Combat Patrol: Space Wolves – Beginners 1,000 Point Starter Army


Today we’re looking at the Space Wolves Combat Patrol box, continuing our series of 1,000 point start armies using the Combat Patrol boxes as our base, and hopefully going someway to fulfilling my pledge I made last week.

Combat Patrol Beginners Armies
Adeptus Sororitas
Blood Angels

Combat Patrol Space Wolves

Like the other boxes the Combat Patrol box is filled with goodies and makes for fantastic savings when you’re starting out in collecting an army for 40k.

Inside the box you get:

Space Wolves Primaris Lieutenant (£17.50)
– this Lieutenant is only available in this boxed set
5x Reivers (Can also be built as Hounds of Morkai) (£27.50)
10x Intercessors (£35)
1x Invictor Warsuit (£37.50)
2x Space Wolves Upgrade Sprues (£18)

That’s a total of £135.50 if you were buying these kits serparately, meaning you get a saving of £50.50.

It has been pointed out by veteran Space Wolf players however, that this boxed set may not be the best place to start your collection. Instead, they suggest the Blood Angels Combat Patrol box*. But that’s not our challenge, so today we’re going to start with the Space Wolves Combat Patrol box.

To add to this boxed set, we’re going to add two units that are unique to the Space Wolves.

Wulfen (£35)
Stormwolf (£50)

Meaning that the total army including Codex: Space Marines and the Codex Supplement: Space Wolves comes to a total of £217.50.

However, remember that if you email Sarah at and ask to go on her mailing list, you can get 25% off Games Workshop products. Meaning the whole lot including the books will cost you just £163!

Here’s our final 1,000 point list.

Primaris Lieutenant (General) (80pts)*
– Special Issue Bolt Carbine & Master-Crafted Power Axe
– Warrior of Legend (-1CP)
– Command Traits: Warrior Born & Resolve of the Bear

5x Intercessors (110pts)*
– 4x Auto Bolt-Rifles, 1x Astartes Grenade Launcher
– Sergeant: Plasma Pistol & Astartes Chainsword
5x Intercessors (110pts)*
Auto Bolt-Rifles, 1x Astartes Grenade Launcher
– Sergeant: Plasma Pistol & Astartes Chainsword

5x Hounds of Morkai (110pts)*
– Combat Knives and Special Issue Bolt Pistols
1x Invictor Tactical Warsuit (160pts)*
– Fragstorm Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Twin Ironhail Autocannon, Invictor Fist & Twin Ironhail Heavy Stubber
6x Wulfen (147pts)*
– Pack Leader: Wulfen Frost Claws
– 2x Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
– 2x Wulfen Claws

Stormwolf (280pts)*
– Lascannon, Skyhammer Missile Launcher, Twin Hellfrost Cannon

*Vanguard Detachment*Interestingly, Blood Angels players recommend the Dark Angels Combat Patrol box for their own force.


Space Wolf Lieutenant

We’ve forgone a lot of HQ choices to allow us to get the Wulfen and Stormwolf in the list to add the fast punch the army needs. That said, it means that this small squishy lieutenant will be the warlord and so will need to be protected. Place him with your Intercessors to allow him to buff them with re-rolling 1’s on attack rolls.

If he does suffer any wounds then you can always use Healing Balms for 1CP at the end of the movement phase to heal D3 wounds back. To give him some extra staying power makes he has the Warrior of Legend Stratagem attached to him giving him two Command Traits, then make one of those command traits Resolve of the Bear. this will give him a 6+ invulnerable save and prevents enemy attacks against him from re-rolling their wound rolls or damage rolls.

For his second command trait, equip him with Warrior Born, that way if he does find himself in combat he’ll always fight first that phase.


Primaris Intercesssors

With the Space Wolves, they’re a very aggressive army and love to get stuck in , in the fight phase. Bearing that in mind it’s probably best to equip your intercessors with Auto-Bolt Rifles, giving them Assault 3. This means they can fire off three shots each in the shooting phase and still charge. Plus if you use the Stratagem Rapid Fire, they can all shoot again. This is particularly good if you decide to run them as a large squad of 10 instead of two groups of five.

You can also give on of these units the Stratagem Cunning of the Wolf for 1CP, used during the deployment phase, it’ll give them the outflank ability allowing them to come in on one of your movement phases 6″ away from any table edge and 9″ away from the enemy. Even better to get them stuck in sooner.

If you are wanting to charge and you’re not in Assault Doctrine, you can spend 1CP on Bestial Nature which then treats the unit as if it is in Assault Doctrine. This is good for the Wolves as it means they’ll benefit from their Savage Fury detachment rule meaning that each roll to hit of 6 in melee will score an additional hit.


Super-powered Reivers!

With a grapnel launcher equipped as standard this unit already benefits from the outflank ability that you can purchase through the use of Stratagems for your other core units. They’re a good anti-psyker unit too! If they’re the closest enemy unit to a Psyker, then that Psyker will have to target them with any Psychic powers, while also suffering from -1 on any psychic tests that they take if they’re within 18″ of the Hounds of Morkai, or -2 if they’re within 6″. Plus, the Hounds of Morkai get to add 1 to their hit rolls and 1 to their damage rolls if they’re targeting a Psyker.

If you’re using a mission which has the Strategic Reserves rule and you’re more than 6″ away from an enemy, then you can spend 1CP on the stratagem Guerilla Tactics, to place them in reserve. You can then set them in the following turn using the outflank ability once more.


This and your Stormwolf make up the ant-armour elements of your army. With the Twin Ironhail autocannon this walker can take on a lot of the lighter vehicles in the game and take a wound or two of larger tanks as well.

Also good at getting into combat with vehicles and using its 4 attacks at S14 to smash most tanks to pieces. With its Concealed Positions rule, you can set this up at the start of the game 9″ away from the enemy deployment zone and enemy models to help do just that!


Crazy Boys

Shove these inside your Stormwolf fly them up the table then drop them in amongst the enemy lines and watch your opponent panic. Give a couple Thunder Hammer and shields that way if they’re targeted you can use their 2+ saves against small arms fire and their 4+ save against heavier weapons. This will give them a bit more survivability when you need it.

They’re always treated as being in the Combat Assault doctrine and so will always benefit from Savage Fury as described earlier.


The Stormwolf will have two roles inside out list, the first is it makes a perfect transport to move the Wulfen around the table. The second role it can perform is as an anti-vehicle unit. With its powerful strength 9 lascannon and strength 7 Skyhammer Missile Launcher it can dish out some serious wounds on most light armoured vehicles in a single turn. As it can fly your opponent is going to subtract 1 from their hit rolls that target it as well.


Well once you’ve got that lot painted and have a few games under your belt, you may want to think about another HQ unit at the very least. Bjorn the Fell-handed could be good for this, or any of the other great Space Wolf special characters. Even if you choose not to get Bjorn, perhaps consider purchasing a Wulfen Dreadnought…….

I hope you enjoyed this, please let me know in the comments below how you would build a 1,000 point list from the Combat Patrol Box and why not also let me know what you think to my list. There may well be aspects of the codex or units that I have not included that you think should be, so why not let us know in the comments below.


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