Age of Sigmar Player Ratings w/e 31st July 2022

The Age of Sigmar Player Ratings are calculated using the Elo System, most known for creating the Chess Rankings. Players begin with a rating of 1,000 then gain or lose points based on their opponents rating.

The ratings are awarded according to your opponents rating. Beating an opponent with a rating of 1,030 will give you more points than beating an opponent with a rating of 1,010.

Ratings will be given to players who attend a two day event with at least 8 players. Those players must be using 2,000 point armies.

Rankings Update

This week we had an additional four GT’s and an additional 111 players joined the world rankings.

Last week, Josh Bennett led the way with a rating of 1,081.4 followed by Thomas Zhennan Guan with 1,065.9. further down and Jeremy Veysseire was sat in joint 5th with 1,050.0.

Why am I telling you about this? Well, this week both Thomas and Jeremy were involved in the same tournament. Would they cross swords? Would it decide a new world number 1? I think I’ve made the answer pretty obvious….

The Crunch

Round 5 of the Boise Cup in Texas, USA. Both Thomas Guan and Jeremy Veysseire having performed well in previous GT’s already this month find themselves with four wins a piece going into round 5. Thomas playing his Stormcast Eternals and Jeremy his Soulblight Gravelords. Both have high ratings at this point compared to the other players around then (Thomas: 1,099.2 and Jeremy: 1,084.5), both have a shot of taking the title and it all comes down to the last game.

Thomas was playing Stormcast Eternals as the Hammers of Sigmar and Jeremy the Soulblight Gravelords as the Legion of Blood. The Result?

This result let Jeremy climb to the top of the AoS Elo rankings after what was the first big name matchup we’ve seen under the new General’s Handbook. The result saw Jeremy take 10.4 points from Thomas and take the top spot.

I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Thomas about this match over twitter and he gave me his thoughts on the game.

I felt pretty good in that matchup playing sce into sbgl on silk nest, the army I chose is very mobile and capable of taking out any kind of target from long distance. The mission felt pretty good to me as well, since my list spreads out really well and can score the mission with aether wings and teleporting units.

The turning point of the game was when I committed both the Protectors and Fulminators to wipe out the Blood Knights. With thunder bolt volley, one unit of longstrikes and 3 Fulminators I was unable to kill Mannfred which led to a cascade of unfortunate events. He brought up the graveguard and was able to use the Purple Sun, Horrorghast, Neferata, Mannfred aura and +1 attack command he was able to wipe out both units.

Luckily I was mobile enough so I was able to put score him on primary but late game I fell behind on tactics and he eventually won.

Jeremy is a challenging opponent that plays to the limits of his list very well and can set up intricate plays at a quick pace. Very enjoyable to play against and hope to match up more in the future.”

This Week’s Ratings


Here’s how the formula works for the maths geeks among you.

For those wanting to check my maths, the k factor we are using is 20.

Here’s my file:

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