Warscroll Review – Hobgrot Slittaz

Before I begin, I wanted to clarify that when I discuss anything that involves a dice roll then I will refer to the average dice roll. For example, an average run roll being 3-4″ (average of 3.5 on one die).

This does mean that depending on how lucky your dice rolls are you can achieve more or less than the amount specified. But to keep it simple and for comparison purposes we will always refer to the average.

Basic Info

Hobgrot Slittas painted by myself
Grand AllianceDestruction
BattletomeOrruk Warclans
Cost80 Points

I start my Warscroll Reviews with possibly the greatest unit inside Age of Sigmar, the Hobgrot Slittaz.

These are the cheapest unit available to a Kruleboyz only army, without including allies. At 80 points, they work out as 8 points per model with a single wound each.

For that 80 points you get a surprising amount of attacks which include short range missile attacks and melee.

Army Role

As they’re so cheap, they make great throwaway units that can be used as with Supa Sneaky to move them on to battlefield objectives further up the table or within shooting range of the enemy to harass and pick away wounds.

They can be used as screens, but with their low bravery and save they won’t last long to any determined attacker and you may need to use All Part of Da Plan if you’re able to, to stop them running.

As a chaff unit they’re the cheapest unit you can buy for your army that includes the Kruleboyz keyword. However there are other alternatives if you’re willing to spend a few more points. For example, Gloomspite Gitz Shootas, who have more resilience with twenty models but less damage output at four wounds per turn as opposed to eight from the Hobgrots. They also cost more at 140 points for a unit and you’re having to use some of your allies points that you may want to use elsewhere.


Killaboss units are able to use their skill All part of da plan with Hobgrot Slittas, allowing them to only lose 1 model to battleshock if they’re within 3″. This is useful if they’re being used as a tarpit against a model you want locked in combat, otherwise you’re likely to use this skill on your other Kruleboyz Orruk units.

Kruleboyz Waaagh can also be used on Hobgrot Slittas if they’re near the general when this is declared. Though bear in mind their damage output when considering using the Waaagh.

Swampboss Skumdrekk has the skill Bet-master that links with Hobgrot Slittas. It require two units of Hobgrot Slittas to be included in the army list. One allocated to be the Kountin’ Krew and another to be the ‘bet’. If the bet is the first friendly unit to be killed on the battle then your army gains an additional triumph which can be used by either Swampboss Skumdrekk or the Kountin’ Krew.

Placing them near a Marshcrawla Sloggoth means that they can take advantage of its Krew Drummer ability, giving them +1 to hit in melee.

Swampboss Skumdrekk painted by myself

Generals with the Egomaniak command trait can use Hobgrot Slittas to offload their wounds on a 4+ to.

The Supa Sneaky command trait can also be used on Hobgrot Slittas to move them up the battlefield at the beginning of the battle to claim objectives or place them within shooting distance of the enemy to harass and pick off wounds.

Missile Attacks

The threat range of their missile attacks is a fairly decent 16-17″ as they are able to move, run and then shoot in the same turn (as long as a noise-maker is present in the unit).

AttackThreat Range# of AttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsDamage Output (Pre-save)
Sulphuric Scrap-Grenade16-17″1053.33.3
Based on average dice rolls

These are all at rend -1, which isn’t too shabby for an 8 point model. How does this stack up against various armour values?

SaveUnsaved Damage
Amount of damage after saves based on average dice.rolls

Melee Attacks

Rend – attacks with a fairly standard threat range of 12″ (movement + charge) plus a 1″ reach once in combat. However taking into account their Champion who gets an additional attack then a unit of ten can put out 21 attacks, and then their rule Stab ’em Good which should generate an additional 3-4 hits on average.

AttackThreat Range# of AttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsDamage Output (Pre-save)
Based on average dice rolls
SaveUnsaved Damage
Amount of damage after saves based on average dice rolls


With one wound each, bravery 4 and a save of 6+, a stiff wind will knock these fellas over. The only way this unit could be any worse was to have no save at all.

Needing only four wounds to be suffered before they’re guaranteed to lose models in battleshock.

They do have the ability to re-roll their battleshock if there is a musician in the unit, but that pretty ineffective at this level unless you’ve only suffered 1 or 2 wounds.

The amount of damage needed at each rend level to destroy this unit in melee and the remaining fleeing in battleshock is shown below.

RendHits Required Before Saves
Hits needed before saves to destroy unit (based on average dice rolls)

Final Results

Movement5″ (Can run and shoot)
Missile Damage Output3.3 (16-17″ Threat)
Melee Damage Output4.7 (12″ Threat)
Total Wounds10 (8pts per wound)
Resilience8 Hits (Pre-saves)
Cost80 Points (8pts per Model)
Hobgrot Slittas

*There are four tiers of attacks in my view, tier 1 being those with -3 rend, tier 2 at -2 rend, tier 3 at -1 rend and tier 4 with no rend. A tier 3 attack is 16.7% more likely to wound an enemy than tier 4, tier 2 is 16.7% more likely to wound an enemy than tier 3, and so on.

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