Kruleboyz Monsta-Killaz AoS Rules and Use

So, the new warcry sets quietly received their rules on the Warhammer Community website without fanfare today.

I’m a big Kruleboyz fan, so it’s only natural that I’ll look at these first!

Compared to Gutrippaz, they’re comparatively slightly more expensive at nearly 17pts per model as opposed to the Gutrippaz 15pts per model. But there’s some very good reasons for this. While you don’t receive the Skareshields for the -1 to hot from enemy units (non-Hero or Monster), you do gain extra attacks over the Gutrippaz (23 attacks with -1 rend on 22 of those for the Monsta-Killaz, where you get 21 with no rend for the Gutrippaz), making fishing for 6’s slightly easier to get those venom-encrusted mortals.

You also have the ability to turn off Monstrous Rampage on a 2+ for an enemy Monster within 6″. As well as that, you can cause that Monster to have Strike Last.

Whenever I’ve taken Kruleboyz Monsters, I’ve found them susceptible to enemy Monsters, now you have the option to bodyguard your Sludgeraker with Monsta-Killaz, they’ll not only give your own Monster an advantage in the duel but they’ll also do some reasonable damage themselves if necessary.

What’s key is that you could lead the charge with the Sludgeraker and have your Monsta-Killaz put of combat behind it but within 6″ of the enemy Monster to use their abilities.

A more risky strategy may be to use the Supa-Sneaky command ability on them to try and get them into combat with an enemy Monster on the first turn. Or if there is no enemy Monster, you could Supa-Sneaky them jnto a soft target or use them as an objective grabber or even a screen at a push.

Either way, for only 135pts, it opens up a couple more tactical options for the Kruleboyz.

Let me know below any potential uses you can see for the Monsta-Killaz.

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