top of… as demonstrated from the below; I’m a little behind on mine though!!

Age of Sigmar Terrain

I’ve painted three models this week. A Giant Head of Sigmar (capitalisation obligatory), and two of his favourite doggos. The head can come with a platform but I got the Warcry box set so already have one like that… and it’s big enough it can just about be used to hide a foot soldier, or keep a small unit alive.

The Doggos are great models as well, and really fun to paint – I’m particularly happy with how the writing came out (Mephiston Red & Caldor Blue) just to add a little bit of colour.


How do they play?

Okay, so my standard format doesn’t work brilliantly with terrain & scenery, but it definitely helps make the table! Certainly a step up from books under a green sheet!

Woe Points and Hobby Bingo

This also contributes to two of the methods I’m trying to use to reduce the pile of shame or potential! Woe Points is -9 for these group and three squares of Hobby Bingo which I’ll ask Peter to update for me! If you want to be involved in either of these aides to clearing the pile of potential then join us on our Discord Channel.

Paints Used

Peter has been diligently working away in the background on some Woehammer specific graphics and one of my favourite is the painting schemes for the Space Marines… so I’ve stolen it for my Hobby Articles going foward.

Buying a Box

I got mine through Hatchette so it’s likely you’ll be able to pick these up on Ebay… or ask your local gaming group – there’s likely to be someone like me who always intended to paint them up. Maybe they’ll be willing to sell them on to help with their own Woepoints! Getting the pieces from GW is not as easy though as they discontinue scenery sets very quickly for some reason!

— Declan and Eeyore

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