Tale of Painters – March 22′

March is out of the way, so it’s time to look at how we’ve all got on at Woehammer with our respective goals and painting pledges this month.

In alphabetical order let’s start with…..

Dave (@hamsfan)

Peter: Dave’s made a rather sinister looking chariot for his Slaves to Darkness. I love the snow bases Dave goes for with pops of static grass and flowers. The colour scheme is great and I can’t wait to see Dave’s army in the flesh.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A4Unit of 2+ Models (Warhammer 40K)Heavy Weapons Team
C2Vehicle of Monster (Warhammer 40K)Basilisk
C3Any Model (Any System)Chariot
E3Fortification of Scenery (Age of Sigmar)Temple

So that brings Dave up to 40 points for the year with all four at the Expert Level.

Declan (@declanandeeyore)

Peter: I said you’d been busy last month when you had finished three units, now you’ve gone and smashed that with 9 units this month! That’s an incredible pace and great quality to go with it. It was a shame I never got to use the Kruleboyz you painted up at Burning Skies. The Genestealer pose always makes me think he’s replicating the smart GIF, love it!

You’ve also managed to paint the great pile of horsemeat Kragnos up as well in the same month, that’s a massive boxed ticked for th e Bingo card. Well done, he looks great! I especially love the bronze metal.

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A1Hero or Character (Warhammer 40K)Broodlord
A2Unit of 5+ Models (Age of Sigmar)Man-Skewer Boltboyz
A4Unit of 2+ Models (Warhammer 40k)Big Stabba
B1Fortification or Scenery (Warhammer 40K)Sector Mechanicus
B2Unit of 2+ Models (Age of Sigmar)Big Stabba
C1Hero or Character (Age of Sigmar)Killaboss with Stab-Grot
C3Any Model (Any System)Warmaster Squigs
C4Unit of 5+ Models (Kill Team)Termagaunts
C5Hero or Character (Age of Sigmar)Murknob with Belcha-Banna
D1Kitbashed Model (Age of Sigmar)Big Stabba
D2Unit of 2+ Models (Age of Sigmar)Man-Skewer Boltboyz
E1Lord of War or Behemoth (AoS)Kragnos

This brings Declan to 120 points and 11 at Expert Level.

Ed (@Dreadmund)

Peter: Ed has been working on some scenery for AoS. I’m in awe of anyone who can sculpt, these nurgle pustules look disgusting, great job!

Peter (@woehammer)

MonthModels Painted/SoldModels Acquired/BoughtMonths Total
Jan638+32 Unpainted
Feb2513-12 Unpainted
Mar10-10 Unpainted

Peter: Not much for me this month as life got in the way of hobby! But I’ve maintained one of my goals this month which is to paint more than I bought!

CellExpert Level Goal:Miniature Painted
A3Unit of 10+ Models (AoS)Hobgrots
B2Unit of 2+ Models (AoS)Man-Skewer Boltboyz
B4Vehicle or Monster (AoS)Swampboss Skummdrekk
B5Unit of 10+ Models (AoS)Hobgrots
C1Hero or Character (AoS)Swampcalla Shaman
C3Any Model (Any System)Beast-Skewer Killbow
D2Unit of 2+ Models (Underworlds)Rippa’s Snarlfangs
E4Hero or Character (Warhammer 40K)Marneus Calgar

That brings me to 80 points and 8 Expert Level goals completed.

Rhys (@RhysSallabanks)

Peter: Rhys has been cracking on with his flesh-eater courts this month, and don’t they look great! That Ghoul is painted up to an expert standard and considering Rhys has only been painting for a couple of years its incredible, he’s like a miniature painter who’s been painting for 40!


Peter: Ryan has been playing around with LED’s in his scenery this month and I think this only adds to what is already a superbly finished piece.

Steve (@Milford_Steve)

Peter: Steve has been busy once more, tying to get his Crimson Fists company completed. I absolutely love the Space Marine Ancient who is a copy of the space Marine holding an Ork head on the cover of Rogue Trader. Steve, like Declan can power through a pile of models in no time. I’d love to know what both of their back logs look like.


Peter: Tony has finished of the Crimson Court, and they really look the part in that scenery, the skin just screams vampire and the red armour contrasts nicely!

He’s also done some non- metallic gold on his Steelheart’s Champions for underworlds. Look at that sword!

Will (@WillHolley6)

Peter: Will has done a fantastic job of these OBR. I always like Red and cream as a combo and they are set off nicely by their red earth basing. They’ll look great en masse in an army. Will has also started some “Wet Elves”, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the unit.

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