Rogue Trader Collection IV

This is just a quick update to show the progress on Calgar.

Calgar on his ‘throne’

So Calgar is done, I don’t think there’s anything left on him for me to do. Though I’m sure an eagle eyed reader or even myself will spot something further down the line…..

His marine Guard is nearly finished, he just needs his backpack sorting and some freehand symbols on his pauldron.

The armour stand is also nearly finished. I just need to do some final highlights on the gold. The bolter stand is also nearing completion with the wood completed. I need to highlight the bolter and do some of the metal work.

The base is also completed. I’m just waiting on the miniature fur rug to be delivered and the bricks to replicate the background wall. Once that’s in place I can start glueing the piece together and work on the flag stands against the wall.

The whole thing will then be mounted on a plinth like the one below which will have a metal plate stating the name of the model, it’s code and the year it was produced.

Then I’ll be finished (I think) and work can commence on the Imperial Army Land Speeder.

Let me know what you think, anything you think I can do to improve the model?

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