Faction Focus – Sylvaneth

Win Rate

With a win rate of 53.99%, currently Sylvaneth are in a very good position. The majority of players (27) at present favour Heartwood, but even with this high representation their win rate is still at a respectable 52.2%. Gnarlroot the second most popular subfaction sits at 58.9%, while the other factions representation is too small to make any meaningful translation of the data.

5 wins Results

31st July 2022Peace Through Dakka AoS GT Emma Mangels (USA)
24th July 2022The Salt City GTLuke Scannell (USA)
Players who achieved 5 wins at a GT

4 wins Results

10th July 2022South Coast Series JulySimon Weakley (GBR)
10th July 2022South Coast Series JulyMatthew Brooks (GBR)
24th July 2022BWG: Summer SlaughterOwen Jackson (USA)
24th July 2022BWG: Summer SlaughterBill Hennessey (USA)
24th July 2022Miniparadice Anniversary TournamentLukas Raczek (GER)
31st July 2022Armed Forces Day 5Joseph Triezenberg (USA)
31st July 2022Peace Through Dakka AoS GTAlex Hamilton (USA)
31st July 2022Boise Cup O AoS 2022Michael Corbett (USA)
31st July 2022Shropshire Slaughter: Telford OnslaughtLHW (GBR)
31st July 2022Shropshire Slaughter: Telford OnslaughtMathmallow (GBR)
Players who achieved 4 wins at a GT

Other Results

Playing with Harvestboon, Gnarlroot, Heartwood or Dreadwood should be able to see you through to three wins at a tournament. While playing Winterleaf or Oakenbrow should get you through to two wins.


Top Lists

Alex Hamilton’s Results at Peace Through Dakka

Army Faction: Sylvaneth
Subfaction: Gnarlroot
– Grand Strategy: Take What’s Theirs
– Triumph: Inspired

Alarielle the Everqueen (840)*
Warsong Revenant (305)*
– Artefact: Arcane Tome
– Spell: The Dweller’s Below

Dryads (100)*
Tree Revenants (110)*
Tree Revenants (110)*

Spiterider Lancers (420)*

Spiteswarm Hive (40)
Purple Sun of Shyish (70)

*Battle Regiment

TOTAL POINTS: 1995/2000

Brett: New book and a new look with Spiterider Lancers instead of Kurnoth to support Alarielle. Not a lot of bodies in this army, it is very heavily reliant on Alarielle and the Warsong Revenant. Unfortuately you can’t afford to commit Alarielle too early, she returns on a 6+ with you adding the round number so losing her before the 3rd round is a huge risk. 2 wizards with 7 casts in the list covering a broad range of spells and the ubiquitous Purple Sun as well. The Gnarlroot grove helps get Purple Sun out with it’s 3D6 and discard the lowest near an awakened wyldwood or overgrown feature.

The army is struggling for damage with the Spitelancers, even reinforced, only really offering 29 damage 1 attacks. You can boost that with Bounty Hunters but into a lot of things (Blightlords, Fulminators or Stormdrakes) your mileage may disappoint. They are very durable, if they kill a model they can heal all wounds at the end of their turn. That’s twice a round, chip damage isn’t enough to end them. Alarielle can summon additional units, it’s not clear which Alex took but they would be clutch. The movement tricks that Sylvaneth are known for here would play their part in making Battle Tactics happen. Throughout the event the army scored well. The list for the army is deceptive only showing a damage spell for the Warsong. However Alairelle knows the whole lore and will return models or heal every turn.

As always there are lots of synergies particularly in concert with the trees/terrain. I feel you really want to control priority with this army, mostly to go second Turn 1 and play for the double reasonably often. That allows your army to get closer to you so you can operate near the woods for fight and fade, get spells up for Mortal wounds. And preserve Alairelle. Getting the double is a huge advantage here because you can commit her to combat knowing that if you need to bring here back it’s on Turn 3 with a 50/50 chance. I think this play style of drawing you in, hurting you with small bites all the way and then really damaging attacks deep in the forest is thematic as anything. It suits a very good player though and takes practice so well done Alex.


Performance Against Other Factions

Skaven, Maggotkin of Nurgle, Seraphon and Beasts of Chaos all appear to be having great success against Sylvaneth. Meanwhile at the other end of the table Sylvaneth perform well against Idoneth Deepkin, Ironjawz, Daughters of Khaine and Fyreslayers.

The Woehammer GT

Yes, the Woehammer Crew have had enough of writing about GT’s, now they’re holding their own!…. And then will write about it….

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