Age of Sigmar Player Ratings w/e 7th August 2022

The Age of Sigmar Player Ratings are calculated using the Elo System, most known for creating the Chess Rankings. Players begin with a rating of 1,000 then gain or lose points based on their opponents rating.

The ratings are awarded according to your opponents rating. Beating an opponent with a rating of 1,030 will give you more points than beating an opponent with a rating of 1,010.

Ratings will be given to players who attend a two day event with at least 8 players. Those players must be using 2,000 point armies.

Rankings Update

We talked about Thomas Guan last week, and we’re talking about him again this week. He’s the first player since we’ve started tracking the Elo ratings that has broken the 1,100 mark.

This places him halfway on the way to becoming a Class D player. Classes in Chess (and now AoS) are awarded based on your points:

RatingPlayer Class# of Players
2,500+Grand Master0
2,400-2,499Senior Master0
2,200-2,399National Master0
1,800-1,999Class A0
1,600-1,799Class B0
1,400-1,599Class C0
1,200-1,399Class D0
1,000-1,199Class E342
800-999Class F351
600-799Class G0
400-599Class H0
200-399Class I0
100-199Class J0
Elo Rankings

This Week’s Ratings



Here’s how the formula works for the maths geeks among you.

For those wanting to check my maths, the k factor we are using is 20.

Here’s my file:

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